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Tamesa the Dark- Samhain ritual by Thames 31Oct14

Join us on Halloween Night in Central London on…31st October 2014.. by Millennium Bridge (Tate Galley side). We will be facilitating our annual `Thames: River of Souls / Samhain’ Ceremony to honour the Spirit of Thames & Ancestors.

This is the actual Halloween night.. Mist of fun-people in London will be in fancy dress…So Wear Fancy dress…Masks.. Witchy Cloaks.. Wizard attire.. Ghostly look…Werewolves & Vampires welcome! Bring your carved Pumpkins… Lanterns with light or candle in it..!

Thames Halloween Walk -31Oct2014 temp

Meeting point/ Tube:
Nearest Tube station is St.Pauls (or Blackfriars). Then ask/find directions and get to the Millennium Bridge. Cross the bridge, and get to the `Tate Modern Gallery’ side .. We will gather by the seats near Tate Gallery entrance (next to the door / green space)..

Meeting time:
Please get there anytime from 5.45pm to about 6pm.

Cloths/what to bring:
-Wear warm/ waterproof comfortable cloths… Please check weather for London for friday evening and dress appropriate. Wear good footwear..as standing/ walking for longer duration can get hard on the feet.

-Please bring small picnic-style food and drinks to share.
-Bring things for self.. and if feeling generous, something to share with others..

We may have 5 -50 people. It’s unpredictable..

Media/ photography/ privacy:
-It’s all in the open, in a public place. Any passers-by may stop and take photos.. We can’t stop them.
-We will ask outsiders to be non-intrusive during ceremony (best we can do).
-If you don;t like being photographed by anyone.. best wear a mask / fancy dress! 🙂

The plan (subject to changes on the evening):

1. We’ll meet n greet…so a bit of socialising.. share a sip of hot coffee and chalice / wine.
2.Then Mani (facilitator) will lead all to a nearby suitable spot along the Thames, to do the Ceremony for Samhain/ Ancestors. This is a serious but simple ceremony.. so children and non-pagans are all welcome.
3. After Ceremony (and more socials), we’ll have an informal candle-lit walk along the Thames-path (on pavement). The exact direction (towards Waterloo or towards London Bridge) will be announced at the meeting point.

Ritual content/ format:

-Simple consecration with salt/water & incense, followed by sacred-Magic circle casting, then calling the 4 elemental quarter energies.
-Invocation to the Dark Lord & Crone Goddess.
– All communing silently (meditative) with their deceased ancestors/loved ones who have passed away.
-Burning of regrets/ sorrows in Cauldron (small pieces of paper..)
-Blessing Cakes/ Wine and feasting (picnic)
-Offering coins to the spirit of Charon (ferryman) in the river Thames (to help dead spirits pass safely to underworld)
(At Samhain, circle & Quarters are not closed)

Our ceremonies are open to everyone, of all paths and religions. Children are allowed with parents or guardians supervision.

Bring some easy snacks & drinks to share on the way too..

Stay as long as you like.. and leave when you want to.

Safety note: No swords…no athames..or other `real’ weapons – or anything that might alarm the general public /police. We play safe and nice.. And you are responsible for your own good behaviour and health & safety!!

We do ask that you keep a watchful eye on your young children on the night. (If you bring your kids, that is).

With bright blessings
– Mani


The mourning of Mr Navasothy’s Death..!

Am very much alive..and kicking..  and probably will for another 20 yrs or so..but I am not the first Mr.Navasothy!  That name belongs to my late father Kanapathipillai Navasothy!! And this was the morning of his unexpected and accidental demise..  way back on 3rd January 1990.

A day after New Year 1990, he returned to work..  to the Government Office in Elephant & Castle, London.   And by late afternoon, he was crossing the main road, to get the bus..and never made it to the other side of the road!

I didn’t hear about it till much later in the evening.. almost night…as I was with relatives in Cambridge..  The Call came..  an uncle drove me to London..  to Guy’s Hospital..  and by the time I had arrived, my father was dying.. serious head injuries…still in Coma.. slipping to another reality.

And what I did next shocked and surprised my family members in the hospital..  mother, 2 younger sisters, uncles, and cousin from Canada!

I took the camera out of my bag and started taking photos of my father.. !

Mr Navasothy
Mr Navasothy

He had always liked being photographed, and I took it upon myself..to catalogue his entire final journey..from the minute of his death to the moment his body turned to ashes few weeks later in the local Crematorium!   Those photos are still here somewhere..  I used to look at them once a year ..on this night..  But I stopped doing that about 10 yrs after the event..  on a day I decided to truly let go.. It was also when I let go of a tiny bit of his blood…taken from the shirt he had worn at the time..!  And the minute hairs on his shaving blade..!!

What remains is his Wrist-Watch! It stopped then..I have tried winding it.. It moves for a few seconds..  and it stops..!

So it was at 1.35am, on 3rd January 1990, I became the New Mr.Navasothy..  and took my father’s first name as my last!   Navasothy died.

At the inquest..months and 2 postmortem later.. they declared it as High velocity accidental death, because the Bus Driver, the Car Driver and the Motocyclist..all gave conflicting accounts. People don’t have that level of head-injury..  enough to kill a man..if they were just running for a bus and fell to the road!!   Athletes running at 30-40mph perhaps..but not a middle-aged man!  The truth was never uncovered. Who ever hit him got away..! Yeah, a road-kill – my father!!

What followed were years of torments, loss of faith in Gods and religions, lawless lonely years. And out of that darkness and soul searching, the new Mr.Navasothy rose.. !

Death always creates Birth..!   But not the way most imagine..  Personalities of the living shift..  they take on new strands.. and new subpersonalities emerge..!

A broken Watch, a tiny stone and a small twig – bear witness to that moment of one life passing..!  They’ve shaped the last 24 years of my life.. the quest for that forbidden knowledge!!  What lies beyond death? Where are Gods? What are spirits and souls?  Why do ghost and ghouls walk the earth? And what monsters lie within??

Maybe one day, when I am  ready, I’ll hold the 3 items… and I will know who killed my father!  The Watch, the stick and the stone..will tell me!! And then with all my might and magic… I will deliver my Justice!!

Why? Because..I never let go of injustices..  Not a single one..!   And no one forgets the first one!! It sets all the other ones in motion..

An Elephant has a long memory..  and so do I..!   My grandmother said so.. !!

-Manivannan Navasothy

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FREE e-Book: Hallowee’en Guide for Pagan, Parents, Teachers & Journalists

Halloween Guide for Pagans, Parents, Teachers & Journalists
(c) Mani Navasothy.2012

Hallowee’en Guide for Pagan, Parents, Teachers & Journalists –  an e-Book by Mani Navasothy  (ISBN  978-0-9560746-6-9  Awakening Publishing).   Just published online in pdf forms in website Witchcraft and Magic   This will be available on Amazon’s Kindle platforms (ipads, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD ) very shortly. It contains graphics that some platforms allow.

Currently this book is FREE 100% to download. Just go to my Witchcraft & Magic website, opt-in (subscribe) with name & reliable e-mail, and a link will be sent to you where you can download this immediately.   After 48 hours, it will be available via Amazon Kindle, and the FREE download will be removed!

So Why have I written this short guide ? (32 pages+)

Here’s what I said in the Amazon platform:

“Halloween- ancient pagan festival marking celtic New year and remembering Ancestors! Pagans, Wiccans & Witches celebrated Samhain in private rituals – at homes or in quite woodlands. The Christians moved their All Hallows day from 13th May to 1st November in 834 in an attempt to Christianise this deep pagan festival.But now, Halloween has become a popular party festival all around the World. Television & movies glamorizing Witches, Werewolves and sexy broody teen-vampires have all added to the increase of people’s interests in Witchcraft, Spells and magic…and Halloween!

But with it, we see an increase in tabloid stories & smear campaigns aimed at Pagans & Witches. Parents are worried about the `evil’ of Wicca on their kids; Teachers are wondering how to teach the subject that is fast becoming part of religious education.

This Guide sets the records straight! It gives adequate details, history, related concerns, background to Wicca & Witchcraft and even some of the popular symbols of paganism. Pagans, Parents, Teachers & all types of Journalists will find this short Guide to be an invaluable first port of call.

Mani Navasothy, brought up as a Hindu in Sri Lanka, living in the UK for over 25 years, has written this guide from personal experience of Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft to be helpful to all.”

If you like to know the Chapters/ Content of the e-Book, here it is:

Contents (“Halloween Guide” by M Navasothy. 2012)

1. Halloween & Samhain – Origins, Traditions & Ritual Practises.
2. What is Paganism?
3. What is Wicca & Witchcraft?
4. Truth about Masks, Brooms, Cauldrons & Pumpkins
5. Playing with Spells & Psychic Child concerns
6. Party season: Commercial, Media & Social Trends of Halloween
7. Witches, Werewolves & Vampires: Icons on TV & Films and their effects on people.
8. Christian Concerns: Satanism, Devil worship & Human Sacrifices.
9. Pagan Protests: Discriminations against Witches and Witchcraft.
Appendix 1: Paganism
Appendix 2: Major Pagan Festivals
Appendix 3: Pagan Symbols & Ritual Tools
Appendix 4: Wicca & Witchcraft
Appendix 5: Websites

If you do download the book, and have a read, I’l be interested to know what you thought…as am sure there’s always more room for making it better. That way, if the media or other religious people get twitchy about witchy things, we’ll be ready..:-)

Have a Happy Halloween, ye all!

Bright Blessings


Samhain Thoughts: Personal Legacies?

Personal Legacies – what we leave behind for Humanity
art (c)ManiN’12

As we approach Samhain, everyone is busy making preparations for ceremonies, rituals, Halloween parties and so on. And quite rightly too.

Samhain is the old name for Halloween –  a pagan festival for honouring the deceased loved ones and Ancestors.  It takes place on the night of 31st October to 1st November every year (based on the current western Calendar).  The word Samhain (pronounced `Sow-in’) is Irish Gaelic name for the month of November, and Samhuin (pronounced `Sav-en’) is Scottish Gaelic for All Hallows. 1st of November marked the beginning of Celtic Winter, and the beginning of the New Year for the Celts!

Harvest of the Flesh: Samhain marks the 3rd harvest of the year – that of the flesh. This refers to the olden day agricultural practises of slaughtering and preserving the meat of any weak cattle-stock that will not survive the upcoming winter, but ensuring that the good stock were carefully selected and provided for through the hard winter months (for they were needed to re-grow stock when Spring came!).  Any remaining crops were also harvested at this time, before the frosts came and ruined them.   So it was a time of preparation for winter, as well as time of abundance of meat and harvested grains – and festivities were held.

In Pagan religions such as Wicca, death is seen as a transition from one phase of life to another (The Death Card in Tarot has similar meaning), or from one incarnation to the next. This rite invokes the God and Goddess of the underworld. The Dark Lord, known as Hades in Greek mythologies, or Pluto in Roman mythologies,  is the ruler of the Underworld. He is not to be confused with the Christian `Devil’ or `Satan’.  At this time (Samhain), the Dark Lord is said to opens the gateway between our world and the underworld and invites all to feast (commune) with the dead.

 Ritual ideas of Death: In Wicca and other western pagan religious rituals, following cleansing & consecrations with salt-water and incense,  a sacred magical circle is created for protection (this is normal for all rituals). Then the 4 elements – air, fire, water and earth – are called to guard the 4 quarters (or directions) of the Circle. Energy is raised – either with chants, spiral dance or sometimes deep meditation. Then symbolically, the Dark Lord is invoked, as well as the crone or wise-mother aspect of the Goddess. Hecate, Cerridwen, Cailleach are just some of the Goddesses who can be called. At this point, the boundary between the underworld and the living are magically opened, and all members participating may then commune silently with their ancestors. Once this part of the ceremony has finished, cakes & wine are blessed, and shared around (the symbolic `feasting with death’). People may call out names of their ancestors and say loving words of remembrance.

There follows much merriment, as pagans hold all things in balance, and realise that at times of remembering the dead, it is also important to focus on life and the living.

What about the living?

The question that has me contemplating is this- what about us the living? I don’t mean that in the previously explained sense of `celebrating the life’, but in a sort of generational way.

Here we are well and truly focusing on remembering our deceased, and all the (good) things they have achieved and left behind…but in the same vein, surely we should be thinking about future generations – and what we are leaving behind for them?    One day our time will come, and we will end our lives on Earth and ascend (or descend) to other spiritual planes. And hopefully one day in the future, some of our descendants (children, grandchildren – and surviving relatives, friends, peers and colleagues –  will be sitting at their Samhain altars and planning to contact our spirits, to honour us. And at that point, what will they remember? what will they call us for?

What legacies are we creating now…that we will leave to the next and future generations?

People are always busy..  always in a hurry, facing struggles and stresses, trying to get somewhere in life.. (well, most people!) And in all that hurry, people probably forget about the legacies we leave behind… not just to our immediate loved ones, families, friends.. – not just a patch of land, property, saved up money or other wealth, stack of albums and such…but other legacies.. Yes, we have a loving obligation to take care of the loved ones..by leaving good things for them.. (and not just a messy house full of worthless junk, or huge financial debts).

But we also have a duty to leave some sort of legacy for humanity itself.  It does border on altruism.. not 100% but enough to make a genuine difference to humanity. Otherwise what will be the point of having been part of the human race?

These days people talk about taking care of the environment, ecology and animals..  on top of the personal legacies to be left for loved ones. But it goes a bit more than that.

Did we make a difference – in our living years – to others? Not just doing things as part of our everyday living.. while we are crossing the road, we help someone else cross the road too..  throw a few coins into a charity box.. run a community event.. etc.

But really making an impact – one that will register in the human collective.

I do admire the people who travel the world, staying in other countries and working to change other people’s lives.. I admire people who set up or take up causes and fight to make a huge difference, for weeks and months and years.. and I admire people who create new things – as smal as some of it may seem- but things that have a potential to grow and change hundreds of lives.

Oh yes, I hear you say- no time, gotta look after immediate problems!  I get you..  Am there , right with you on that one. But I also think about the `beyond my immediate’ realms.

It may seem like a huge challenge, to think about the great big Humanity.. and it may seem a daunting task to even contemplate giving something to humanity. But I imagine, that if we did..  we’d get a better perspective.. on our tiny lives…and how it can make huge differences to the whole Human race..

While we focus on the spirits of our Ancestors, as Samhain approaches,  we should be thinking what legacies we may be leaving behind..

Good luck in creating your own legacies. Your forefathers mattered. And now, it’s your time..  and you matter 🙂

-Mani Navasothy