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DrWho: CyberGenesis (new fan video production, London)

CyberGenesis - Broken Horn (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
CyberGenesis – Broken Horn (c) Mani Navasothy 2013
“Halloween! Windsor Great Park!! A shamanic group is performing a ritual to honour the Dead. A freak lightening has brought back something dead and forgotten..and it’s looking for the forbidden upgrade! The old myth of Hern the Hunter and his Wild Hunt is about to take a new twist..! ” (story by Mani Navasothy)

So are you a Doctor Who fan?    Have you watched all those fan videos on youtube?   Have you made any yourself?   so you make or wear your own costumes and run around with a SOnic screwdriver fighting doors..and the occasional Dalek or a shadow..or some memory being?   Do you walk past a statue of an angel and shiver ..just for fun?

Well, this news is just for you..!

This is one of the Doctor Who fan productions I’ve started work on..  and I’d love to meet up with fellow fans..who might like to get involved..

Big Question: Will I be in it?  Yes, probably..  Will I be playing the `Doctor’?   Big..No!  (May be the Valeyard or The Master..and no doubt a few monsters).

Thing is I will be writing., directing and producing …so better am behind the camera..or at home making props.  I’ve done video plays before…decades ago..with my cousins (they were more Blakes-7 style, and some thrillers). I’ve done audio plays with friends at school..  and for the past 7-8 yrs I’ve done numerous `public’ rituals..where I write lines and make masks..and people do them in festivals and pagan events.. I’ve also written many novels, short stories, sci-fi and all that..

But it’s time..to put all that creativity where it’s really supposed to be..  in making videos and films!  That’s been the secret passion for decades…

So here we are..!

3-4 stories are planned, and will be filmed and released in 2014..  as and when production completes! (It’s for fun, and depends on how many others get involved…acting, filming, editing, special effects, props, sets, transport to locations outside london, editing, music and so on..  !!)

Working titles are as follows  (not in any order)

  • Wounded Healer / Fractured Soul
  • Glastonbury Mystery
  • CyberGenesis
  • Dragons of London
  • Equinox / DarkLight

There is a story arc..but am not telling.. 🙂

So if interested in getting involved..  please contact me using the form below..   (Ig you have a video camera and can do second unit filming even better.. as it’ll save time..!)

Best Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Website:  Doctor Who Imaginarium

Last Night at Hern’s Tribe – Spring Ritual & Earth Hour photos

Few days ago I heard the frogs croaking from my garden pond during a rainy night.. Daffodil plans  were already coming out of the ground.. one even had a yellow flower.. We’ve just past the actual day of Spring Equinox – when the Sun enters Aries…   and suddenly, yesterday.. Snow has returned with a sudden vengeance.. all over UK.

It was going to be Hern’s Tribe’s outdoor Spring Ritual, and later ..we were going to observe Earth Hour – outdoors, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm local time.

(click on above thumbnail photos to see full picture.   More photos in HT facebook page).

But waking up to heavy snow that ..by noon had completely blanketed the ground was a worrying sign..  not for us `hard core’ members in Hern’s Tribe. We have been doing these outdoor rituals 6-8 times a year ..every year…for over 8 years now.  It was worrying because I knew that newcomers  will be put off by it.

But many of the core members did turn up..  as planned, at 3pm, got into the woods, set up sacred altar, set up a canopy (for a bit of cover.. at least to put our bags under), we even set up a fire (Thanks Ian Kelly – a wonderful task in snow with water logged branches!)..  and did the Spring Ritual.

We chanted the Hern-Chant in undulating harmony, consecrated ourselves with sage incense, sounds of bell, damp soil on palm.. We cast a sacred circle with a bone dagger (thanks Marcus, and his trusted dog Ruby for walking the circle!), and called the powers of Air, Fire, Water & Earth – the four elements. Then came the magic – around fire. To more chants, each member went to a private spot and took out a black & white crystal balls, and used it to balance his or her own dark & light energies ( Spring is the time of balance, as as it is at Autumn Equinox).  Cakes & wine were blessed and shared.

After some merriment, some members who had poor health, and those living far outside London left. Rest of us stayed on (plans for going to the nearby pub for a break were abandoned).   Few hours in snow in woods passed.

Then Earth hour approached.. Fire had managed to still be going ..with what little logs we had used.. Now in darkness, as out bodies were getting colder after 3-4 hours of being out in snow.. were needing what little warmth the small fire gave us.

We chanted Earth songs, spoke of friendships and kinship, danced around fire with lanterns, creating a circle of light, and poured love & light to Earth.

More shamanic changes started to happen afterwards – matters concerning shape-shifting …But that’s private – to know for the ones who had stayed.

We now look to Earth Day 2013.. only a month to go..  Do join us if you are in London. It’s going to be a wonderful day..   (am sure there’ll be no snow by then) 🙂

-Mani Navasothy


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Nature’s Fertility Dance: A Spring Equinox poem

Happy spring equinox wishes to all pagans, wiccans, witches, shamans, and magicians..

Technically, the Sun entered the sign of Aries at 5.15am (GMT) on 20th March’12…so it’s already equinox.. But traditionally everyone think sit’s 21st of March… Anyway, I was writing an invocation to the horned god, and this extra bit sneaked into my head..so wrote it off as a separate piece.. Am not used to doing `poems’ so go easy on me 🙂




Nature’s Fertility dance

Nights are clear, stars sparkle bright
Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars.
Potent planets of love, luck and Joy.
Sun rise at six o six, it’s Spring equinox,
Light grows strong, shadows sharp and long

Snowdrops now gone
Daffodils abound
Mighty Oak still asleep
But Willow sprouts green and weeps.

Cold Streams now trickle and flow
Meandering through grasslands low
Through mossy banks to muddy flaps
Housing freshwater shrimps and sticklebacks

Quacking ducks and squawking geese
Majestic Swans, moorhens and coots,
Weaving twigs and leaves
Into their floating nests with ease.

Birds, Bees, Toads and Trees
Dance, entranced to their primal needs
With racing hearts, pulsing groins.
Raging hormones, in their animal brains.

Wand to Cup, Male to Female
Dating, Courting, mating games
Ovum projects,
Phallus ejects
Sperm to the Egg,
Egg to the womb.
One cell into two, two into four
Four into eight, then sixteen and more
The embryo shall grow.
Encased in shell, skin, bark or brown scale
Feathered or finned, flesh, nail and claws
Spark anew, life it begins!

(c)Mani Navasothy.2012.

*Bright Blessings*