Astro-Alert: Mercury Retrograde starts today!


Mercury retro 4-25oct2014Mercury begins its Retrograde motion in a day (4th Oct) in Scorpio, slips back into Libra, and keeps going back for few weeks (till 25th Oct)..

Its influences can already be seen.. Watch out for disruptions and interruptions, miscommunications, arguments and trickery… With the Scorpio flavour of power games highlighted, also look out for probes and spilling of secrets..

But from 25th Oct, we get an opportunity for balancing…It’s not all bad.. It may provide opportunities for lost paths to be explored again..


Yesterday’s Heavens (and Personal fears of a blogger)

Well, hello there! :-)

Yes, it’s been a month since my last blog post..   much has been happening in my life, that somehow, writing regular blogs seem to have fallen off the agenda.

My sincere apologies..   I write astrology forecasts…not to make a name for myself..  not to earn   ..but to spread a kind of general esoteric hope ..for anyone who is having a difficult time..  or is in need of looking forward to things in life..  so it’s something I really should carry on..  But sadly, at times, I myself lack that very hope.. and end up in the pits of darkness and despair – and have to find my own way back to light again..   And during those phases, I am not in a place to help others..

The last few months have been that way- if you had not already noticed the erratic blogging. Infact the last year has been that way..perhaps longer.

In some forthcoming blogs, I will be ..not just sharing some of my `real’ personal plights and resulting insights, but I promise to `get real’ – and start tackling all the things I have meant to write about..but never could..   – why?


Fear of being misunderstood. Fear of revealing too much personal things.  Fear of being rejected.  Fear of not being accepted.  Fear of exposing other people’s  woes and worries…their privacies..secrets and all that.

But without risk, there is no progress..  So I will be breaking my own rules…and talk about some things..  in the hope that it gives anyone reading these…hope!  Insight..   Faith..    well, not about my life..  (that too)..but about their own lives.

Okay..  so yesterday’s astrology  -

Yesterday 1) Mercury sextiled Mars

2) Mercury sextiled Saturn

3) Venus trined Uranus

4) Mars conjunct Saturn..

Now all those aspects are what we call `good, positive’.. Interestingly.. Mars & Saturn are in the powerful, probing, deeply intense sign of Scorpio (death and rebirth, transformation)..

Mars provides the sharp tools, Saturn is highlighting stability & structures… old forms even.. and lessons..

Mercury is in the earthy sign of Virgo now..and Venus in the firey sign of Leo. Uranus in Aries..

If I stop to think, I could analyse this and write a 10 page essay..That’s how much was going on.. Let’s not forget the New moon in Virgo too.

Intuition tells was an important few days..! Crazily, no one is immune from the influence of stars and planets..not even astrologers..

It seems the advanced knowledge of it is kept away from those for whom the process needs to happen..

That’s not much of a forecast (well, it’s it;s already happened).  And its not much of an analysis it?

I am sorry ..  

But know that it’s stirred up energies and forces that are going to make things better..

I shall write again..soon.

Love n hugs to all..

-Mani Navasothy

Sun opposes Mars today (8th April’14)

A warning to all Aries, Leos, and Librans in particular…but not exclusive just to them..!

An opposition between Warrior-planet Mars and the all Mighty Sun culminates today by 21:03 hrs gmt  (that’s 22:03hrs British Summer Time).   Mars is in the airy and balance-seeking sign of Libra..and guess where the Sun is?  In Aries..the actual fiery home of Mars!

Sun opposes Mars 8april14 - graphics (c)

Sun opposes Mars 8april14 – graphics (c)

Immediately you can see what’s going on..   lots of tension, and aggression..  ! It’s a battle between 2 of the most fiery stellar objects for us Earthlings! And the Sun’s in the home of Mars and Mars is literally on the opposite side of it..  It’s as if while you are on the other side of the road visiting a friend, another person got into your home and started shouting aggressive remarks at you..! And you can’t get home immediately to  face-off!!  But you are in the company of a friend who’s trying to bring you a bit of harmony and balance.   Just how much of it you’ll heed is up to you!!  It may even be a case that this influence where you are at is actually fanning your flames..than soothing you!

The Sun rules Leo..  so Leos are going to be affected by this too..  And as there is a this strong tussle between 2 of the firey planets, and both Aries and Leo are affected, it’s inevitable that by resonance, the other member of the triplet- Sagittarius will also be feeling the heat!

Sagittarians will come under fire in about a week’s time ..facing their own heavy battles! Perhaps this is the fuse being lit!

Fuses often lead to explosions..  and explosions can either be used to open up blocked paths and caves…or destroy homes and palaces.

The only way to handle an opposition is to reach some level of compromise..  Don’t give in..and don’t take it all…

Good luck..   !

-Mani Navasothy


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Jupiter squares Uranus Today

This one almost slipped past me..! Probably because I am under its influence already…( I should have written this forecast weeks ago..when am a bit more objective).

Well, Jupiter – ruling planet of Sagittarius is squaring up with Uranus- ruler of Aquarius.  Jupiter is currently retrograding in the watery sign of Cancer..  so this aspect is sure to be affecting all Cancerians, and as Uranus is in firery Aries, they will be affected too.

jupiter squae uranus

You can already see that there is a clash of fire and water going on..    Planet Uranus being involved means abrupt changes, accidents, disruptions..  shocks..  as well as some sort of rebellion, radical idea, and  on the positive side- innovation and some sort of humanitarian thought (the Aquarian traits).    Jupiter symbolises expansion and distant travel.. justice and wisdom..  but in a square, the extreme qualities can surface- such as indulgence, over expansion, gambling, risk taking, impulses landing one in troubled waters (Cancer is involved after all).

If there are new sudden things coming up in your life of late, pay attention to them – decide if they are here to stay or not.  Humanitarian issues, rebellious causes, wider world are all focuses.

This square involves a transpersonal planet (Jupiter) and a Social (outer) planet – Uranus.  So it’s not just these related signs that will be affected..   Everyone will be..already!!

It’s a stressful aspect that has been brewing (yes I like using that word) for some weeks..  so the people of these signs will have been picking up this energy for a while now..

The good news now the energies of this aspect are culminating (by th morning of 26th Feb’14).

Bad news? Jupiter is retrograding..  and as it goes `direct’  it will form this aspect again.. in a few months time (April’14).

Advise:  See what sort of issues have been coming up for you in the past few weeks..  and what sort of things have been `occupying’ you..  what has been causing stress..   and if not started already, start dealing with those issues..  Take action.   That way, when this aspect occurs again in a few months time, it won;t hurt so much..

..and believe me, in April’14, it will be part of a grand square..  so it will hurt a lot. if not dealt with, by then!   Use the nut cracker now…or the sledge-hammer will be coming down on you by April!    (Hey, I’m the one writing this, I cn use any mixed analogies to portray a forecast and its impressions) :-)

Now I shall go deal with my own stuff..   (like I said, it caught me too!   Yeah..shocks and surprises!)

-Mani Navasothy


Coming up soon – Triple Grand Cross in April 2014


Dialogues on Mercury retrograde! (7th-28th Feb’14)

mercury retrograde feb 2014

mercury retrograde feb 2014

It’s that time again..  when Mercury undergoes (the optical illusion of) retrograde motion in the heavens!!

This one sneaked up on me.. Having put these entries on my calendar in various websites I run, I forgot..- until the start day itself.. when I was having an unusually `wrangle’ kind of a day out of no where..  arguments, miscommunications.. and some issues.. And then a light bulb went on in my head..and I the early hours of the night .. and sent a text-update to my facebook wall.. to alert friends :-)   (well, that technology worked..even though the mind-tech of remembering didn’t..)

Rather than give the usual `forecasts’ (you can look up the typical symptoms at a previous forecast here..) am going to do something a bit different this time..  Am going to copy/paste some of the funny interactions I had with my friends on this topic.. (names removed of course..  but my fb wall is public..  they all know that…)

The actual `forecast’ is in my conversation.. (look for the purple lines :-)

Me>  Mercury now retrogrades til 28th feb. Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo watch out!

friend#1 >Good news just what I want to hear thanks

friend#2 > Aaaarghhh could av warned me earlier ,,,Mani ,,! Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrr ,,,!! X 

friend#3 > Boo-hoo! 

friend#4>  Oh no!

friend#2 >Oh yes Barry ,,, lol ,

me>  sorry ye friends.. I was getting into all sorts of scrapes.. disgruntlements..and such.. and then it hit me…and I remembered a mercury retro-was lurking about this time…and started thursday (yesterday evening!) I am gemini rising.. so it hits me too..

friend#5> This explains so much!

me>  yeap (friend) … first few days are tricky ..then it sees to go okay (the phase where we can change things ..take alternative roads.. and towards the end it gets tricky again.. )

friend #6> ok will do .. thanks xxxx

friend #7> Not very happy about that as I am traveling on 23 Feb and this is something what should b e avoided at any cost. If I would have known when booking, I would have done a week later for sure. Hope I have a save journey and my snakes are save while I am not here.

Me>   alternative in roads and opportunities we missed the previous time.. 

friend #7>But I also was reading on different astrological pages that travel should be avoided at any cost? But I am glad I am leo 

Me>   Nah..we can’t avoid travel.. Mercury retro is seen as affecting `local’ or short travels.. glitches on computers.. miscommunications.. arguments.. missing small prints on contracts & agreements.. trickery.. that sort.. Also governs relationships with siblings.. (as proved by the outburst I had with my sister last night out of the blue.. That’s what got me wondering `something is up’.. 

friend #7> Huhhhh, thank you Mani, I was really worried.

friend#4> Great I gotta go to Cambodia on a visa run

friend#4> Mani you got room in that Tardis mate take me back to 1983 please

friend#8> Ahh that explains a lot..My adobe reader is truly messing me up.. well I have a Virgo raising.. to an otherwise Happy Go Lucky Saggy disposition. .. Now I Understand the computer tension..just as well I decided to quit and watch Dracula 2000 film despite it being a totally useless film .lol.. Barry.. wow Cambodia you say? Take me with you please friend Croydon sucks @ the mo ..*chuckles* X

me> Yeap (friend).. Cambodia way more exciting than croydon.. Take me too with you…

friend#9>aaaahhhhh I hate it outspoken as I am. always puts me into trouble

friend#10 >  I do love a challenge

In my next astrology related blog, I’ll be writing about the coming full moon in the sign of Leo..  It’s on the Valentine’s day..and that’s going tomake Valentine day ..very interesting.. ;-)

Make sure you subscribe to my blog..or check back for that in a few days..

-Mani Navasothy


Mercury Retrograde (oct 2013 – previous blog)

Retrograde-FREE period ends (for next 3 years)

Mars -Venus analysis for Valentine Day 2012

Chinese New Year 2014 (Year of the Green Horse)

Chinese New Year 2014, the Year of the (Green) Horse  (element: Wood) , falls on 31 January 2014 (usually the first New moon in Aquarius).

Chinese New Year 2014- Year of Wooden Horse- art by Mani Navasothy (

Chinese New Year 2014- Year of Wooden Horse- art by Mani Navasothy

As usual, festivities will be taking place on the nearest Sunday, which is  Sunday 2 February’14..  in central London, taking in Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and Shaftesbury Avenue.

The event will start with a parade along Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue starting at around 10am. The main stage in Trafalgar Square will feature visiting artists from China. There will also be lion teams circulating around Chinatown, local artists performing on a stage at the end of Dean Street and traditional food and craft stalls.

I have been visiting these festivities in London ..on and off..for a number of years, on my own or with friends..  As an astrologer , I have an interest in  chinese astrology, and as an Esoteric Practitioner of magic , I find their energy systems (Feng Shui) quite interesting and akin to the various ones I explore or follow..  (My sister knows far more about both these than I do!).    This is notwithstanding the fact that from my University days to present day,  my closest friend and fellow Physics Graduate is of Hong Kong Chinese origins;  another closest friend from my Civil service work years is of Vietnamese Chinese origins, and a close Pagan friend is also of Hong Kong Chinese origins..  (Effectively along with 2 others, they form my most dearest, trusted and closest friendship group! ) :-)

Anyway, if you like to see what it’s going to be like in China Town (London), here’s a Video I filmed and put together few years ago.  Chinese New Year video 2012  (I seem to have misplaced the video footage from 2013)!

-Mani Navasothy

ps. Here are the *Dates of the forthcoming Chinese New Year symbols (2015 to 2030)

2015-02-18 Sheep (2015-02-1 –2016-02-08)
2016-02-08 Monkey (2016-02-0 — 2017-01-28)
2017-01-28 Rooster (2017-01-2 –2018-02-15)
2018-02-15 Dog (2018-02-1 — 2019-02-05)
2019-02-05 Pig (2019-02-0 — 2020-01-25)
2020-01-25 Rat (2020-01-2 — 2021-02-12)
2021-02-12 Ox (2021-02-1 — 2022-02-01)
2022-02-01 Tiger (2022-02-0 — 2023-01-22)
2023-01-22 Rabbit (2023-01-22 — 2024-02-10)
2024-02-10 Dragon (2024-02-10 — 2025-01-29)
2025-01-29 Snake (2025-01-29 — 2026-02-17)
2026-02-17 Horse (2026-02-17 — 2027-02-06)
2027-02-06 Sheep (2027-02-0 — 2028-01-26)
2028-01-26 Monkey (2028-01-2 — 2029-02-13)
2029-02-13 Rooster (2029-02-13 — 2030-02-03)
2030-02-03 Dog (2030-02-03 — 2031-01-23)

(*Dates info taken from

Astrology: Magic of the NEW YEAR DAY 2014

Yes, this is a serious astrology forecast!   Ignore it and you’ll just be trying to make sense of the days coming..  But heed it, and there’s light at the end of  your Soul!

The next 3 days may be challenging.. to the breaking point.. But New Year’s day brings new moon and a Solar opportunity for Rebirth and Transformation..!

Here’s the message.. !   Feel free to share with anyone who is having a difficult time..   and be a beacon of hope for them!

New year 2014 forecast (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

New year 2014 forecast (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy


Blog post on Forecasts for Christmas period 2013

Christmas Astrology – December 2013 (Warnings & Assurances)

Jupiter trine-saturn 13dec13 (c) Mani NavasothyWell, it’s nice to be returning to doing astrology post again :-) I’ve missed it.   and here it is ..the influences of stars and planets over the coming 15+ days (between now and end of 2013).

The big news is that on the key dates around Christmas and New Year’s eve, some intense stressful aspects are taking place. Thankfully this is inter-spaced with some other enhancing positive aspects..   And this time, while keeping to the basic rules of astrological interpretations, am also going all `intuitive’.

So let me know how these coming days pan particular to my forecasts (and fore-warnings)..  and that will help refine my work :-)

Remember, sometimes, I am deliberately cryptic – So just let these forecasts wash over you..and that’ll do the trick (knowing too much can influence the natural outcome..and even mess things up! Better to let your subconscious know and work it out..)

Here it is..

13th Dec – Jupiter trines  Saturn.  Jupiter’s expansive powers combine harmoniously with Saturn’s authoritive and foundation laying energies.  Very good for making future plans!  Sagittarians, Capricorns, Cancerian and Scorpios get the full blast..but all of you have access to this in one area of your life..  depending on where these two planets are currently positioned in your personal chart.

15th – Mars semi-squares-Saturn – Slightly stressful for Aries & Capricorn people. Small chisel scraping at large rock is the imagery. Initially doesn’t seem possible to shift, but it will chop away the stone.

17th – Uranus goes direct (in Aries), and Mercury semi-sextiles-Saturn. Finally, Aquarians and Aries people can start to breath a sigh of relief , as Uranus that has been going backwards in Aries goes direct.  All the disruptions and changes should reduce..well the stressful ones.   That said, there are some harsh aspects coming in next few days that will affect these two signs.      Mercury semi-sextile Saturn affects Geminis, Virgos, Capricorns, Sagittarians and Scorpios. It’s a mild positive one..for good communications!

December 2013- challenging days forecast (c) Mani navasothy

December 2013- challenging days forecast (c) Mani navasothy

20th – Sun semisextiles Venus – Another mild positive one influencing us all – tap into the soul-filling energies of the Sun and socially enhancing Venus..but hurry…because…

21st (Yule)- Venus begins retrograde in Capricorn. yes, Social and love-planet Venus is now starting a period of retrograde motion in Capricorn..and on the day of Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) when Sun enters Capricorn.  Taureans, Libras and Capricorns are going to feel this the most.. As with retrogrades, lost roads will be found, but only after backtracking and some struggles.. Winter Solstice may not turn out to be what everyone expects.. full of jollity and laughs.  For Capricorns, its a mixed one of mighty sun coming to their home, but current guest Venus is going into a room and being a bit unsociable..(after saying a quick hello to the Sun at the door only a day before).

23rd – Mercury semsextiles Venus. – Mildly positive.    It’s as if Mercury is knocking at the door of the room where Venus has gone into.  Bit of smooth talking will make her smile.. So where in your world can you do lighten a mood?  

24th -Sun sextiles Neptune.   A positive day..   for Leos,  Pisceas and Capricorn.

25th – Mars opposition to Uranus – Christmas Day..  and as if the usual stresses aren’t enough, the planets add some more, unfortunately, and quite a grating one at that!   Mars with it’s fiery energy is forming this stressful square with Uranus who brings chaos and disruption..  mainly to Aries, Aquarians and Librans to some degree..(and yes, to all the rest of you!)  One good news is that this happens in the morning (8am) by middday, if you keep making the effort and not be carrying what has happened the night before or even the morning, you’ll still `save Christmas’ !!    Although there’s a mild stressful energy of the next day permeating ..there is also a blessing there…

26th – Sun semisquares Saturn, and Mercury sextiles Neptune.  The mild-stressful energy between Sun and Saturn will challenge traditions and authorities of the past (what better day than the day after Christmas?).    But softness of the heart and kindness that can be expressed will help lessen the problems.. Mercury is forming a positive sextile with Neptune..    Capricorns will be affected mostly, and Leos, Geminis, Pisces of course.

27th – Mercury semisquares Saturn – Not letting up yet am afraid.  This mild stressful aspect between communicative Mercury and authoritive Saturn can be diffused by looking at what other signs are involved.. Mainly Capricorn (where mercury is) and Scorpio (where Saturn is).  Mountain goats are incredibly resilient creatures..  (so we think Sea-goats too might be)..  and something stirs in the depths!

29th – Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Mercury squares Uranus.  Incredibly positive on the one hand — as Sun & Mercury combines their energies in Capricorn. If you are tired of talking by now, think about Commerce..and local travel!  The tough one (square) between Mercury and Uranus indicates trouble for Aquarians..  smallest lie may become the biggest cause of the fall.. So don’t!    Time for some open communication..  and to absorb the ideas and innovations that are spilling out of the mind..

30th – Sun squares Uranus- Not a good one  for Leos and Aquarians (ruled by the Sun and Uranus). Also affects Capricorns (where Sun is).  Squares force you to take action rather than endure. So take constructive action, to minimise the disruptive influences.  The energy of this will have started brewing a day or two before..

31st – Mercury squares Mars, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and Mars squares Pluto . The year ends with two squares..  That’s quite a bit of stress!!   Heated debates could end in aggressive actions…for Geminis, Virgos and Aries.  Alternatively, too much thinking can do the same..   The square between Mars and Pluto is going to make everything very intense.. It may even be that a small precise action will trigger a large transformation..   The combined energies of Mercury with Pluto (positive) indicates a message might be the one to trigger it.  It’s going to be a tough but transformative day for Aries people.

Something will die..and something will be reborn..   Just as it should be…it’s New Year’s eve after all..

**UPDATE**:   Forecast for NEW YEAR’s Day 1/1/2014..   Click here to read latest blog

Drop me a line or comment below, or use the Contact form, if you have any questions.. and I’ll help as much as I can.  (you can also find me on facebook – link below)

Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

ps. I’ll be giving an astrological over-view of 2014 in the forthcoming issue of `Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine. It will then be posted here in my blog.


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An astrology Game of forecasting (for the grand trine)

Here’ a game that all can play..  one that feeds positivity..and creates forecasts that can be helpful to all..

Here’s the graphics of the Moon- Pluto -Venus…of the Grand trine coming up today/ tomorrow.

Venus-Moon-Pluto Trine 30July2013

Venus-Moon-Pluto Trine 30July2013

Here’s the task.  How many good sentences can you construct with these groups of words? Condition is that you must use one word from each of the 3 points..  I’ll start off..

“This is an opportunity to transform the past with Love”

“Follow your intuition, and create wealth, using your hidden powers and skills..”

By the way, feel free to use other words/ qualities associated with each of these planets…  It’s all good..  as long as you make positive statements…that give hope to your self and others! :-)


ps. This I think is my 300th blog post.   Thank you all for your continued readership..  There’s been quite a bit of astrology in my blog lately..  If that is good, let me know…and if you like me to cover more of the other topics…do let me know too..   ( I hope to do more on magic & esoteric topics again..  soon ).


link to full feature on this venusian Trine