Woodland Witches – Midsummer Ritual 2022

Join `London Woodland Witches' for an outdoor Midsummer ceremony & gathering - this Sunday 19th June, from 2pm till 5pm at Queen's Woods, near Highgate. We begin with a Solar pathworking, do consecrations to create sacred space, call upon Elements and embark on our own version of drumming & a Sun-dance for raising energy and … Continue reading Woodland Witches – Midsummer Ritual 2022

Magic of Christmas – what does it actually mean?

Magic of Christmas - do you know what it is?  I was recently watching some  TV shows recorded last December (2012), and of course the commercial breaks in it all had Christmas related adverts. One of them was the Actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) saying, `Christmas is the most magical time of … Continue reading Magic of Christmas – what does it actually mean?