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Jupiter NOW (photo)

I was out looking for the Geminids Meteor shower..and thought as it’s a clear sky, will take a photo of Jupiter. (well the last  time I tried catching a meteor on my compact digital ..it took me many hours and I got one clip of one meteo..so wasn’t going to do all that tonight..)

Good news is, even before I had set up my tripod, I saw a meteor shooting past.. and within about 5 minutes I had seen about 7..and made 3 wishes (just to be safe..the same wish three times..  rest of the views were just for joy 🙂 )

So took this photo of Jupiter…easily the brightest object as you can see.. (my own astro chart calculations and mobile app confirms it).  You can spot the Orion the Hunter to the right..  (and just start to see the glow of the moon to the right – not on this photo).

I;ve marked one of the photos to show the objects..

Jupiter & Orion the Hunter. photo (c) Maani Navasothy 14Dec2013
Jupiter & Orion the Hunter. photo (c) Maani Navasothy 14Dec2013
Jupiter & Orion the Hunter - unmarked photo (c) Mani N'13
Jupiter & Orion the Hunter – unmarked photo (c) Mani N’13


Close up of planet Jupiter (14Dec2013)  (c) Mani Navasothy
Close up of planet Jupiter (14Dec2013) (c) Mani Navasothy

-Mani Navasothy

Eclipse Magician & Stargazer 🙂


Clip of Meteor (August 2013)

The Geminids Meteor Showers -peaks 13th Dec’13

Geminids Meteor showers 13Dec13 (c) Mani Navasothy
Geminids Meteor showers 13Dec13 . photo/art (c) Mani Navasothy

Quick one..!   Geminids Meteor showers are of the more prolific ones..   And as it gets cold and skies get clearer in Winter, there’s more chance to see it.. BUT we are also coming up to a full moon in a few days so..  we’ll see what we can see.

“Radiating from near the bright stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini the Twins, the Geminid meteor shower is one of the finest meteors showers visible in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere. The meteors are plentiful, rivaling the August Perseids, with perhaps 50 to 100 meteors per hour visible at the peak. Plus Geminid meteors are often bright, so, if there’s a bright moon, many meteors may be able to overcome the harsh moonlight. These meteors are often as good in the evening as in the hours between midnight and dawn. In 2013, a bright waxing gibbous moon will interfere with the Geminids throughout most of the peak night. Your best bet is to watch on the mornings of December 13 and 14, from moonset until dawn.”

-Mani Navasothy

ps. my 333rd blog post in it’s 3rd year 🙂

Ref: http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide#draconids

Christmas Astrology – December 2013 (Warnings & Assurances)

Jupiter trine-saturn 13dec13 (c) Mani NavasothyWell, it’s nice to be returning to doing astrology post again 🙂 I’ve missed it.   and here it is ..the influences of stars and planets over the coming 15+ days (between now and end of 2013).

The big news is that on the key dates around Christmas and New Year’s eve, some intense stressful aspects are taking place. Thankfully this is inter-spaced with some other enhancing positive aspects..   And this time, while keeping to the basic rules of astrological interpretations, am also going all `intuitive’.

So let me know how these coming days pan out..in particular to my forecasts (and fore-warnings)..  and that will help refine my work 🙂

Remember, sometimes, I am deliberately cryptic – So just let these forecasts wash over you..and that’ll do the trick (knowing too much can influence the natural outcome..and even mess things up! Better to let your subconscious know and work it out..)

Here it is..

13th Dec – Jupiter trines  Saturn.  Jupiter’s expansive powers combine harmoniously with Saturn’s authoritive and foundation laying energies.  Very good for making future plans!  Sagittarians, Capricorns, Cancerian and Scorpios get the full blast..but all of you have access to this in one area of your life..  depending on where these two planets are currently positioned in your personal chart.

15th – Mars semi-squares-Saturn – Slightly stressful for Aries & Capricorn people. Small chisel scraping at large rock is the imagery. Initially doesn’t seem possible to shift, but it will chop away the stone.

17th – Uranus goes direct (in Aries), and Mercury semi-sextiles-Saturn. Finally, Aquarians and Aries people can start to breath a sigh of relief , as Uranus that has been going backwards in Aries goes direct.  All the disruptions and changes should reduce..well the stressful ones.   That said, there are some harsh aspects coming in next few days that will affect these two signs.      Mercury semi-sextile Saturn affects Geminis, Virgos, Capricorns, Sagittarians and Scorpios. It’s a mild positive one..for good communications!

December 2013- challenging days forecast (c) Mani navasothy
December 2013- challenging days forecast (c) Mani navasothy

20th – Sun semisextiles Venus – Another mild positive one influencing us all – tap into the soul-filling energies of the Sun and socially enhancing Venus..but hurry…because…

21st (Yule)- Venus begins retrograde in Capricorn. yes, Social and love-planet Venus is now starting a period of retrograde motion in Capricorn..and on the day of Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) when Sun enters Capricorn.  Taureans, Libras and Capricorns are going to feel this the most.. As with retrogrades, lost roads will be found, but only after backtracking and some struggles.. Winter Solstice may not turn out to be what everyone expects.. full of jollity and laughs.  For Capricorns, its a mixed one of mighty sun coming to their home, but current guest Venus is going into a room and being a bit unsociable..(after saying a quick hello to the Sun at the door only a day before).

23rd – Mercury semsextiles Venus. – Mildly positive.    It’s as if Mercury is knocking at the door of the room where Venus has gone into.  Bit of smooth talking will make her smile.. So where in your world can you do that..to lighten a mood?  

24th -Sun sextiles Neptune.   A positive day..   for Leos,  Pisceas and Capricorn.

25th – Mars opposition to Uranus – Christmas Day..  and as if the usual stresses aren’t enough, the planets add some more, unfortunately, and quite a grating one at that!   Mars with it’s fiery energy is forming this stressful square with Uranus who brings chaos and disruption..  mainly to Aries, Aquarians and Librans to some degree..(and yes, to all the rest of you!)  One good news is that this happens in the morning (8am)..so by middday, if you keep making the effort and not be carrying what has happened the night before or even the morning, you’ll still `save Christmas’ !!    Although there’s a mild stressful energy of the next day permeating ..there is also a blessing there…

26th – Sun semisquares Saturn, and Mercury sextiles Neptune.  The mild-stressful energy between Sun and Saturn will challenge traditions and authorities of the past (what better day than the day after Christmas?).    But softness of the heart and kindness that can be expressed will help lessen the problems.. Mercury is forming a positive sextile with Neptune..    Capricorns will be affected mostly, and Leos, Geminis, Pisces of course.

27th – Mercury semisquares Saturn – Not letting up yet am afraid.  This mild stressful aspect between communicative Mercury and authoritive Saturn can be diffused by looking at what other signs are involved.. Mainly Capricorn (where mercury is) and Scorpio (where Saturn is).  Mountain goats are incredibly resilient creatures..  (so we think Sea-goats too might be)..  and something stirs in the depths!

29th – Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Mercury squares Uranus.  Incredibly positive on the one hand — as Sun & Mercury combines their energies in Capricorn. If you are tired of talking by now, think about Commerce..and local travel!  The tough one (square) between Mercury and Uranus indicates trouble for Aquarians..  smallest lie may become the biggest cause of the fall.. So don’t!    Time for some open communication..  and to absorb the ideas and innovations that are spilling out of the mind..

30th – Sun squares Uranus- Not a good one  for Leos and Aquarians (ruled by the Sun and Uranus). Also affects Capricorns (where Sun is).  Squares force you to take action rather than endure. So take constructive action, to minimise the disruptive influences.  The energy of this will have started brewing a day or two before..

31st – Mercury squares Mars, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and Mars squares Pluto . The year ends with two squares..  That’s quite a bit of stress!!   Heated debates could end in aggressive actions…for Geminis, Virgos and Aries.  Alternatively, too much thinking can do the same..   The square between Mars and Pluto is going to make everything very intense.. It may even be that a small precise action will trigger a large transformation..   The combined energies of Mercury with Pluto (positive) indicates a message might be the one to trigger it.  It’s going to be a tough but transformative day for Aries people.

Something will die..and something will be reborn..   Just as it should be…it’s New Year’s eve after all..

**UPDATE**:   Forecast for NEW YEAR’s Day 1/1/2014..   Click here to read latest blog

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Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

ps. I’ll be giving an astrological over-view of 2014 in the forthcoming issue of `Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine. It will then be posted here in my blog.


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