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Astro-NEWS: Twin-Grand-Trine of Planets in July 2013 (and the Harmonic Convergence!)

Not sure about the Harmonic Convergence  – coming up on 25th July – but there is a brilliant `twin-grand-trine’ of planets about to occur between 17th -20th  July 2013…that’s going to be very good news for everyone!

Background on Harmonic Convergence 1987

Back in 1987, the whole World (of spiritual people?) started to talk about  `Harmonic Concordance’ – world’s first globally synchronized meditation. It was suggested by José Arguelles,  calling for people to gather near sacred sites  on August 16th and 17th to “open the doors to the final 26 years of the 5,125-year Mayan Great Cycle.” . That coincided with a grand trine of planets!

And guess what? On 25th July 2013 (in a few weeks), the 26 years of this phase comes to an end …More specifically, 25th July 2013 happens to be the `Day out of Time’ (” .. it is a day that belongs neither to the last cycle or the next one.  It is a day of stillness, the birth place for Creation to renew Itself.  Certain days hold the ability to activate and amplify intentions; this is one such day where we can place our intentions of peace and love to initiate the new mayan year and beginning of the next 26,000 year cycle..”    (see website Sacred Destination. Link below)

I won’t go into the details of the  `hell’ cycles of the Mayan Calendar. But I do like to go in to the Grand Trine that is about to happen astrologically – for all of us here and now on Earth to see and experience!

Details of Grand Trine  20-22 July 2013

A grand trine occurs astrologically, when 3 or more planets are forming trines between them (120 degrees) and are at the 3 apexes of the triangle.  In this case, we have 4 planets forming 2 sets of the grand trine.  Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter & Mars in Cancer are forming the Grand trines.  (see diagram). Of course they don’t all click into exact positions in the same moment. This one takes place over 2 days!

twin-grand-trines of planets & Harmonic Convergence  in  july 2013 (c) Mani Navasothy
twin-grand-trines of planets & Harmonic Convergence in july 2013 (c) Mani Navasothy

The timing of this is as follows:

1.  17th July – Jupiter -trine- Saturn (at 17:31 hrs gmt)-

2. 18th July- Jupiter- trine-Neptune (at 00:14hrs gmt)-

3. 19th July- Neptune-trine-Saturn (13:20hrs gmt) –  (first grand-trine completes).

4. 20th July – Mars -trine-Neptune (19:42 hrs gmt) –

5. 20th July- Mars-trine-Saturn ( 21:34 hrs gmt)- (second grand trine completes).

[6. 22nd July-  Mars conjuncts-Jupiter (7:35hr gmt) ]

Important Notes:

– Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter & Mars are more or less at 4’50” in Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer respectively!

-As Mars and Jupiter effectively occupy the same apex of the two sets of trines, I have personally called this `Twin-Grand-Trine’  (as opposed to the `double-grand-trines where 6 planets are forming 2 sets of grand trines, as it happened in 2012).

-Few days after the Grand trines, Mars and Jupiter (effectively at one apex of the triangle) actually have a conjunction.  It is as if, after they have each formed a grand-trine with the other 2 planets (Neptune & Saturn), they themselves exchange those energies to lock the energies of the trines in (we are talking astrology & esoteric energies here!)

-Just after the first of the aspects (Jupiter-trine-saturn) has taken place, Uranus starts to retrograde. So although the trine’s positive influence will be `showered’ on all, it may not seem like it as many people will more likely be experiencing the disruptive energies of the Uranus retrograde (which will start to build up before the day itself).

– All these aspects take place while Mercury is already retrograding. But the good news is, just after the last aspect of the grand trine (mars-trine-neptune), Mercury does go direct! So although the beginning of these grand trines may not feel like they were starting positively (though they are), the culmination will feel like a positive shift.

Belated Convergence?

So by the time the esoteric & new age people mark and do events on the 25th July, these grand-trines will have completed themselves (2 days to spare!).  If it were me suggesting to the world when to have a global day of meditation and `Harmonic Convergence’ of all the people, I;d say do it on the 22nd July, just as the Jupiter-Mars- conjunction occurs and brings the energies of the two grand trines together!!   25th July is too late already to directly tun into the trines..  but it may be that, everyone’s awareness and thoughts towards Harmonic convergence will be intensifying (due to social media shares!) ..and that will be how the trine energies will be influencing people..

Well, that’s all the data and practical aspects of this grand-trine. But what does it actually mean energy wise?

I’ll cover that in another blog in a day or so.. (bit late at night now…sleep beckons) and we have 15 days to go yet!)

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-Mani Navasothy


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Astro-forecasts for June 2013 (part 2): Beneficial & Challenging aspects

astrology-forecasts-monthly by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net
astrology-forecasts- June 2013 aspects  by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net

Here are the transits of planets in June 2013 (relative angles they make between them), which signs are mainly affected (by the rulership of the planets), and what dates to watch out for! I’ll present this in as simpler form as possible.. ie  beneficial, highly beneficial, difficult, very challenging / difficult etc.

You may also like to read  `Astro-highlights for June’13- part 1:  Effects of sign-shifts by Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune’ – where I have already explored the effects of the planets moving through various sun-signs and how that may affect those signs).

Remember that the energies of transits take a few days (or weeks in some cases) to build up, and that the time when astrological potentials exist for harmonious changes. Often the 1-2 days just before a tough aspect are when stresses and strains also show up in our lives. So do read what’s below, and aim to be either careful a few days (before a tough transit) or plan to male use of the beneficial potentials as you go towards a particular day!

June 2013 forecasts (major positive and difficult transits only)

2nd – Sun sextile Uranus.   Good for Leos & Aquarians.

3rd – Mercury trine Neptune. Highly beneficial for Geminis, Virgos and Pisces.

4th – Mercury trine Saturn; Highly beneficial for Geminis, Virgos and Capricorns; Contracts & future plans high-lighted.

6th– Venus semi-sextile Mars. Good for Librans, Taureans and Aries. (the male and female archetype forces are at play. Highlights relationships).

7th – many transits as below-

Mercury opposition Pluto;

Venus trine Saturn; Good for Librans, Taureans and Capricorns.

Venus trine Neptune; Good for Librans, Taureans and Pisces.

Mars square Neptune- A stressful transit affecting Aries and Pisces – prone to feeling lost or getting caught up in distractions / escapism, bouts of anger and frustration; mars may act as a spark for a volatile situation with Neptune providing the fuel.

Neptune Stationary (going retrograde) – Coupled with the above aspect, this one will affect all, but more so for Pisceans..  (see part 1 of the forecast)

8th – Mercury square Uranus – stressful for Geminis, Virgos and Aquarians – watch out for the mind playing tricks, small things lodged in that keep chipping away or sudden bouts of depression.


Venus opposition pluto –  a challenging time for Libras, Taureans and Scorpions  where forces are pulling at in opposite directions, and resolution can only be reached with balance or compromise;

Saturn trine Neptune- Highly beneficial exists  for Capricorns & Pisces. Some of that cloud of doubts may vanish, replaced by inspired plans and thoughts for long term.

12th – Venus square Uranus – stressful for Librans, Taureans and Aquarians.

17th– Mars sextile Uranus – fairly good for Aries and Aquarians. Expect the unexpected..in a good way”!

19th– Sun conjuncts Jupiter- Very good for Leos, Sagittarians, and nearly everyone – as the Sun (our Star) and the biggest and most beneficial planet Jupiter are joining their energies! Everyone should- no matter what other matters are pressing- look positively about their higher learning and  expanding horizons. As this is happening in Gemini, it’s a case of manage your mind and thoughts – (you think therefore it becomes!)

21st – Mercury conjuncts Venus- another very good day – mainly for Gemini, Virgos, Taureans and Librans.

26th – Sun trine Saturn; Sun trine Neptune; Mercury retrograde starts; – A mixed day of 2 very good transits but overshadowed by the retrograde of Mercury starting.  Leos, Capricorns & Pisceans will stand to benefit the most.. But all can tap into these energies – as the Sun is involved. Long term goals, inspired ideas, laying foundations are well starred.. but as Mercury begins retrograde, the next few weeks may bring lost opportunities (despite initial irritations and aparent problems).  see part 1

28th – Venus semi-sextile Jupiter- Fairly good day for Librans, Taureans and Sagittarians..  But as these are the 2 most beneficial planets, forming a beneficial aspect – everyone stands to gain..!


Note about Cancerians-

These forecasts are written with all the planets except the Moon in mind. Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so by looking at transits of Moon we can work out what sort of (good/ bad) day Cancerians may be having.. However, the moon moves so fast (by our solar system planetary standards) that it forms aspects with other planets almost every day- if not every few hours!  (just tells you why Cancerians probably have such a shifting energy with sentiments & moods!).  Look at part 1 to see how Cancerians are affected by transits.  

Quick note on Planetary rulerships

Sun- Leo; Moon- Cancer; Mercury – Gemini & Virgo; Venus – Taurus & Libra; Mars- Aries ; Jupiter – Sagittarius ; Saturn – Capricorn; Neptune – Pisces; Uranus- Aquarius; Pluto- Scorpio

Quick notes on aspects

Trine & Conjunctions- highly beneficial;  Sextiles & Semi-sextiles – also positive;  Oppositions – create conflicts that require balancing; Square create stress that must be dealt with or it stays and manifests when those transits / aspects happen again;

Stellar Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

link to my astrology page

Astrology: Spring Equinox Chart & forecasts for March’12

Here’s a quick astrology chart I created for the day when Sun is entering the zodiac sign of Aries!

Solar chart - spring equinox - 20March2013
Solar chart – spring equinox – 20March2013

As you can see, it’s quite basic – Aries is in the rising sign position for simplicity sake, and I’ve looked up Planetary positions from the Ephemeris and placed them on the chart.

Sun is entering Aries (that is what marks the Spring Equinox!),  Mars & Uranus are already in Aries,  Venus & Mercury – currently in Pisces will soon be entering Aries.  (I will be doing a full detailed analysis of each of these planets transiting through Aries, and what that means for Aries people in a separate post).   Of course slow moving Neptune is in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn (these two will be in those signs for years to come!)  Jupiter- currently passing through Gemini will enter sign of Cancer in late June’13, and Saturn currently passing through Scorpio will continue that for all of 2013.

Sun’s energy shift -With the Sun entering the fire sign of Aries, all the other fire signs (Leo & Sagittarius) are going to get a jolt of fiery energy in resonance. Sun will be in Aries till 20h April’13 of course.

Astrology forecasts for  19th – 31st  March 2013 – good and bad aspects to watch out for

Squares, semi-squares and Oppositions between planets are the major astrological causes of stress and difficulties (or the way some politely put it, `challenging’).  Trines, Sexties and conjunctions between planet tend to create huge positive potential – that everyone can make use of (if you are aware of it…and that’s why I write these forecasts 🙂  ) So those are the aspects that I usually look at.

Note on objectivity when forecasting: When doing these forecasts, I do use my knowledge of the characteristics and qualities of the planets,, signs and aspects – but I also let those mix and flow in my mind, and allow intuition to pick out the ones that come mostly to the surface. (And like all Astrologers, I have to be careful not to get influenced by my own whim and moods – That’s why sometimes, although I like to do these forecasts, I delay writing them – because on a personal level, I may not be objective enough …so best to wait for a time when I can give genuinely objective intuitive forecasts..  And today is one of those days 🙂

Mercury – that has been retrograde for 3 weeks just started going direct (yesterday 17 March 13) so already there will be an energy shift of ease, clearing air etc.  I wrote about this Mercury-direct shift in my blog yesterday.   Something to bear in mind – on 10th March, Mercury (while retrograding) had a square with Jupiter.  Now that Mercury is going direct, it will have that square again .. on 29th March’13. Though not as problematic as before, it will sill bring up issues and stress that must be acted upon and dealt with (or those energies just simmer till next major aspects between these planets and explode again.. So advise sort it..!)

19th March’13- Mercury semi-sextiles Mars.    This is a good one new initiatives or offers may come your way.

22nd March – Mars conjuncts Uranus (in Aries)- Good chaotic day. The day leading up to this is going to be a bit chaotic, and there is every potential for this to be a dynamic and positive day – but seeing Mars is like a fuse and Uranus is the chaotic engine..   things can get out of hand  – or the good stuff can get muddled up in all the apparent barge of incoming energy.  Try to sift out what’s really useful, and focus on that. It is a good one..

24th – Sun semisextile Neptune.   Energy for some dreamy ideas and ideals. Different kind of elusiveness that can produce tangible results. But on then same day, there is a mild stressful aspect between  Jupiter and Saturn – so don’t get involved in power struggles, especially when trying to expand your boundaries.

25th – Mercury semisextile Uranus – dynamic communications can give good outcomes;  Venus semisextile Neptune – quite good for leisure and romance or the arts (and perhaps indulging in some habits bordering on escapism – Don’t over do substances, alcohol etc);

26th- Mars sextiles Jupiter – another great day for huge potential and energy – as these are both fire related planets, forming the second most positively powerful aspect any two planets can form. Aries & Sagittarius people will have a great day (the day leading to it also is good). But the following day sees a major stressful aspect for Aries people, so just start to be careful from midday onwards.

27th- Mars squares Pluto.   Quite stressful – it can build from the previous day, and definitely issues of power, sex, obsessions may come to the surface. Mars here acts like a projectile firing at a plutonium bomb!  Smallest trigger can create a massive explosion, or smallest act can create something that may become quite consuming. On some level, as long as you don’t just ride it out or escape, but make firm (non-controlling) decisions and take action, you come out okay.

28th – A very good day (you may be gasping for it after the previous day!). Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries.   Mercury trines Saturn.  Venus conjuncts Uranus.  Lots of wonderful things can come from this, for love & romance, luxurious ventures, plans or contracts for future. Expect the unexpected, as nice things will come out of the blue!

29th – Sun conjuncts Uranus – so the dynamic and unexpected events continue, but in a positive way.  Very good for Aquarians, Aries (double whammy), and for Leos.  There is also a Mercury sextile Pluto aspect going on.  If you had dealt with the sudden deeper issues that arose a few days ago, this will produce the definite (positive) results. Watch out – don;t fall under the influences of Silver-tongues and be mesmerised and taken to bed (read whatever you like into that!)   One good thing about his day is the slightly bad thing – the repeat Mercury square Jupiter – which in this case may manifest stress (and counter balance an overindulgence or being swept away…) or bit of reality check!   Old stuff from beginning of March’13 need final resolutions – Mind holds the key (think expansively and talk openly).

30th – Bit of a tough day because of 3 minor negative aspects (quincunx) between Sun & Saturn, Venus & Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto.   Authority issues and power struggles at work or in love relationships need addressing; deeply simmering issues may need some spiritual light; Secret relationships may cause problems. Each aspect on it’s own can be okay to just about deal with, but as there are 3 of them – the combined results may well add up to a major stressful day – with issues just washing over one after another, like lots of waves that just doesn’t give you a clear beach.

31st- March ends with a mixed stressful and positive day! The Venus sextile Jupiter creates an energy of fulfilling day for luxury, expansive plans, even romance (good for Sagittarians, Librans and Taureans).  But there is also the Venus square Pluto on the day – so erm, there is a chance for sexual contact or even issues to explode to the surface from the depths. Watch out for controlling partners in relationships. Difficult to know if what;’s happening on this day is a good thing or a bad thing.  What may seem very good may have a darker undertone, and what may seem stressful may actually have a deep reaching transformative energy.

See you in the next astrology post where I will look at the planets Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Uranus ..forming aspects while they are in Aries.

-Mani Navasothy


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