Happy 3rd Birthday to Gaian Times!

Well, that sneaked up on me ...the 3rd birthday of Gaian Times! The idea of a free magazine..  exploring Sciences & spiritualities, Ecology & technology, psychology & logic..  had been in my mind for a few years..and I finally took a leap and made an application to Companies House..back in 2011, to make it a … Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday to Gaian Times!

Eco-Campaigns with E.I.A (Environmental Investigation Agency)

It is quite amazing that there are so many things that matter to me which I have yet to write or talk about, or share with family & friends. Blogs are wonderful for such sharing. One such area of my life involved me being a member of the Eco-campaign and activism charity called E.I.A (Environmental … Continue reading Eco-Campaigns with E.I.A (Environmental Investigation Agency)