Saved a child’s life today

I was in Bush Hill Park (Enfield, North London) for my appointment with my Osteopath. Afterwards, busy sorting some letters, and was crossing the street - opposite the pub `Bush Hill Park'  next to the station by the same name, around 4.45pm. I'd crossed the road (one of those islands in the middle), and saw … Continue reading Saved a child’s life today

Mouse-Watch (penultimate chapter)

The ongoing problems of rodent in my room came to a conclusion last night - at last! Despite 3 of those electronic sonic repellers in my room positioned at various directions (more intricate coverage than a laser-scanned vault in a mission:impossible movie!), and traps etc, the little rodent has been still running about.  It was … Continue reading Mouse-Watch (penultimate chapter)

Pest control: Killer solutions

Just been to the hardware store to look for better mouse-killing solutions! And there's a whole shelf full of killing solutions- powders, portions and pellets - to get rid of many pests - from cats (yes Cats), squirrels, ants, snails, mouse, rats to insects, moles and of course weeds! Not just a shelf.. it's huge … Continue reading Pest control: Killer solutions