ETC: Enfield Town Circle – Pagan Moot in North London

Enfield Town Circle- Pagan Moot.    This is Pagan pub moot (monthly social) that takes place in Enfield, North London (well, almost north London).  Established by April..way back in 2006, it's a good social opportunity for new people to come meet & socialise indoors. Originally held in another pub, ETC is now at Crown & Horseshoes- … Continue reading ETC: Enfield Town Circle – Pagan Moot in North London

Healing hugs from Pets

Few days ago at Enfield Town Circle (a monthly Pagan social gathering), I had first hand experience of  what can be called a Healing Hug from a dog - in particular, Ruby Summer Lee (my friend Marcus' pet dog ..a Golden Retriever). I've known Ruby for almost a year now..and she is a year old … Continue reading Healing hugs from Pets

Flower crowns & NEWS articles

Few weeks ago, a Journalist for the local News Paper in Enfield contacted my wife April. She was tracked down through the pagan monthly social gathering that April has been running in Enfield for over 3 years (Enfield Town Circle). The Journalist wanted to interview us about the upcoming Christian Festival `Easter' and wanted our … Continue reading Flower crowns & NEWS articles