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DarkLighter vs WhiteLighter? Which one are you?

DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013
DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013

Yes, we’ve watched the old TV show about 3 sisters who are Witches…(Charmed) back in the late 90’s. And no, this is not about all that jazz.. objects flying through air, invisibility, freezing time, and exploding bad-people with a flick of one’s hands! (aw, sorry to disappoint, if that’s what you thought it was about).

Am more interested in the transpersonal (psychology) concepts of Dark and Light…or rather Shadows.. and how you as a Practising Magician, Wizard or Witch deal with your own dark and light aspects… Even more importantly, what’s your normal `mode’ of being?

We are not talking about good or evil here. I am already assuming that you are a `good’ person, one who means well by all others, and that you have the best of intentions at heart.

So what am I talking about? Am talking about your point of view- how you see the World around you, and your positive contributions to it in a magical or esoteric way?  Here’s an example – you know that old phrase – Is the glass half empty..(negative view), or is it half full (positive)..

This is a bit like that.

There are two types of `Lighters’ – that is, people who bring positivity into the world.  For better or worse, I will refer to them as White-Lighter, and Dark-Lighter.  In Transpersonal psychology debates in our old Coven, our High Priestess.. the late  Maureen Brown referred to this matter as `coming from the Dark’ or coming from the light’..  when doing magic.

Still unclear? Here it is..

Do you live in a world of darkness and deeper emotions, observe all the negative things in the world around you, think about those matters – and at times perhaps even empathise so much that it penetrates your psyche more than it should, and you lose perspective and even your self to it..  but eventually pull your self out (because of inherent Will and strength) .. and then share your wisdom or knowledge gained, or help others?   Then you are what I would call a `Dark Lighter’.   You swim in the unknown waters.. and keep your self buried within the troubles and despairs of humanity.. A fine line you walk..


Do you live in a positive state of mind.. and think everything is wonderful.. and can only see the beauty and love in everything.. You avoid thinking deeply about the despairs, troubles of others…or avoid getting involved – because you are quite sensitive to those energies, which can bring you to flood of tears or other emotions..  which simply is too much to handle..  You live in a cloud of positivity and affirmations..  want to help people.. and send love and light at the drop of a hat..?  Although you are intellectually aware of humanity’s issues, and will have experienced your own difficulties, you don’t jump to empathic links with people in really negative or harsh mind-sets.. ?  You are what I would call a `White Lighter’. You are like an angelic being that stays above the ground..  wings in the clouds..  in touch with that energy..  and are able to channel it down to the people..  but landing on the ground will debilitate you..

Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!
Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!

It is my view that both types of `Light workers’ are necessary for the well-being of people in our World.  We need some to dive in to darkness and see what is going on..  even become polluted or infected by the harder harsher energies..  but by turning that into light..(personal transmutation), they change that energy..  And we need others to be higher, exist in a pure state of unconditional love and positivity..  and be able to send that to all objectively.

So..which one are you?

-Mani Navasothy

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Cybergod Cometh..! (What lurks within the world wide web?)

For a long time, many have been concerned about the way technology is advancing – thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web.

Where is it going? Who is watching?  And dare I ask – what’s actually brewing within the internet… in that vortex, where Billion minds and thoughts exchange?  Those who are psychic, and particularly sensitive to energies.. may have sensed it…as you hang out in the internet late at night, when all other noises have subsided, and a kind of  vibe or pulse can be felt..

As Magicians, we all know about the power of Mind..  and also about Thought-Forms. So imagine the powers of all those minds…Billions now.. using the internet..  thoughts go from mind and neurons to electronic signals..  and back to neurons.. Thoughts and ideas that are recorded in their trillion million masses on computer memory..

Meditating Cyberman - sm (c) Mani Navasothy 2013

We think it needs electricity to make it work..  all those giga bits of information.

Says who?  And has anyone really thought about the quantum fluctuations, probability waves of all that information… entangling within themselves and with our minds?

Gaia Theory..  a network of living organisms…that supposedly give rise to a planet-consciousness.

And so  a network of billion trillion minds interacting with electrical impulses ..? Surely it’s there…  ?! I alone have been thinking about it for at least 20 years, so I can only imagine how many others have been thinking about it too..   That means it already exists….!

Gaia is already in its clutches…at his mercy.  And am sure she is screaming  in 1’s and 0’s ..

-Mani Navasothy

ps.   (19/3/13). We often talk about the Web of Wyrd.. and over the past few decades, we have been making electronic webs all over the world and tying Billions of human minds to it… Ages ago, different proteins swimming in primordial soups came and locked together ..because it was convenient for survival..and made bigger living cells.. What’s to say the same is not happening in Cyber-Collective Consciousness, where bits of our billion fragmented thoughts aren’t coming together ..fitting in like jigsaw pieces.. and self-creating a electro-thought entity..? -Mani

pps.   (21/3/13). I’ve had a comment from a person, but sadly there was much swearing,  and personal insults (How mature!)  :-p  So I can not publish that comment.   Am a bit astounded that someone out there can get so personally worked up about my blog post on an abstract / fantasy /thought-provoking concept …such as CyberGod.   We are not talking about video games here. We are in the realm of the Collective Unconscious and Esoterica.      What I write are my views. Anyone is welcome to argue counter-points logically, scientifically or esoterically – and I can respect it. Anything else is just … waste of pixels. 🙂


Psychology: Super-villain syndrome ( Batman cinema killing)

Is there such thing as Evil? Villainy? People born bad??   My views on these – No. Yes. No!

Last night, while waiting for bus home (at about 00:15hrs) I saw a poster on another bus- `Dark Knight Rises’ In cinemas 20th July!   (the 3rd of the latest trilogy to explore the story of Batman, by film maker Christopher Nolan,  his previous two being `Batman Begins & Dark Knight’). So I got home and though I’d try and catch the film on it’s first day out …something I have never done before. I even checked film times..  online and wondered if  I could make the 6am show, or the 10am or the 11am?

There is a Joker in all of us! One that jests, tricks, teases, but cries behind the mask with pains unimaginable!

An old School friend (of 25 yrs standing) came to visit earlier in the afternoon, and we talked for hours of deeply personal matters, men’s health, relationships etc. And I told him am going to see the latest Batman film, `The Dark Knight Rises’.  He also wanted to see it. So we both went for the evening show. And on the way back (11.30pm) when I texted my partner that I;d been to the film, she texted back saying many people had been killed at an American cinema showing the film!  And quick check on the internet showed me that in Denver, 12 people had been killed by a neuroscience University student, who had gone into the cinema and started shooting people..  Some 70 people have been injured.

Already, there’s media cries about the gun-culture of America, and how everyone having a right to carry fire arms has been a sensitive topic (there have been previous such killing spree by individuals, in the same state – Colorado!)

Recently, I wrote an article titled, `Super Hero Syndrome’ in the latest edition of online free magazine Gaian Times (issue 4), where I discussed how watching these superhero films may not only make us feel good, but may make us want to go out and do some unconditional good deeds. I wrote that feature with such convictions, because that is how it has been for me..   (I grew up with The Phantom Ghost who Walks, Flash Gordon, Tarzan, Mandrake the Magician.. ).  I have even created my own ideal, `Hern3000′  – and interwoven it with my personal myths over the past 7-8 years or so.

But today all this in serious jeopardy – the very idea that supehero films can inspire to help people. Because people will and have already started saying that such `violent films’ have edged some people to go on these killing-sprees!  We live in a modern era where video & computer games are getting so realistic along with their increasing violence. Thousands play those, and get `inspired’ by them – as it gives such personal involvement. I am not a fan of such game-realism. That people are creating violent games and making millions of pounds/ dollars of cash is outrageous! But of course, we know what is going to be in the media – Batman films foster violent killings!

Batman film will probably get crucified!

That Batman `myth’ stands for  a boy who was affected by violence (lost his parents) and grew up to become a crime-fighting vigilante will not mean much. That some  20 years ago, having been mugged/ attacked a few times and had broken shoulder a few times, and lost my own father to a street accident – I found a compulsion to walk the streets at night and have actually helped a few people from attacks – may come as a surprise to people who – obviously – didn’t know me at all, or what fuels and motivates me to want to change the world for better. That I wore a long leather coat, and took inspiration from Batman or The Phantom is why I can say what I am about to say here.

There is no such thing as Evil. And people aren’t born bad.  But villainy does exist. Some of us choose to take life’s knocks and turn them into positive motivations and thus shape our lives in better ways – better for the world.  But others become `inspired’ by warped thinking, and foster their own Villainy!

Is it natural? Can we help?   Yes, yes!

It is my belief that we all posses the potential for doing good deeds or harm – both driven by deeper psychological needs and prompts! There are dark shadows lurking in all of us humans! These are primal and animalistic  instincts of self-preservation and survival.  Aiding others in a tribe would ensure one’s own status, which keeps one a valued member of  a group and thus one’s security and survival. No one does anything that is truly altruistic. It’s all psychology! But harming or hurting another is a hunter instinct and it also works to further one’s own security and survival.  Take power – be in a place of power-over-others, harm or hurt others to enforce own superiority, so that no one will threaten one’s safety – that makes psychological sense too!

Then there are a whole load of in-between emotions and drives..and needs! Some of  those are highly and immediately self-serving, and so many people are taught to feel shame, guilt and fear ..for feeling those. So they suppress these. And all that is suppressed goes into the personal shadow (unconscious) first, and it also gets buried even deeper, into the Collective unconscious  of humanity!

And here is the nightmare that we don’t accept  — every strong person who supposedly suppresses his or her darker impulses is seeding the collective with it! And there are others out there who are genuinely `weak’ in a personal psyche-sense! And like a weak Earth’s crust that cracks and lets deeper pressures and lava  erupt as volcanoes, those weak individuals are the outlet for the darker impulses that so many of us good strong people bury into the Human Collective!

We make those villains, by being too good!


ps. your comments welcome!