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Horns & Crowns – A Pagan Picnic in Richmond Park (SW London) 19May18

Something Royal is happening in Windsor.. And the media will be in full throttle about it. If you like to get away from it..and escape to one of the Royal parks in London.. and hang out with like-minded Pagan & Magical folks.. this is the event for you.

Richmond - Crowns & Horns picnic

Come dressed in your flower crowns..and Horned head-dresses..or just outdoor attires.. Bring your ground sheets, food, drinks and picnic.. Bring your sun lotions & insect sprays.. Flasks of coffee & Tea..or cash for the cafe where you can get snacks..

Free carpark & toilet facilities in Richmond  Park.

Hopefully we’ll spot some deer too..

  • Saturday 19th May 2018.
  • Duration: 12pm to about 4pm.
  • Venue : Richmond ParkThe plan (approx):1. We’ll meet at Richmond station foyer coffee shop.. (12pm). Take bus 371 to Richmond Gate. (stop at `American University’ then 3 min walk).2. At Richmond Gate (1.00pm), we’ll walk up to `Pembroke Lodge’ (car park/ cafe/ toilets) ..gather others coming by cars..then walk on to a spot for picnic. If you are coming by cars, you can park here and wait for us to arrive ..Safety with Deer / wild life:Observe a safe distance from any wild animals like Deer. This is NOT rutting season so they are usually not aggressive…But be safe. Also be less intrusive..and not spook them. After all Richmond park is a wild life sanctuary for them.

Historical note: We first ran a `Stag Watch’ event for Hern’s Tribe on 29th October 2012–

Bright Blessings . `May Hern protect us’

-Mani Navasothy

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Horns & Crowns – A Pagan Picnic in Richmond Park (SW London)

Saturday, May 19, 2018, 12:00 PM
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Deers of Richmond Park London (Photos & info)

As a Pagan and one who magically attunes with the `Horned God’ energies (of Hern the Hunter, Cernnunos Lord of the Beasts/ animals), I often find it enjoyable to visit Richmond park, and just wander through – and observe the Deer. Granted they are in a managed park (Richmond is one of the Royal parks of London), the deer are free to roam and do what they like!

Here are some hi-resolution photos of the Deers of London’s Richmond Park – taken about a month ago, a few hours before sunset.

to pose or not to pose
Deer in Richmond Park (photo~ Mani Navasothy)

Rutting stags

In early Autumn (September and October) they begin their rutting – where male deer (Stags) begin their courting behaviour – first eating a lot in the weeks leading to this period, putting on a lot of body mass, and then herding and rounding up a large number of female deer to mate with (his Harem).  During this time, the Stags do become highly agitated and can charge at people or animals (dogs) if they go anywhere near the herd. It’s a pure and simple territorial act!

Those other stags that do not have a harem of female deer do try to sneak into already rounded up female groups – when the Stag of that group is distracted or drifts out a few yards. But then the leading Stag will charge and antlers get locked.. and often the intruding stag(s) are chased out. During the rutting season, the leading Stags make a lot of growling sounds. They do not eat much, and expend their energy in mating and defending his herd.  (and by the end of the rutting season, his body mass goes down!)

Int the light
Into the Light? Deer in Richmond Park (Photo ~ Mani Navasothy)


In Richmond, towards the end of Autumn, planned and managed culling (killing) occurs – where Rangers and trained gunners select a percentage of deer to kill.. so that the park can continue to sustain the deer population. During the culling weeks, the park is closed early (culling takes place after hours!) People are not advised to be in the park lest they get shot by mistake!

How to get to Richmond Park

  • Richmond Park is in the South West part of London. There’s a main Railway station (Richmond) that has both british rail (from Clapham Junction take the trains towards Reading..)  and also the underground tube trains (District line going from London Victoria station)).
  • Once at Richmond station, come out, and within few steps, you’ll find bus stop (same side as station).
  • Take the Route Bus 371 from Stop: E  towards Kingston. (buses every 8-10 mins)
  • Travel  in bus for about 15 mins. Get out at `American University’ stop.
  • Walk forward on the same side for 3-5 minutes, and turn left at main junction (Land mark: Star & Garter nursing home)…and you’ll arrive at `Richmond Gate’ of the park. (The park has many `gates’ )

I’ll be adding more photos, video clips and sound clips soon ..  (ones I have been filming & recording for a number of years!)

-Mani Navasothy

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Hern’s Tribe – outdoor ritual group with Hern – Hunter-Horned God as main focus  All welcome to Hern’s Tribe seasonal rituals

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Stag divisions
Stag Divisions! Deer in Richmond Park (Photo ~ Mani Navasothy)

Earth Day 2013 in London: Come walk with us in Richmond Park

Earth Day 2013 - Silent walk in Richmond park
Earth Day 2013 – Silent walk in Richmond park

On Monday 22nd April’13 – Earth Day – some of my friends from magical groups and I are going for a simple walk in one of London’s well-preserved woodlands  – Richmond Park in South West London. It has lakes, small ponds, some streams, all sorts of trees..and of course lots of Deer.

Purpose: Our aim is to have a mindful silent walk through a nice natural woodland. During the walk, we all make a point of not talking and disturbing each others’ thoughts. Some people may be in a meditative state, as they walk. During the walk, each person may wish to attune themselves to the energies of the woods, and to Earth itself..  It is about observing and being part of nature, without interfering with it too much.

Meeting point & Time:  We are meeting at `Richmond Gate’ at 1pm. Just get through the gate, and look to the immediate left..  We’ll gather in that area.  After initial meeting & greeting, and a quick talk-through (there are toilets nearby too) – we will set off on a 30min- 45min silent walk.

If you don’t know how to get to `Richmond Gate’ – you can meet some of us at Richmond rain station (served by Trains & tubes) between 12.15pm to 12.30pm.   We will stand by the coffee shop.  We’ll gather anyone new, and step outside the station to take a bus to Richmond park. The bus journey takes about 15 minutes.. but we may need to wait for it.  Only one bus goes past Richmond Gate (ask for the `American University’ stop..  then walk forward and turn left..).

Because of other meeting up at Richmond gate at 1pm, we can not wait longer than 12.30pm by the station. Please be on time. In the past, we’ve waited for people, but that has only upset the people who turned up on time and had to waste time waiting.

Activity:   Once a quick explanation of what we are going to do is done, we’ll simply get walking. I will lead everyone through a particular path.. to a nice fairly quiet location..  (this is a `real’ Path-Walking). Once in that spot, we can sit in silence for a further few minutes – and break silence. We will then have a small social picnic – (bring your own picnic, packed lunch, flask of coffee etc – for your self, and if you really are okay..something to share. But not essential).

We’ll then have a more talkative walk back to the exit.

I can not really restrain this free-flowing event with an end-time restriction. I would say allow about 2 hours at least ..and may be more if you wish to socialise with others.

Hope to see you there..

-Mani Navasothy


Concrete & Dog-Rubbish inside Ancient Oak Trees in Richmond park

Dog rubbish inside Oak tree in Richmond Park, London

I was in Richmond park earlier today, doing some photography, as well as some magical work this afternoon.. and I was utterly dismayed to come across some unsavory rubbish – not just in the usual places (in fact no rubbish in the usual places)…but INSIDE some very old Oak Trees!

I love ancient oak trees – especially the ones with a hollow central part.  Most old Oaks have it.. but if the outside bark is complete..then we never see the hollow inside section.  As part of natural wear and tear, parts of the outer bark drops off, and `an opening appears’..  This,over time widens (especially if people and or animals go in and out often and chip bits of the edge off).

Those hollow oaks are magical places- sacred temples. I mean, how often does a human get to be inside another living being – after birth?  Think about it – we all were inside our mothers’  wombs – and once born, we never can go back..  and we don’t ever get inside another living creature in our lifetime – unless of course, we can  step inside a hollow living oak tree!

So today, I was exploring and came across one hollow oak – that had  large chuck of bricks & concrete block – someone had places inside (possibly as a seat?)…and I managed to move it out and chuck it far away from the tree…and later, I found another hollow oak tree with a small plastic bag – of dog excretion!   Honestly- people who walk their dogs in these conserved Royal parks..   could easily carry their dog excretion and put it in special bins..  Why just dump in the woods? and why – or why put it inside a hollow oak tree?

It’s already very bad to have any sort of carnivore excretion introduced to the Richmond  park..  The excretion contains chemicals and substances that are not local to the Richmond park habitat, and it introduces unwanted ecological (bacteria) intruders …which can upset the food chain, cause bugs to grow and even cause diseases to the local wild life such as Deer (300 Re deer and 350 fallow deer live in Richmond).

Am not making any of this up.  All this information comes from notices in the park itself.


So…doggie-owners – do nature a service – don’t put ya dog-crap in the park..and certatintly, don;t be so bloody lazy and hide it inside trees!  That’s the worst thing you can do to those trees..(putting infection right inside them!)

-Mani Navasothy


HT Stag-Watch at Richmond park (and full moon walk)

HT Stag-Watch at Richmond park (and full moon walk)

A spontaneous outdoor event.. with less than 1-day notice!
It’s the rutting season for Deer all around the country (where dominant Stags round up female deer, and fight-off other stags!). We’re off to Richmond park for a careful and non-intrusive watch of this..and to experience the energies.. all under a bullish Taurean the full moon!

No mess…no fuss event. Just meet us by Richmond Station coffee shop between 3 pm- 3.15pm (we can’t wait after that), or get to Richmond Gate of the Park by 3.30pm… Look for Mani & Marcus (and Ruby the dog!).

Wrap up warm.. it’s cold..it might get wet. and you’ll enjoy it if you bring your own hot drink in a flask!

No ritual.. just a friendly walk & conversations …starting at Dusk .. We’ll end the walk latest by 7pm at Richmond Gate..

come join us and tune into the wild energies of Rutting Stags! It’ a must for every Pagan who worships a Horned God! 🙂

check out Hern’s Tribe page on facebook.. search for Hern’s Tribe ( we have a page & a group)