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Mindful Living & Loving during pandemic!

Mindful Living & Loving during pandemic!

Every moment has always been precious.. but till now many people had not realised it. Now suddenly, with their own fears and potential for death just around the corner of the next hour or day or week.. every moment has become important.. Because the next moment might be your last!

There are no guarantees … Anyone can catch this Covid-19 virus.. Anyone can recover..or anyone can die.. Young, middle aged, healthy, old or ones with existing medical conditions.. Practically anyone is a possible next victim..or if lucky..the next one to get immunity!!

At a time like this…take nothing for granted. Not the air you breath. Not the food you eat.. not the calls or contacts you make with another human (or pet).. or the hugs.. or kisses or smiles ..or tears. None of it.

We do not know if the last time we met someone…this morning or yesterday or last week is going to be the last time. They could die… or you could die.. or you might both survive!!

So take the moments seriously.. Be mindful of what you are doing. Don’t take your own fears or frustrations out on loved ones or friends. Let that be not the last thing between you.

Many are on isolation.. perhaps in different places.. different towns, cities, even countries. The phone calls and these online messages – facebook, whatsapp, emails, videos and messages are the bonds that keep people connected .. lovers, partners, parents, children.. Nearly all relationships of the heart.

As we know all too well.. the non-face-to-face communication is fraught with a minefields of misinterpretations!! One wrong word or sentence can end in a text-breakup.. or a family feud across continents..or a business falling apart!

Be Mindful…
Slow it down..
Be kind..
Be charitable..
Be compassionate..

Keep your humanity about you.
And we’ll survive this.. !!

Bright Blessings on this eve of an Aries New moon

Would The Church accept brothel-money?

Would the Christian Church accept money donated by a brothel? I think not  because Christianity considers prostitution to be sinful. (That is not to say all religions or cultures think it sinful).

Would blood money from Gangsters and drug money from barons be acceptable as funding for Community projects? I think not, because those things ruin millions of family lives!

So why on earth would money raised from a Comedy programme that pokes fun at pedophilia, sex and masturbation be used to fund a Children’s charity as noble as Great Ormand Street Hospital?

My partner & I were quick sicken to glimpse a brief segment of last night’s Comedy show on Channel 5.. where ageing comedians like Jonathan Ross (who should know better than to do  the link between acts, talking about his slow sex life) & scruffy fools like Russell Brand (who’s only ever obsessed about his balls) tried their tasteless vulgar humour on stage..  and it was all going to go to a good cause.

Sick society…! As long as this sort of thing is okay..  other sick things in our Society will only get worse..because mocks deeper morality.. ! That’s my view…(and am not exactly white as snow).

-Mani Navasothy

Security powerless against Drug-users & drunkards outside Sutton Job Centre

Security powerless against Drug-users & drunkards outside Sutton Job Centre 

I am unemployed – that’s not a secret!  My last employment was running a 3 year Charity project `Employment Training for Tamils’  – for South London Tamil Welfare Group ( Charity based in Merton Borough and going on for 25 yrs). My project had funding from LDA: London Development Agency, worth about quarter of a Million Pounds!  I was Project Coordinator, and managed the 3-year project – which had it’s own office/ training centre in Mitcham. That’s the background.

So earlier today, I went to hand my fortnightly Job search, and to `sign-on’.

And as I entered the Job centre building (Sutton, Surrey), I saw 3-4 people just outside it, with beer cans in their hands and something else.

As I entered I could smell `weed’ in the air. It’s blooming hard to miss – even for an asthmatic like me who suffers from hayfever and often has a blocked nose.

After handing my job-search document, I approached the Security Guards – and asked them politely if they could do something about the people smoking dope outside and drinking. I asked them how can we – the rest of us get on and build a good future, with this sort of things going on!

The Guards (whom I happen to suddenly notice were wearing the now infamous brand that supplies Security for the London Olympics!!) told me they can’t do anything, as it’s outside.  They told me perhaps I should pop into the Local MP’s office nearby and lodge the matter.

It is quite appalling – and terribly pathetic and a sorry state of affair- that literally a foot outside a government Office such as Job Centre, local people can stand and drink beer and smoke drugs!  They are laughing in the face of the law and the government and the system.

There is a punch-line to this account.

Few hours later, I got a call from one of the ladies from the Job centre – asking me questions on my Job search. I answered all her questions, explaining how I keep record of my searches, and even the self-employment efforts I am making. She wasn’t bothered about those matters. I said I can stop recording those aspects – which after all is something I am doing under the support of the government’s `Work Programme’.  I referred to her as `you have sent me to it, so am reporting’.   And she said it’s not her but the government that sends me to that.

REALLY? Come on. I have worked in the Home Office (Immigration) for a whole 6-7 years fielding inquiries from the public – inland and foreign and while we Civil Servants are on duty – we ARE the face of the government. Nothing personal.  We represent it.

I know that the Job Centre staff represent the government. Do they know it?

What a bloody system… It excretes on the people who strive to do the `right thing’ and yet turns a blind eye to those who buck , mock and f**k the system.  Yeah, am angry. I phoned the Job centre and complained about the Officer who not only was patronizing, but actually hung up the call on me.  I had to, because, otherwise, it will be her word against mine, and I’ll be the one getting vilified for some make-shift behavioral problems.