e-Witch Apprentice Course

The e-Witch Apprentice Course ..was created almost a year and a half ago..by me.. (Autumn 2011).  Here are some details that were in my blog site previously (taken off on 6th March), and now have been added as a sub-page of `Paganism & Magic' page.  (reorganising my blog).  Look out for some exciting development about … Continue reading e-Witch Apprentice Course

Wiccan laws and principles

Having written quite critically about some aspects of the Wiccan Laws, I wanted to illustrate 3 fundamental laws that nearly all wiccans accept and use in their lives. No just Wiccan, but even pagans (in general) use these.. So here's an extract from one of the e-Witch Apprentice modules.  "Know Thy Self  `Know Thy Self’ is … Continue reading Wiccan laws and principles

Jupiter-Moon-Venus photo

Two days ago, I was out in the local park, doing some filming (some video tutorials for the e-witch course). And on my way back home, looked up and saw the crescent moon & venus, and a little further away the planet Jupiter. I was able to identify them as such because the ephemeris gives … Continue reading Jupiter-Moon-Venus photo