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Earth Hour London 2019 – Candle-lit Walk & Eco-ceremony

Our annual eco-event in London to observe Earth Hour!The idea is to switch off all non-essential electric appliances, lights.. So what better than to get to the park…some green space..and be in candle-light…with like-minded friends? !!

Earth Hour walk 2019

In the past we have facilitated a Candle-lit walk along the river Thames. But since 2015, we have been in local woods for this. But nwo for Earth Hour 2019, we are back to candle-lit walk along river Thames! .

• Date: Saturday 30th March 2019
meeting point: at 7pm, Meet outside the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We will be walking towards OXO Tower and Gabriel’s Wharf, where we’ll have a small Earth Hour Ceremony at 8.30pm.

*BRING LANTERNS & candles in jam-jars.
*Bring food & drinks to share for a night-picnic by Thames
*Bring sheets to sit on (we’ll be sitting on the ground/ grass).
*Be Ready to sing Earth Songs

Earth Song video:

-Mani Navasothy

Earth Day 2018 – woodland walk, family picnic & eco ceremony

22nd April is `Earth Day’ – every year!
So join us on this special day.. for a woodland walk, family friendly social and Eco-ceremony ! Takes place in Trent Park- one of London’s biggest woodland areas open to all.. with acres of space, free car park, cafe, toilet facilities.
Earth day 2018 Trent park
Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters (Piccadilly line, north London)
Meeting Point: Trent Park Cafe, Barnet EN4 0JY, UK.
Google map link for meeting point: https://goo.gl/maps/NJwkrwNDMiF2
There is a proper toilet & cafe and car parks. Children can play in play area.
Location: From Cockfosters tube, the `Cocfosters Gate of Trent park is only 5 minutes walk. We will be in the field immediately to the right..when you enter the park.. Cafe etc is further ahead.
We have 2 key activities – join the one you prefer.
Part 1. (11.45am to 3pm)
Woodland Walk – from Trent Park Cafe to Camlot Moat & back. The `Enfield Town Circle’ of friends are planning this walk..but all welcome of course. There will be a 5-10 minute `Singing around a Tree’ (Globally synced event) at 12pm – to be facilitated by Lina-Star Spyrou.
Please be on time, as we begin with the 12noon sing-around tree, then commence long exploratory woodland walk to Camlot Moat and back. Expected to take 3hrs+. We will be going at a reasonable steady pace. May not be suitable for everyone as the terran can be difficult at some spots, where we may need to crawl through small spaces, as well as past bramble, muddy patches, roots and other woodland natural hazards. We are not sure if this is suitable for those with walking difficulties, breathing problems, push-chairs, wheel chairs.
Part 2: (3pm to 5pm+)
This is a family-friendly all abilities event – Bring your picnic . Bring blankets to sit on. Bring your drums and other acoustic musical instruments.
There will be a small Eco-ceremony at some point when all have gathered.
Exact location: We will be gathering in the small field closer to the main gate (Cockfoster Gate, Cockfoster Road). Enter the park.. walk past a pond that is on your right. Then turn right into the field …We’ll be there. Look out for groups of people.. Earth flags etc.
Drug policy:
This is a family friendly event. So please refrain from taking any drugs.. for the comfort and ease of everyone present. Thank you.
Safety / Children:
Parents & Guardians are responsible for their own children’s’ safety. Please be aware, there will be dogs in the field. There will be strangers. There will also be ritual items on altar – so do not let children play with such items.
Photography / Privacy:
People will be taking photos and or making some mobile cam filming. We are in a public park, so total privacy can not be guaranteed.
Please Bring:
• Drums & Musical instruments
• Bring family & friends (all religions welcome. This is about Earth).
• Bring eco-magical banners & posters to showcase and charge up with energy for your campaigns
• Bring crystals & ritual items for altar
• Bring plenty of Food & Drinks to share
• Bring ground sheet / blanket or folding stool (for yourself)
What you can do:
Please share this event and promote Earth day & Eco-Activities.
Weather: We can’t predict the weather but we’ve always carried an event, no matter what nature decides to do on that day. 🙂
History: Earth Day 22nd April- has been celebrated and marked by people of the world for over 40 years (since 1971). It provides a focus for hundreds of initiatives and activities.. from Eco-based fundraising, environmental campaigns, creating educational activities for those unaware of Earth’s ecological & environmental problems.. to magical or spiritual ceremonies to connect with Gaia“ the earth goddess/ spirit!
– Mani Navasothy
 link to meetup event

Earth Day 2016 – Evening walk & candle-lit picnic in Richmond Park

Dear all, nearly all of you know.. am big on  Gaia, and Eco-matters.  And there’s nothing more significant a date that `Earth Day’ (happens every year 22nd April).    I’ve been holding outdoor ceremonies for Earth day for many years..   ever since i became aware of it via the late Jean Williams (more on her in another post).. Some know I have organised 3  `Gaia Conventions’ (via Pagan Federation London) many years ago..(and plan to hold one later this year).

Earth Day 2016- 21april16

For the past 2 years, we have been meeting in Richmond park on the Earth day itself – for meditative & magical work. This time, we’re scheduling in a later evening meeting.. to take a quieter walk in the wonderful Richmond Park.. We’ll stroll through.. take some sights of the Deers and oaks.. and settle down for a candle-lit picnic.. and if the mood takes us…perhaps a Full moon ceremony!

Update: This event takes place on the day *before* Earth day…ie on 21st April 2016.

This is a `quiet’ event.. no loud drums.. invocations etc. we’ll be mindful and unintrusive of the wild life and enjoy the stillness of evening..and the depth of magic.

Note: Main gates for cars close at dusk.. but pedestrian gates will be open..so we can walk out any time.


Once initial meeting/ greeting is done, we’ll set off on a gentle exploratory walk..  Once we find a suitable spot,  we aim to use locally found organic items, twigs, branches, leaves..logs…to create an Earth Altar/ Eco art. There will then follow a meditative session (15 mins), followed by a late-evening woodland picnic of snacks & wine / drinks.

If we spot large groups of Deers (as often it happens), we will adjust our plans accordingly.. and flow with nature 🙂

What to bring:

• Please wear really sensible cloths – warm, water proof & shoes/boots.

• Bring some food & drinks to share

• Bring a rose quarts or clear quartz to hold during meditation.

• Bring any magical talismans, shields, dreamcatcher type items.. to place around altar area

• Any special Goddess images/ statues

(you will take your own items back home).

Directions / travel

We’ll meet meeting by `Richmond Gate’ (either get there by bus from Richmond town centre.  (Do not come by car as main gates close at dusk..and  any cars inside will be locked in.   Been there done that!! So take my word for it!)


We can not know what the weather is going to be like..   Come fully prepared.   (Yes, it REALLY DOES get cold when you sit down and don;t move for 15 minutes.  ** Please take our experienced advise- wear warm cloths, no matter how `warm; it may be in the day/ afternoon!**

Check back few days before event for any changes / updates .

-Mani Navasothy

ps.  here is my meetup page at London Woodland Witches…for this Earth Day event. Feel free to join it and keep up to date with our plans.

EarthDay2016 – Evening walk, candle-lit picnic & full moon ritual -Richmond Park

Thursday, Apr 21, 2016, 7:00 PM

Richmond Park, Richmond Gate
Richmond Hill TW10 6RP Richmond (Surrey), GB

29 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

For the past 2 years, we have been meeting in Richmond park on the Earth day itself – for meditative & magical work.   This time, we’re scheduling in a later evening meeting..  to take a quieter walk in the wonderful Richmond Park..  We’ll stroll through..  take some sights of the Deers and oaks.. and settle down for a candle-lit picnic.. and if th…

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