Solstice 2020: Jupiter-Saturn ConjuncTion of 21st December!

If it ain't broke, break it anyway (and let Fate fix it!)Some thoughts on the `great conjunction' !! So now everyone's talking about the `great conjunction' Folks.. like I've e been saying since April'20.. the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (3 times). and the Jupiter sextile Neptune (3 times) and the Lunar and upcoming Solar Eclipses in Sagittarius … Continue reading Solstice 2020: Jupiter-Saturn ConjuncTion of 21st December!

Jupiter conjuncts Venus – 13th Nov’2017

Jupiter & Venus are said to be the most beneficial planets of all..and they conjunct today at 08:15am (GMT / UT) in the sign of Scorpio. Internet is buzzing with posts about observing this - here's some clear info. Jupiter & venus will be rising very close in the East at 5:58am GMT.   (if you … Continue reading Jupiter conjuncts Venus – 13th Nov’2017

Good News: Mercury goes direct (and Mars forms brilliant aspects)

Astrology is not always about `bad news' - and here's some excellent ones.. ! Mercury has been retrograding since late June'13 and today comes to be stationary in Cancer...and starts going direct!  This is good.. in case you have been one of those millions pf people experiencing wrangles in life, missed opportunities, arguments, mental stress, … Continue reading Good News: Mercury goes direct (and Mars forms brilliant aspects)

Sun conjuncts Jupiter TODAY (19th June 2013)

Guess what? Might Sun, centre of our Solar system is conjuncting with jovial Jupiter Gemini at 16:11 hrs (GMT)! This is a fantastic astrological aspect between two of the largest stellar bodies in our Solar system. Yes, it happens every year..   but this one is taking place in Gemini (28 degrees)..  so the … Continue reading Sun conjuncts Jupiter TODAY (19th June 2013)

Photo of Jupiter-conjunct-Venus (13March’12)

Hi all,  skies have been cloudy in London all night...but just after sun-set, I remembered to dash out and take some photos of the venus-jupiter conjunction.   I used a fujifil digital camera, set on 3megapixel. Camera mounted on a simple tri-pod, then set on 2 second timer.. to avoid hand-shakes!.    Did some close … Continue reading Photo of Jupiter-conjunct-Venus (13March’12)

Photo with Grand-trine data

Hi readers, Here's a graphics with all the useful information on the grand-trine taking place today/tomorrow, with times, so you can make use of it in your own esoteric / magical workings.    Good fortunes.  -Mani