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Video: A Healing rite in Hern’s Tribe space

On 28t March, my shamanic group Hern’s Tribe were to meet in our usual woodland space  for ceremony and to observe Earth Hour.  But due to corona virus and national Lockdown / isolation guidelines,  our event did not go ahead.   It bothered me.   So few days later, i gathered enough Will power to go the woods (drove and avoided all people contact ..not many in woods anyway)..  Set up a basic altar and did this brief magical work of healing.

It is based on the Caduceus / twin serpent/ ankh shield I had painted several years ago. I  carved the same runes  on the pink candle used too..   The magic was done without filming..  The did a spontaneous evocation..  while filming this bit… starting with the Opening Prayer (wicca) . The video ends with an adapted Healing words (on screen.. not spoken.. )

Blessings. -Mani

Path of Bride (Candle-lit walk from St.Brides church to river Thames) 31st Jan’18

31st of January/ 1st of February is when Pagans celebrate Imbolc – and honour the virgin Goddess Bride (Bridgett/ Breed). And London History tells us that the St.Bride’s church used to have a sacred well, and was a place of Bride worship (before Saint Bride’s work and it becoming a church). On this night we have a river-thames based full moon ritual ..and thought a candle-lit walk from St.Bride’s church doors along to Tate Modern Gallery area will be magical. So that we may take some of that healing energies and share it along the streets and bring it to river Thames.
(River Thames full moon ritual gathering is from 7,30pm – optional and set up as a separate event in our meetup. you may go home after candle-lit walk or stay for Tamesis full moon ritual).

St Bride candle blessing

The St.Bride’s church closes at 6pm. However, you can arrive at 5pm to have some quiet contemplation inside – if you personally choose to do so. You may visit the `Journalist/ media’ Altar, or stay in the main church area, look around, or even visit the crypt area and look at the exhibits & oldest part of the church. (They do 90min tours every tuesday. It costs £6 and is highly worth it – we’ll be doing an event for that another time..)

For our event, we gather at 6pm by the main gates of St.Brides church (enter from Fleet Street). Once we have everyone, we’ll be walking along the small alleyway to the left, go around the church clockwise, and find the open space behind the church – where you’ll find seats, as well as a circle of lights on the ground, around a pentagram drawn on concrete.

This is where we’ll begin our short ceremonial work..
Some poetry, blessing, and starting our candlelit walk.
We’ll complete the circle around the Church, back to main door..then to Fleet Street..and walk across Blackfriars bridge, turn left, and walk to arrive outside Tate Modern entrance facing river Thames.

Those interested may stay for our Tamesis Full moon ceremony (fee £3/£2).

The Path of Bride event is free.

Bright BrideBlessings
-Mani Navasothy

Organiser/ Wiccan High Priest.

ps. In Spring, we’ll be organising a Diana ceremony in the area of St,Paul’s Cathedral – as history again tells us it used to be a place of worship for Diana the Greek Huntress- Goddess.

• What to bring
Please wrap up warm, and bring a jam jar/ lantern for candle-lit walk.. or battery operated lights are fine too. (I’ll have tea lights for lanterns).

• Important to know
Free event. This walk then links to our `Tamesis Full moon ceremony by river Thames at 7.30pm.

Link to meetup:

Path of Bride : Candle-lit walk – StBride Church to river Thames

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018, 6:00 PM

St Brides Church,
Fleet Street London EC4Y 8AU, GB

10 Witches Wiccans & Pagans Attending

31st of January/ 1st of February is when Pagans celebrate Imbolc – and honour the virgin Goddess Bride (Bridgett/ Breed). And London History tells us that the St.Bride’s church used to have a sacred well, and was a place of Bride worship (before Saint Bride’s work and it becoming a church). On this night we have a river-thames based full moon ritua…

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A Prelude to Imbolc

Prelude to Imbolc - Mani Navasothy 2017.jpg

— A Prelude to Imbolc —————–

Some stories end..
Sometimes sadness descends for no reasons known..
and shadows just rise and cloak us..and choke us..

MidWinter may have passed and Sun-child may be born..
But we are entering the deepest part of winter..this.. now..

And here we plea to the Winter-Goddess
to loosen her grip on the world..
And here we lament for the passing of the old…
And here, soon we’ll call on the renewed great Virgin
Goddess of Love & Healing to appear from her place of snow and Ice.. unto our world once more,
Lit by a path of light and flames.

And then snow will stop falling..
and snow drops will rise..
the land will turn from grey with hints of green..and yellow..

All that is yet to come..
But.. we are entering the deepest part of Winter..!

Remember the small gaps through which sands of time slip..
Remember too the face of the clown behind the mask..
Remember the tears never seen..
and the bleeding heart of the Knight behind armour..
And sorrows behind smiles..

So then..
’til the New moon.. !

(c) Mani Navasothy – Jan’17

Woodland Imbolc Open ritual (London) 31Jan16

Dear all.. It’s Imbolc now.. time for the virgin Goddess Bride to appear again in our lives..bringing with her the 3 flames…gifts of purification, creativity & Healing.. (that’s been going on already in my life.. thanks to not one but a few lovely Goddesses .

Wicca Imbolc 2016.jpg

Anyway…I will be with my woodland ritual friends tomorrow at Queen’s woods (High gate) for our open Wiccan Imbolc ritual.. So if you are that way inclined ..do come join us.. All are welcome.. Below is the link to my meetup event for it..

Bright Blessings.

-Mani Navasothy

Imbolc 2016 – Woodland Wicca Seasonal Ritual

Sunday, Jan 31, 2016, 3:00 PM

Queen’s Woods
Near Highgate Station London, GB

33 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

Join us for the afternoon/ early evening to mark IMBOLC (Candlemass).”Imbolc is said to be the time when the Winter Goddess who has kept her grip on the land loosens her hold, so that the ice melts and waters break and flow again. It is when the Goddess Bride (Brigid) `returns’ to the land. Her path is lit by candles, symbolising the return of lig…

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Snow spiral & the Coming of Bride

We are at that pause..the point between Yule and Imbolc..

Amazing how just in the course of even one day our moods can change.. forming, merging, dividing, re-merging, emerging, undulating.. What turbulence our hearts make.. while the mind watches it all.. We are now about a week into the Mercury-retrograde.. Things will unravel.. and would seem like chaos.. the more one tries to pin down reality, more it will slip away.. And it is exactly at these times, that  you must  hold dear your faith in the Stars..and Fates..

..and  that all will be well!

In a few weeks, the Goddess Bride shall arise from her wintery place of mysteries, and walk into our lives again.. her path illuminated by a hundred points of light.

And she’ll bring with her the 3 gifts – the flames of inspiration, purification and that of healing..

Poetry, creativity and hope will abound…

..and the anguish of the artists, the pangs of the lovers and longings of the lost shall be fulfilled.. !

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Snow spiral & coming of Bride (c) Mani Navasothy 2016.jpg
Snow Spiral & The coming of Bride   – photo & art (c) Mani Navasothy 2010 / 2016.