Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Hindu  auspicious Dates 2016  (July – December). Hi All, apologies for not doing this 6 months ago..  I have put together this list for Hindu auspicious dates/ rituals take place in 2016. (dates collected from various online sites, as well as the booklets published by some of the major Hindu temples in London that I … Continue reading Hindu Auspicious Dates 2016 (July-Dec)

Sun conjuncts Jupiter TODAY (19th June 2013)

Guess what? Might Sun, centre of our Solar system is conjuncting with jovial Jupiter today...in Gemini at 16:11 hrs (GMT)! This is a fantastic astrological aspect between two of the largest stellar bodies in our Solar system. Yes, it happens every year..   but this one is taking place in Gemini (28 degrees)..  so the … Continue reading Sun conjuncts Jupiter TODAY (19th June 2013)

Jupiter-Moon (aka Happy New Year 2012)

Happy New Year! First blog of the year 2012 - and so many thoughts and observations to blog about. Where to start? Okay this isn't exactly in the chronological order - but then, they say neither is Time itself - that is to say, Time is not linear??! And Space-Time is warped and the closest … Continue reading Jupiter-Moon (aka Happy New Year 2012)