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Love & Light: The magical art of sending healing

Love & Light - The art of sending Healing
Love & Light – The art of sending Healing

Have you heard the phrase `Love and light’?  Have you been in a personal vulnerable situation and others have said they will send you love and light? Or have you found out that someone you know is in a bad situation.. illness, emotional problems, family difficulties, or even.. dying.. – and your heart goes out for them to be better…and you said you are sending them love and light?

Am sure, at some point in our esoteric, magical, spiritual or psychic lives, we have come across this phrase – and the act itself.

But have you wondered what is it? How is it done? Do you know? did you know?

It is admirable, compassionate and divine of anyone to want to send any sort of positive love and healing energies to another human being, or indeed to another living creature – animals, plans  etc. At  the heart of it is our urge, need and ultruistic impulse (even divine) to want to help another, to ease another’s pain or suffering..and make their lives better – even by a fraction!

BUT – what are you sending? And how are you doing it?  And worse- are you aware of the pitfalls and dangers within this?

Let me set aside the whole issue that disbelievers will raise- that Healing is not real; that psychic powers are not real; that magic is not real – and all those who think they are practicing these are just frauds or delusional.  I am going on the proviso that it IS all real. I merely wish to shed more light on to this subject, so that you, me and anyone involved in the art of sending Love & Light can do it well!

As as  said, compassion, divine or higher self within us, and or altruism propels us to want to send Love and Light and..healing in general!

Are you in a muddy pool or a clear pond? (The dangers!)

I have seen – in internet groups, magical communities – people who post about the troubles they are having..  and the next minute, when someone else talks about their problems, they are offered Love & Light.  This alarms me. (For my part, if I am in a `bad place’ I have never offered any such magical love and Light).

If you are swishing about in waist high waters of mud and dirt, you are not clean – and you can not hope to be cleaning anything or anyone else! The first act is to get out of the dirt or mud that you find yourself in – then do something immediate about cleaning the dirt and mud off your self, before setting about cleaning anyone or anything else.

The same applies to psychic practise – and in this particular situation- to sending Love, Light and any sort of healing energy to another person.

If you are in an emotionally charged situation ( personal challenges, problems, worries, difficulties, anger, frustration, sadness etc) – you should NOT be even attempting to send any sort of magical or psychic energy to anyone else. Despite your best intentions, you are standing in a muddy pond! Get out of it first!  Actually, you are the muddy pond – empty those from you first, take in fresh waters…! Then think about bathing anyone else in clean waters.

Otherwise, you are just (knowingly or unknowingly) bathing the other person with your own muddy dirty waters!  You are in danger of making their problem worse – despite your best intentions.

Are you in a `good place’  first?

This is easier said  than done. But we can try.   Often there are moments in any of our lives, we do feel positive and reasonably well – even if there are mountains of challenges and emotional problems we are facing. The time to send any sort of Love, Light and Healing will be one of these highly positive, clear moments.

It must also be said, that sometimes, people may not face or deal with own problems, but when it comes to other people’s problems, they are able to have some clarity and detachment to be able to help.

But here again is another pitfall – Transpersonal Projections!  This is the psychological notion – that what people hide or suppress within themselves – wants, needs, whims, shadows- they `project’ on to another person. or `see it’ in another person! So if you are suffering a particular type of personal problem, chances are – unless you are not only aware of it, but are consciously dealing with it – you may be projecting that issue onto others!  (For example, if you have control issues, you may be always accusing other people of being `so controlling’, and if you suffer from depression, you may think or `recognise’ that others in your life are also suffering the same).

Spiritual work helps

So how can you get your self into a `good mental or emotional’ place first?

I have found that doing genuine spiritual work – without any sort of attached agenda is highly valuable in this.

Doing regular meditation (the practise of clearing the mind of all thoughts and emotions) is a very good one (easier said than done). In the early stages, people involved in such meditations continue doing so..   just to experience a few seconds of such a `clear’ state.   And with more regular practise, those few seconds can start to stretch to few minutes.

Visiting places of worship – temples, prayer rooms, group meditations – and partaking in group worship and prayers also helps – because you are attempting to connect or appeal to a larger, divine being(s) (god, goddess). Further more, you are in a room full of people all involved in similar approach – connecting to a larger divine being.

The personal and private option of course is to have a simple altar  (and I mean simple, uncluttered) – and do meditative or prayer work by it. When doing this sort of work, it is important that you are not doing ritual – but simply being, being spiritual, connecting unconditionally to the divine forces!

How to send Love

So how do you send love? The easy way is of course by showing it – in person – in words and deeds – such as positive encouragements, giving or sharing hopes & inspirations, and giving hugs.

Sending Love in a magical or psychic way is a bit more tricky. Because we each of us have a slightly different feel and concept of what Love actually is! So what is it that we are trying to send to the other person is coloured by own experiences  and concepts of love, and dare I day, our own projections of it too.

However, at the most simplest of levels, you can set aside time to calm and centre yourself, then arrive at a place of neutrality (as much as possible!)  If you just can’t get rd of any other thoughts or feelings, just don’t even try at that moment! ) Then charge yourself with as much positive, loving feelings as you can.  Here projections can help a little. You may think of happier moments in your life, and fill your self with – not those feelings- but the positive state of mind you will be in.  (For example, if you were remembering a time when you had found love and were extremely happy – the idea is to try to gain the feeling of happiness you felt and fill your self with that,  rather than the actual feeling of being in love!

Unless you are  a highly experienced person (not necessarily one who has done it for years..but one who has done this correctly for long and got it right), don’t attempt this. Because  – if you can not separate the emotions, for example, what you may end up `sending’ are feelings of being in love, rather than the `state of happiness’.

And here is a brilliant final technique – once you find yourself in a highly positive happy spiritual state, you can either visualise or imagine  that you are giving that other person a warm, unconditional hug or embrace!

Chakras – sending healing to the heart

Esoteric and magical people (many) are familiar with the Chakra systems – 7 or more energy centres of the human body (One on each place – by the head, forehead, throat, heart, chest, naval, and groin/ base of spine – where the crown chakra of the head is always connected to the higher energies, and the base chakra is connected to the grounding energies of the Earth!).

One way of sending Love & light is to use the Chakras.  First, it is important to ground and centre, then ensure that you are connected to the higher and lower (crown and base) energies, then make sure that energy is flowing through all the chakras, and that they are all balance – then begin any sort of healing work.

And in this respect, you may find it useful to charge up your Heart Chakra from energies from above and energies from the Earth below  (this is after all the one in the middle, with 3 chakras above and 3 below) – and `project’ that energy from the heart chakra to the person you wish to send it to.

A variation on this – ) – is to send the energy from your heart Chakra, to the heart chakra of the other person.  This can be considered `interfering’ so only do this if you have permission or request from that other person,  and only to be used if you are absolutely clear and experienced about handling your own transpersonal projections of personal emotional stuff!

Sending Light (the Star connection)

We are all made of Star dust!  Stars of old had been born, grown and exploded as Supernova, and their dust and ashes have hung around for millions of years and coalesced to form new planets and stars..  and one of those planets is Earth, and we are born of all the particles and molecules found on Earth!  So, we are made of Star Dust!

What this means, is that at one point in the distant past – the atoms and molecules that make up our body now – have been inside Stars, and shining, and producing light!

That light is within us – but in a particulate form, rather than in a photonic state (entering the realms of Science here!  Einstein proved that mass and energy (light) are connected…that mass can be fully turned to energy (light) and energy can manifest as mass / particles).

So esoterically and magically speaking, the light of those stars gone by – still lay within us. Although humans and animals and plants are now mass-objects now, we are all full of light.

When people talk of sending light, I imagine they talk of divine light in an esoteric, ethereal or spiritual sense – but to me, it has always meant something else too – that by the act of Will, we can transmute a few of the molecules and atoms of our bodies – into light, and send that!  Obviously, hard evidence of this process (by act of Will) is lacking yet..  and all we have are the scientific processes of smashing atoms together in Particle Accelerators, to create energy / light.   But here we are – with a belief in the divine, in magic and in sending esoteric energies. So by that belief of magic, this too is possible (or I would not bee doing magic, and either would you! 🙂

The Atoms bombs and nuclear power stations have proved that even a small thing as an atom or two can release huge amounts of energy.

So by that token, a few atoms or molecules from our bodies, can be turned to energy..  and that can be sent!

And energy of that sort can have a purpose or message etched into it as it is produced – Healing, energising, love, Compassion, hope, inspiration!

Need I say more?


Love & Bright Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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DarkLighter vs WhiteLighter? Which one are you?

DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013
DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013

Yes, we’ve watched the old TV show about 3 sisters who are Witches…(Charmed) back in the late 90’s. And no, this is not about all that jazz.. objects flying through air, invisibility, freezing time, and exploding bad-people with a flick of one’s hands! (aw, sorry to disappoint, if that’s what you thought it was about).

Am more interested in the transpersonal (psychology) concepts of Dark and Light…or rather Shadows.. and how you as a Practising Magician, Wizard or Witch deal with your own dark and light aspects… Even more importantly, what’s your normal `mode’ of being?

We are not talking about good or evil here. I am already assuming that you are a `good’ person, one who means well by all others, and that you have the best of intentions at heart.

So what am I talking about? Am talking about your point of view- how you see the World around you, and your positive contributions to it in a magical or esoteric way?  Here’s an example – you know that old phrase – Is the glass half empty..(negative view), or is it half full (positive)..

This is a bit like that.

There are two types of `Lighters’ – that is, people who bring positivity into the world.  For better or worse, I will refer to them as White-Lighter, and Dark-Lighter.  In Transpersonal psychology debates in our old Coven, our High Priestess.. the late  Maureen Brown referred to this matter as `coming from the Dark’ or coming from the light’..  when doing magic.

Still unclear? Here it is..

Do you live in a world of darkness and deeper emotions, observe all the negative things in the world around you, think about those matters – and at times perhaps even empathise so much that it penetrates your psyche more than it should, and you lose perspective and even your self to it..  but eventually pull your self out (because of inherent Will and strength) .. and then share your wisdom or knowledge gained, or help others?   Then you are what I would call a `Dark Lighter’.   You swim in the unknown waters.. and keep your self buried within the troubles and despairs of humanity.. A fine line you walk..


Do you live in a positive state of mind.. and think everything is wonderful.. and can only see the beauty and love in everything.. You avoid thinking deeply about the despairs, troubles of others…or avoid getting involved – because you are quite sensitive to those energies, which can bring you to flood of tears or other emotions..  which simply is too much to handle..  You live in a cloud of positivity and affirmations..  want to help people.. and send love and light at the drop of a hat..?  Although you are intellectually aware of humanity’s issues, and will have experienced your own difficulties, you don’t jump to empathic links with people in really negative or harsh mind-sets.. ?  You are what I would call a `White Lighter’. You are like an angelic being that stays above the ground..  wings in the clouds..  in touch with that energy..  and are able to channel it down to the people..  but landing on the ground will debilitate you..

Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!
Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!

It is my view that both types of `Light workers’ are necessary for the well-being of people in our World.  We need some to dive in to darkness and see what is going on..  even become polluted or infected by the harder harsher energies..  but by turning that into light..(personal transmutation), they change that energy..  And we need others to be higher, exist in a pure state of unconditional love and positivity..  and be able to send that to all objectively.

So..which one are you?

-Mani Navasothy

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Healing Powers of Rose-Quartz (and the face in the rock!)

Face in the Rose Quartz - MN13
Face in the Rose Quartz – MN13

Every one should have a personal Rose quartz! That’s the conclusion from my 15-20 years of magical explorations!

Why? Because they are crystals of the heart..  for love..  and more importantly, personal love..or rather self-love!  And unless we each love ourselves unconditionally and accept who we each are, how can we hope to love others?

They work..  to ease, help and support..  and aid the self-healing process.

Preparing rose quartz

You don’t have to do anything major… Just cleanse a piece…run cold water from a tap over it..   keep it in a small dish with rock salt over night, wash in a salt solution for an hour or so..

Do any of these to cleans and charge it up.. put it out in full moon light..over night.. and then..just keep it with you…  Put it in your pocket when you go out..  or under the pillow (if it is a smaller stone!)..  The crystal will take care of the rest..I promise you. 🙂

How I got my first rose quartz

Many years ago, the first rose quartz came into my life, in Oxford, around about winter time, when I was attending interviews (yes, at Oxford University…and no..I messed up and didn’t get the A-level grades they asked for..or my life will be so different now!)

I bought a small rose quartz in a card shop or something..and started reading about it.. (1989?).  And started `working with it’ – that is to say I just kept it with me, and cleansed it at full moons, and bathed it in moon light and …that was pretty much it. I was not an esoteric practitioner by any means..apart from my Hindu background.

Ones that Angels gave me..

I have another ..much larger one that came accidentally in an aquarium.  I bought a piece of rock for my tropical fish tank and put it in…It was months later that one day it dawned on me..that the `rock’ in my fish tank is actually a rather large piece of rose quartz. What’s more, I started to see a `face’ …So I gave my mental apologies to the Angel fish in the tank, and took out the crystal..and put it on my pagan altar..and there it still remains..

I’ve since then had many other rose quartz and other crystals..  and times of difficulties, just pick them up and do attunement work.. Or hold a smaller smoother rose quartz and go to sleep.. (and have to find it somewhere in the bed in the morning..!)

Faces in the stone

Anyway, I was trying to take a photo to put with this  blog..  and guess what…I just caught a new face on another piece of rose quartz I have had for many years. The table lamp must have illuminated it just the right way..and today must have been when I am in the right frame of mind..  for this new face in the stone to be revealed. 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

Astrological mine-fields: Pluto & Uranus transits 18th-29th September 2012

Storm warming!

18th September:   Pluto stationary

Pluto (in Capricorn) has been going retrograde and finally stands still (stationary) before beginning to inch forward. This cosmic gere change is going to be intense and jarring.  Smallest things can set people off..into biggest explosions. But as it’s a stationary-direct motion, it’s a brilliant time to do the `re-birth’, assuming people have been going through the `death’ (symbolically) already..  for Pluto rules death-rebirth and transformations.

19th Sept:  Pluto squares retrograde-Uranus

Okay this is ultra dangerous!  The bit I just said about pluto energy..smallest thing exploring..   well, this is what provides the fuel..or rather lights the fuse..or both!    Uranus rules sudden activities, shocks, changes, disruptions..as well as rebellious inclinations. It’s squaring Pluto.   This is predominantly the most disruptive force that can come close to the whole `end of the world’ triggers. Thankfully we are not at war..and no one (to our knowledge) has their finger on nuclear buttons..

 20th Sept:    Mercury squares Uranus    & Mercury opposes Pluto

Well, adding to the volatile mix of the above energies is the impulsive, silver but short tongue or fast-footed Mercury!   Another trigger…mis-communication! Big time.. Only blessing is that mercury is not retrograding.. but it can do plenty of harm..under this double interactions with the other 2.  It’s a day to go on a silent retreat…perhaps? Watch out for the mind playing tricks, or mulling too much on the past…or closing in on so much you feel your head will explode.   (I never write things I haven;t experienced..)

27th sept: Mars Squares Venus.  

Not exactly a walk in the park, even though the heavy weights Pluto & Uranus are not involved. This can hit the heart.  Relationship dynamics.. Sex related matters..  (well, all that pluto transits are still in the air.. especially for the next day!)

29th Sept: Sun opposes Uranus   & Sun squares pluto.

It’s as if the battle comes home! No where to run..  This is going to hit you, your vitality, health or energies.   Play it well, and resolve issues, and this has the potential to release huge energies within you…which you can tap for going forward. Miss the resolutions, and you may have to wait for the next such opportunity…and getting both together is not going to happen in many years. So be a Lion.. Fight the demons from the dark.. and free your self first..before rescuing the princess from some tower!


ps. There’s going to be a pair of Solar & Lunar Eclipse in November’12..  and I’ll be releasing my `Eclipse magic workbook’ in kindle soon with extra helpful webinars & videos (free).  If you can;t wait, you can get the pdf version NOW  pls check out www.Eclipsemagic.co.uk Ta.  

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