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Rebooting Earth? Life is continuous!!

Stop this Earth Re-boot bollocks! Life doesn’t stop-start!!

Folks..am hearing a lot of bull about planet booting up again. Do you hear the language and concepts you are using? It’ all tech-computer-machine-stuff. The planet and life are continuous.

As much as many can’t cope with the way things are and are secretly looking and wanting signs.. for some sort of global re-boot.. only machines can be rebooted. If you want that for life…it’s death and rebirth.. reincarnations .. There is no re-boot for Life. You are alive or dead.

Yes many processes and ways of our lives have come counter-productive and detrimental to Ecology & environment and whole of Earth.. Those things need to change. But no addict ever got better by going cold-turkey. Change that is sharp and sudden always has a potential for relapse. Only mindful gradual change can be sustained.

Secretly wishing that we are all some machines that need rebooting..is a stupidity that has been doing the new age/ spiritual circuits for some years now.. I get that the mind cam’t cope with some things and leaps into escapism.. And if you truly stop to examine this reboot phenomena.. that too is a whimsical escapist fantasy.

So stop this nonsensical way you are brainwashing yourselves.. Life is continuous on Earth. There is no re-boot. Yes we have crisis and catastrophes sometimes.. and even extinction-level events in the history of Earth.. like meteor strikes, super-volcanoes, polar-magnetic shifts, ice ages.. Plagues have never been extinction level events.. (but they do take a toll of millions or billions of lives).

Don’t let all this internet / tech-adapted talk infiltrate your mind and your human-thinking and feeling.. Don’t become human-machines. Don’t use machine/ technical language to subtly alter you. We are Life. We are not machines.

-Mani Navasoth


Astro-warning: Stressful week ahead due to upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto transit (20th May 2013)

Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013
Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013

I’ve written about the 7-part transit of the Uranus-square-Pluto transit occurring between 2012 to 2015.. (the 7 transforming waves).

We’ll, part 3 is about to take place on 20th May 2013.. (and part 4  on 1st November!).

Am sure may can ‘t have helped but already notice that the past 1-2 weeks have been getting edgier.. sudden disruptions, little things ending up causing big consequences or effects, stress and so on.. The next 6 days are going to see more of this in more or less every one of our lives.. as we get closer and closer to the energies of this Uranus-square-Pluto culminate ..on the night of Monday 20th May 2013 at 23:02 hrs GMT (UT).

Uranus is currently travelling through the sign of Aries, and Pluto is retrograding through Capricorn!  Sorry…it’s a double-whammy disruptions and chaos for Scorpio and Capricorn, and rather close and intensive time for Aries and Aquarius.  But pretty much intensive, ultimately transformative ..after a period of sudden disruptions …for everyone.

Issues regarding sex, secrets and obsessive habits, wrangles with technology and machinery, computers and internet, realms of the occult can all be part of the themes of issues that come up right about now. Power struggles, hidden or otherwise, fight for control or manipulative behaviour, sleepless nights with over active minds (and possibly inventions and innovations surfacing) will be some symptoms of deeper processes like the pressure of molten earth building towards a volcanic eruption.

As I said, it’s not the first or the last time.

To get a clue of what sort of issues may play to the surface in YOUR particular life, look back at what you were dealing with …last year  around about April -May 2012, and also around about late September to October 2012.   Those matters and issues, if they have not been properly resolved within your lives, will surface again.

But if all those have been explored in the recent 6 months, and you have been learning and transforming your life in many ways, then this wave will not have such a harsh disruptive effect on you ..   (though other issues may now surface).

Again, there will be a further phase of this in October, and more next year..

Trick is to really go deep with the issues that come up, and learn through and let your life be transformed..   and sooner you let that happen, the lesser these Uranus-Square-Pluto transits will smash over your body like giant waves  breaking over you from behind on a tempestuous beach, while you are standing there looking the other way!

Look at the sea, be aware of the wave that is coming..   and be prepared …as much as you can..

Running away is not an option..  because it’s a wave that will hit everywhere!

But then, if you look truthfully and deeply, you already know in your heart..what  am talking about.

Good luck.. for your transformation..  and may you shed the old skin and be reborn.

-Mani Navasothy


Astrology: 7 transforming waves of Pluto-Square-Uranus transits between 2012-2015

Pluto-square-Uranus transits (2012 to 2015)
7 waves of transformation for the World!

End of the World in 2012, when some mystical alignment comes to pass? That’s what many people have been thinking, or made to believe. Something about the Maya Calendar ending. !

About 4-5 years ago. while giving a talk on the 10 Incarnations of Vishnu at `Secret Chief’ , I  touched on the `End of the World’  from an astrological point of view . (Secret Chief is a fortnightly pagan social/ talk gathering in Central London, being run by my friend Michael Bingas, High Priest of Wicca).  It was purely accidental, but I got into looking at the western astrological transits for the year 2012, especially December. And I could not find anything that is cataclysmic in terms of transits.

Nearest thing I found was this Uranus-square-Pluto, and that was taking place earlier in 2012, not around December.  I  didn’t and still don’t think the World if going to end!  But seeing that Pluto and Uranus are grating with each other, I figured that sudden changes, disruptions, deep intense experiences, death & rebirth and effectively transformations are on the horizon. Well, that was 4-5 years ago.

This year, thanks to Jonathan Cainer  (Professional Astrologer whom I have been following for over 15 years) brought up the fact that the Uranus-square-Pluto transit was taking place 7 times..between this year (2012) and 2015.

Now that is something different. And requires more thought.  And I haven’t `thought it yet’.  I will post more when I have (just `follow’ my blog by putting your e-mail, to keep up to date).

Jonathan hasn’t said when these transits are, but being an astrologer, I finally sat down with a 50 year ephemeris (2000-2050) I flicked through the data, and located the dates when this Pluto-Square-Uranus transit takes place.

Here is that data – with date, and the degrees where Uranus (in Aries) & Pluto (in Capricorn) occupy for each of these events


24th June   (8’23”)

19th September (6”57″)


20th May (11’13”)

2nd November (9’25”)


21st April (13’33”)

15th December (12’35”)


17h March (15’19”)

and in 2016,  on 25th December’16, these 2 planets come to within 1’42” of one another. By astrological standards, that is quite a large separation for slow moving planets so it won’t `count’ but as far as I feel, that event may produce an echo of similar energies.

These are just the data, and I haven’t given the actual interpretations here yet.   Well, to get a sense of what these influences might man to you, look back at what has been happening ..in May/June of this year, and also July/August/September of this year.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and its transits and energies involve probing, uncovering secrets, exposure, deep obsessions of sexuality, power-seeking, manipulation, as well as the good stuff – death and rebirth through painful personal shifts, transformations, psychology.  In mythology, Pluto represents the God Hades of the Underworld! Pluto is the furthest planet in the Solar system, but a few years ago, Astronomers `demoted’ it and put it in the `dwarf planetoid’ category.  Astrologers don;t like it, and don’t really care, and will carry on treating Pluto as a planet and a strong influence in charts and people’s lives.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and brings energies such as innovation, technology, free thinking, rebelliousness, humanitarian activities, as well as the more difficult shocks, sudden disruptions.

So aspects involving these two are bound to have a feel of small deep triggers that explode into sudden large-scale events, which in turn change the norm for good. One example is Earth quakes (from a natural point of view), or an Atom bomb – where small deep and sudden events manifest huge changes!  (Now, I must point out, we have not had any high number of earth quakes & storms in the World this year – than in any other year on average. So this i snot how the Uranus-square-pluto is playing out!)

What I find fascinating, despite the painful personal-life events and resulting transformations –that I myself have been going through this year- is the fact that this transit is happening 7 times within a short space of  3 years (These are very slow moving planets, so this sort of transits don’t happen very often..and 3 years is `short time’ for such planets).

So over the next 2 and a half years (between now and March 2015) we and whole World are going to be under this influence. The gaps in between each of the transits of this Uranus-square-pluto is  3month, 8 months, 6 months, 5months, 8 months and 3 months.  And such influences take 1-2 months to build energy and then we’ll be recovering and adjusting for a few months afterwards. So it’s gong to be as if we are more or less living under this influence..  hit by their energies wave after wave.

And that – long term, sustained influence of a series of transformations – is how the World is going to change, and we will not recognise the World of 2016 from where we are now.  Think of the way Rockets take space capsules into orbits or to the moon or to other planets.  Each stage of the Rocket  propels the spacecraft further and faster through a process of sudden explosive increase, until the Craft reaches higher speeds.

Each of these Pluto-square-Uranus transits is like the different stages of propulsion, that – though challenging, intense and even painful – is going to push transformation of humanity.

-Mani Navasothy

Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013
Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013


 Full interpretation of *Uranus-square-Plutoe transit in a new blog post 

Saturn enters and transits Sagittarius (Dec’2014 to Dec 2017)

Astrological mine-fields: Pluto & Uranus transits 18th-29th September 2012

Storm warming!

18th September:   Pluto stationary

Pluto (in Capricorn) has been going retrograde and finally stands still (stationary) before beginning to inch forward. This cosmic gere change is going to be intense and jarring.  Smallest things can set people off..into biggest explosions. But as it’s a stationary-direct motion, it’s a brilliant time to do the `re-birth’, assuming people have been going through the `death’ (symbolically) already..  for Pluto rules death-rebirth and transformations.

19th Sept:  Pluto squares retrograde-Uranus

Okay this is ultra dangerous!  The bit I just said about pluto energy..smallest thing exploring..   well, this is what provides the fuel..or rather lights the fuse..or both!    Uranus rules sudden activities, shocks, changes, disruptions..as well as rebellious inclinations. It’s squaring Pluto.   This is predominantly the most disruptive force that can come close to the whole `end of the world’ triggers. Thankfully we are not at war..and no one (to our knowledge) has their finger on nuclear buttons..

 20th Sept:    Mercury squares Uranus    & Mercury opposes Pluto

Well, adding to the volatile mix of the above energies is the impulsive, silver but short tongue or fast-footed Mercury!   Another trigger…mis-communication! Big time.. Only blessing is that mercury is not retrograding.. but it can do plenty of harm..under this double interactions with the other 2.  It’s a day to go on a silent retreat…perhaps? Watch out for the mind playing tricks, or mulling too much on the past…or closing in on so much you feel your head will explode.   (I never write things I haven;t experienced..)

27th sept: Mars Squares Venus.  

Not exactly a walk in the park, even though the heavy weights Pluto & Uranus are not involved. This can hit the heart.  Relationship dynamics.. Sex related matters..  (well, all that pluto transits are still in the air.. especially for the next day!)

29th Sept: Sun opposes Uranus   & Sun squares pluto.

It’s as if the battle comes home! No where to run..  This is going to hit you, your vitality, health or energies.   Play it well, and resolve issues, and this has the potential to release huge energies within you…which you can tap for going forward. Miss the resolutions, and you may have to wait for the next such opportunity…and getting both together is not going to happen in many years. So be a Lion.. Fight the demons from the dark.. and free your self first..before rescuing the princess from some tower!


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