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What is your Religion? Info from 2011 Census -England &Wales (interest to Pagans)

There was a big initiative by many Pagan groups and organisations – at the time leading to the Census 2011 – to encourage Pagans, Druids, Shamans, Wiccans, Witches to put their religion down as such. This was so that we can get a realistic numbers.  I did a blog a while back with early results. Well, here’s the latest publication from Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Adding the numbers for Pagan (56,620  ), Wicca (11,766), Druid (4,189), Heathen (1,958), Witchcraft (1,276), Shamanism (650), – which I can easily pick out as being `Pagan’   ..amounts to a total of 76,459. Of course others may also add Thelemite, Mysticism, Reconstructionist, Occult, New Age, Traditional African Religion, animism, shintoism too, and reach a number around 82,000+. [This is still only less than 0.4% of the declared population, with Christianity being 59.3%, and with Muslims being 4.8%).

Of course, not everyone would have actually declared their `Pagan’ religion on the National Census, so the real number is likely to be higher than these.

It is amusing to note that `Jedi Knight’ is the 7th largest religion in England & Wales..according to 2011 Census!!!   By looking at the numbers for each, I can say that Paganism is the 8th largest… Here’s the list (I compiled): 1.Christianity, 2. Muslim, 3. Hindu, 4. Sikh, 5.Jewish, 6.Buddhist, 7.Jedi Knight, 8.Pagan, 9. Spiritualist.  Interestingly, if I look at the `belief’ of Jedi, it is about `The Force’ – an energy that is around and within everything which the Jedi `work’..and this is akin to the spirit of things that Pagans believe and work with (`Magic’).

A personal note on Satanism vs Horned Gods :   Satanism is NOT ever considered to be a Pagan Religion.   It stems from Christianity (as Satan is a Christian biblical figure).  The Horned Gods such as Hern, Cernunnos, Pan are much older nature-based deities thought of as Pagan gods..(and wrongly thought of as `evil, devil, satan’ by ill-educated people who do not do their own research and just quote other people’s propaganda!

-Mani Navasothy

This infographic illustrates data on religion from the 2011 Census to provide a picture of the various faiths across England and Wales.

Religion-Infographic for 2011 Census (England & Wales)   by ONS
Religion-Infographic for 2011 Census (England & Wales) by ONS

2011 Census: KS209EW Religion, local authorities in England and Wales

The National Census in Uk took place on 27th March 2011.

The data is being released in stages by the Office for National Statistics http://www.ons.gov.uk.

Pagan organisations made a concerted effort to campaign among pagan communities, asking them to register themselves in the religion category as `pagan – xxxxxx’  where the individual can state their particular path as a sub-category of `pagan’ so that a clear number can be gleamed.

Well, the xls sheet that gives religion data does not yet give this details..  So pagans will have to hold their breath a little longer.

But here’s the religion data that has been released.. (xls sheet available for download freely from ONS website). here’s the link

This is for the WHOLE of England & Wales

Christian       33,243,175       (1)

Buddhist         247,743       (6)

Hindu               816,633       (3)

Jewish              263,346      (5)

Muslim               2,706,066       (2)

Sikh                       423,158       (4)

Other Religions      240,530       (7)

No religion      14,097,229

Religion not stated   4,038,032

Now assuming all the pagans did state their religion, as either `Pagan’  or `Pagan-Druid, Pagan-Wiccan’ etc..  or just as `pagan’, `Druid’, `shaman’ etc..  it all will be within the `Other Religions..  240,530.

The above table shows that Christianity has the largest declared numbers, followed by Muslims – second largst, then Hindu (3rd place), then Sikh (4th place), then Jewish (5th), Buddhist (6th place)..   Other Religions (there could be hundreds!) currently occupy 7th place..


here’s a screen capture of the interactive map that shows the percentage of people in areas ..for the `any other religions’ category…as it was in 2001 Census and the current 2011 Census UK.   (darker the blue, more numbers!)

UK Census comparison  (2001 & 2011) for  `Any other religions'  in England & Wales   (c)ONS
UK Census comparison (2001 & 2011) for `Any other religions’ in England & Wales (c)ONS

We’ll wait and see what the `Pagan-xxx’ category will show up ..when the full data is released.

-Mani Navasothy

Wikipedia entry for Pagan Federation- Editing, citing & referencing work

Back in November 2010  (24/11/10) I was browsing through some wikipedia entries for various pagan organisations.. and came across the shocking fact that for `Pagan Federation’ entry, there was very little flesh.. nay…very little bones!  So I set about adding new sections..  such as   PF”s 3 Principles, The work of the PF, Community Services, the District structure of the PF, and external links for PF International, and PF London.

Unfortunately, nearly all of them (except the links) were deleted due to them being having unsourced or unreliable 3rd party references.

Well, earlier today (last night now) I was checking, by* chance, and found that the whole entry had been marked for deletion in 12th September 2012, but had be `saved’ because one person had pleaded that, “This is the national organisation for pagans in the UK and while I agree the present article is poor it should be improved rather than deleted”.

Well, it occurred to me that I myself had recently mentioned the Pagan Federation in atleast 2 Newspapers this year alone (In April, for Enfield Gazette, and in July, for Epping Forest Guardian), and those should be reliable 3rd party references. I started digging, remembering the Cole Morton Book `Is God still an Englishman’ in 2010 (he mentioned my name& quotes me  in page 338, as I just found out!)  , and his Guardian G2 feature in June 2009 – for which I had also been interviewed and photographed (material not used in G2). Bit more googling got me a few good links…one from BBC, mentioning the census of 2011 and the Pagan Federation.

So pooling all of it together, I have now added new sections to the wiki entry for Pagan Federation –

  • Origins of the PF (as Pagan Front in 1971)   with ref in  Witches An encyclopedia of Paganism & magic
  • Beliefs of the PF
  • Aims of the PF
  • Campaigns of the PF
  • all with reliable 3rd party citations, websites & links.

In astounds me that with 40 years of History, there aren’t more mentions of the Pagan Federation in various books, news papers, media etc. Actually there are…am 100% sure of it…but it’s just that no one seems to have put a well constructed wikipedia entry for the Pagan Federation…. (I mentioned it years ago in a PF council meeting..where I also suggested  the PF take an active presence in the internet..social networks.. – which was not forthcoming..so I went ahead and set those UK, London  & International groups/pages up inn facebook!)

Well, I should have been doing my own writing.. but for the past 6+ hours  (6.30pm to 00:00hrs) I have been at it.. trying to give it some bones and some flesh that can’t be torn off by wikipedia experts who scrutinize articles for quality!

I am not sure if all my entries will survive.. as my citing / referencing skills are very new…and I may have done it not quite right. But those references are there now..so someone else can do a better job of it…if need be..  (It’s just cosmetic).

And better still..  I hope the hundreds of Pagan Federation members, Elders, Committee members, PR Gurus, web masters and Officers ..will dig deep, find more referencing material stretching back the past 10-20..30 years…and add more bones, flesh..and even a bit of healthy fat to the Pagan Federation entry in wikipedia :-p

One thing for sure- I haven’t worked this hard on referencing anything …for over 20 years (last time was when I was in University).

Check the `Pagan Federation’  entry here

-Mani Navasothy