Astrology: Eclipses of 2013

Some may know that I am rather partial to Eclipses, and do quite a bit of personal esoteric/ magical works at times of Eclipses. I've written a book about this (Eclipse Magic Workbook, published May 2012, . I have been looking at the Eclipse data for next year  (there's still 2 more left for THIS … Continue reading Astrology: Eclipses of 2013

Interview with an Eclipse-Magician

Here's a 11 min video interview that I filmed for explaining the basics of Eclipse Magic, and giving 3 important tips. The annular Solar Eclipse is today (20th May'12) at 11.47pm (GMT). in the sign of Gemini. My e-book `Eclipse Magic workbook' has 70+ pages of core ideas, tasks and exercises to get any interested person doing this magical work. Launch price is £14.00 only. -Mani Navasothy.

Eclipse Magic – workbook coming soon

Eclipse magic - a workbook by Mani Navasothy - coming soon before the next Eclipse! "Eclipses offer us unique and sometimes rare opportunities for doing special magical or psychic work that can be life-changing. For it to have full benefits, the undertaking requires detailed knowledge, planning, preparations and then finally a fortnight-long personal magical working. … Continue reading Eclipse Magic – workbook coming soon