Jupiter’s journey through Pisces 13May’21 to 21Dec’22

On 13th May 2021, Jupiter arrived in Pisces (a sign traditionally ruled b Jupiter). Jupiter stays there for few months, retrograding, going back to Aquarius till end of the year 2021. Then Jupiter steadily travels through Pisces, going into Aries (next sign) .. But due to another retrograde motion, comes back to Pisces ..and finally … Continue reading Jupiter’s journey through Pisces 13May’21 to 21Dec’22

Retrograde Planets in 2021

Hi all. here's the graphics (hand drawn with pencil and ink) for the full retrograde planetary motion / dates for this 2021. I'll type up the dates later on here..but the graphics shows everything. Retrograde Planetary motions in 2021 - blog / art (c) Mani Navasothy http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net As I write this on 20th February 2021, … Continue reading Retrograde Planets in 2021

Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius (30Jan-21Feb2021) – astrology forecast

Mercury Retrograde: Is this one a walk in the park.. finally?Heads up on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius. This infographics has all the info !!!! Infographics - Mercury retrograde through Aquarius 30th January to 21st February 2021 - blog /art (c) Mani Navasothy - author teacher Witch http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net I always consider ..not just the … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius (30Jan-21Feb2021) – astrology forecast

Meteor Showers in 2021

Hi all.. here are the forecasted meteor showers in the year 2021. Several good websites give good data and instructions . List of Sources/links at the bottom. -Mani Following peak-dates/local times are for London. 3–4 Jan 2021 - Quadrantids Northern Hemisphere (Best) . Up to 120 meteors per hour. The Quadrantids is an above average … Continue reading Meteor Showers in 2021