Jupiter NOW (photo)

I was out looking for the Geminids Meteor shower..and thought as it's a clear sky, will take a photo of Jupiter. (well the last  time I tried catching a meteor on my compact digital ..it took me many hours and I got one clip of one meteo..so wasn't going to do all that tonight..) Good … Continue reading Jupiter NOW (photo)

The Geminids Meteor Showers -peaks 13th Dec’13

Quick one..!   Geminids Meteor showers are of the more prolific ones..   And as it gets cold and skies get clearer in Winter, there's more chance to see it.. BUT we are also coming up to a full moon in a few days so..  we'll see what we can see. "Radiating from near the … Continue reading The Geminids Meteor Showers -peaks 13th Dec’13

Christmas Astrology – December 2013 (Warnings & Assurances)

Well, it's nice to be returning to doing astrology post again 🙂 I've missed it.   and here it is ..the influences of stars and planets over the coming 15+ days (between now and end of 2013). The big news is that on the key dates around Christmas and New Year's eve, some intense stressful … Continue reading Christmas Astrology – December 2013 (Warnings & Assurances)