Free the Nipple – banned art work!

These exam pieces (art works) were apparently not allowed to be exhibited in a school.   Am not usually one to share stuff from facebook onto my blogs..but as an Artist, Magician, Radical, Magician...I feel this deserves attention. -Mani Martha Armitage  says on her FB account: "I CANNOT believe my paintings are not allowed to … Continue reading Free the Nipple – banned art work!

Pagan Britain.. Graphic new Flag?

Don't get all hot up about this!  It's not some big political topic am starting to split the Country into some intense debate! 🙂    It's just a fun thing.. Few days ago..following a link or trail on social media site, I came across an American Pagan group..What attracted my attention was their profile graphics.. … Continue reading Pagan Britain.. Graphic new Flag?