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Gaia Guardians: The Next Generation! (and all Good things..)

In 2006, I was introduced to Earth day by the now late Jean Williams, Wiccan HPS & pagan elder. It was a park tidy up and eco ceremony in Queen’s Woods. I took up the cause, thinking, surely we have to do more..and bring more awareness and celebrate it. The following year (2007) I organised the first `Gaia convention’ (called Gaia-3) for PF-London. It was followed by PFL Gaia-Fortuna, and PFL Gaia-Sol conventions in 2008 & 2009. Friends & I also started `Gaian Times Magazine’ 5 years ago.

And so this year..2017 marks 10 years of me organising and facilitating Earth day events..in various guises 🙂 Thank you Jean Williams.

Earth Day 2017 Trent park- composite (c)Mani

And it is with mixed feelings that I now announce that this is where I bow out on these big Earth day events. I had that feeling when i set off yesterday morning carrying lots of heavy bulky things.. feeling tired, saying to my self (like that hobbit Frodo once said..), `I can’t do this anymore..’ . And last night I got home and did a quick tarot to ask some divine advise.. and indeed my original intuition was correct. The cards say it is time.

But I am content and happy that we have had the highest number of children attend an Earth Day.. but there was no Eco ceremony. I felt that ..as I watched everyone socialise and play.. that `Life itself on the body of Gaia is a divine ceremony’ (so long as we are aware and mindful of it).

Am also aware that now in London.. others are organising big Earth Day events (indoors). It remains my cause to keep getting Pagans out into the parks and woods.. which I will carry on in other ways and other events.. such as meditative events, walks in woods, and Eco-Healing work..

Thank you all who have come to the many Earth Day & Earth Hour events I have facilitated and participated. Thank you to all my friends, family & Tribe who have helped me with organising these events and supporting them. And thank you wonderful humans, children, and animals ..for attending and enjoying the events. Together we are Gaia.

EarthLight Blessings of Gaia.

Earth Day 2017: An Eco-magical gathering in Trent park, London (22April 2017)

22nd April is  `Earth Day’  – every year!

So join us on this special day..  for a family friendly social, picnic, drums, dances, facepaints..and that all important Eco-ceremony !   Takes place in Trent Park- one of London’s biggest woodland areas open to all..  with acres of space, free car park, cafe, toilet facilities.   We are usually within easy reach, at our `usual spot’ to the left open ground area of the `Cockfosters Gate entrance!

Time: 1pm onwards (car park gate shuts at 5pm..but people can stay much later).

Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters (Piccadilly line, north London)

Meeting Point: Trent Park Cafe, Barnet EN4 0JY, UK.

Google map link for meeting pointhttps://goo.gl/maps/NJwkrwNDMiF2

Facilities: There is a proper toilet & cafe and car parks. Children can play in play area.Location: From Cockfosters tube, the `Cocfosters Gate of Trent park is only 5 minutes walk. We will be in the field immediately to the right..when you enter the park.. Cafe etc is further ahead.Event details

Our Activities  (tbc) :

• Drumming, Chanting & dancing

• Family Picnic (bring own food or bring some to share)

•  Face painting (for kids and adults !)  need reliable volunteer !! or bring own paints & share/ create activity

• Earth-Healing /  Eco-ceremony

Please Bring:

• Drums & Musical instruments

• Bring family & friends (all religions welcome. This is about Earth).

• Bring eco-magical banners & posters to showcase and charge up with energy for your campaigns

• Bring crystals & ritual items for altar

• Bring plenty of Food & Drinks to share

• Bring ground sheet / blanket or folding stool (for yourself)

What you can do:Please share this event and promote Earth day & Eco-Activities.

Weather: We can’t predict the weather  but we’ve  always carried an event, no matter what nature decides to do on that day. We will have some cover 🙂

History: Earth Day  22nd April- has been celebrated and marked by people of the world for over 40 years (since 1971). It provides a focus for hundreds of initiatives and activities.. from Eco-based fundraising, environmental campaigns, creating educational activities for those unaware of Earth’s  ecological & environmental problems.. to magical or spiritual ceremonies to connect with Gaia“ the earth goddess/ spirit!

– Mani Navasothy

London Woodland Beltane Ceremony & Maypole Dancing 2016

Join us  to celebrate BELTANE 2016..  with ceremony & Maypole Dance.  We’ll drum, dance and choose a May King & May Queen.  And feast and frolic!  (sensibly! ‘cos this is a family-friendly event).

`The veil between the world of men and fairy (or spirit) is said to thin twice a year, at Beltane and at Samhain, which are on opposite points of the year wheel. At Beltane  (May eve) the land is at it’s most lush and green, and fertile. If Spring Equinox is the time of fertility and mating in the animal kingdom, then Beltane is one of courting couples making commitment to one another- and Handfastings! In the God-Goddess myths, this is when the playful God is said to commit to the Goddess – which is symbolised by the Sacred Marriage! The Maypole dance that is traditional at this time symbolises the fertile powers of the masculine, penetrating the land, and the ribbons danced and woven around it lock that power! A ring of flower at the tip of the Maypole signifies the feminine. Magical working with the Fay (Fairies) is an important feature at this time, in contrast to the magical work with the departed spirits at Samhain, the opposite point’ (taken from www.WitchcraftandMagic.uk )


Gather in the Woodman’s Pub from 1.30pm..  Get to `High Gate’ Tube station..  come up to manin road. Turn right.  Pub is just 30 seconds away.


Out ritual *Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get  involved in the actual ritual   – ie with elements calling, chants, magical work and so on.

RITUAL items to bring: 

– Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks
– Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks / flower crowns
– Drums & musical instruments
– Lanterns / candles / lighter
– Crystals / runes / divination tools
-Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

After Ceremony & some socials in the woods, we will head back to the pub (woodmans) for warmth and more drinks/ socials.

-Mani Navasothy

(Wiccan High Priest)

ps.  Here’s the link to my meetup `London Woodland Witches’  where you can join in and find more up to date info..

Woodland Beltane Ceremony & Maypole Dancing 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016, 1:00 PM

Queen’s Woods
Near Highgate Station London, GB

38 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

Join us  to celebrate BELTANE 2016..  with ceremony & Maypole Dance.  We’ll drum, dance and choose a May King & May Queen.  And feast and frolic!  (sensibly!)`The veil between the world of men and fairy (or spirit) is said to thin twice a year, at Beltane and at Samhain, which are on opposite points of the year wheel. At Beltane  (May eve) the la…

Check out this Meetup →

Earth Day Family Event in South London (Sunday 21st April’13)

Earth Day Picnic 2013 -sm

Families are very much Gaia’s sacred womb ..so what better way than to celebrate the EARTH DAY 2013 with wonderful love units, play, enchantments, magic, merry making, and divine connections to our Mother Earth her self on this day!

What You Can Look forward to on this FREE Day of Fun :

* Small Earthy Ritual (Pagan style!)
* Communing with the Earth (Seed Magic)
* Magical Crafting (Hands on – we’ll provide the materials)
* Story Telling
* Face Painting (optional)
* Singing, Dancing & light drumming -please bring an instrument or 2!
* Merry making over games & fun
* Sharing of food & wine over the picnic
* Lets not forget the Maypole Dancing !!! ……After all Beltane is only around the corner 🙂

Young people, Children and adults are encouraged to dress up in any Earthy Costumes, Fairies  Witches, Bees, Flowers, Warlock, or Animals of our planet.

Please dress warmly and in many layers. Bring waterproofs for you and your young ones! Communal food sharing may not suit everyone, especially with those needing special diets.. so please bring what you & your loved ones can eat safely.


  • Toilets & changing facilities : 2 mins;
  • Playgound for Children,
  • Food & Drinks can be purchased from the Cafe in the park,
  • Ground sheets – ideal to sit on. (we’ll have a large sheet. Please bring your own as back-up)
  • Bring old bread – to feed the ducks, swans in the lake if you wish
  • Family Boating – if weather permits

Trains: Hackbridge – Zone 4. Trains run every 14mins in to London Victoria & Thames Link services. Buses : 127, 151 , 410, 407. For more detailed travel or facilities info click below : https://www.sutton.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3869

Looking forward to celebrating with you ! Young or old… all are welcome for this Earth Day Extrgavanza ! With bright blessings

~Vathani & Gaian Times Team


Note:  This is a post from my sister, promoted here.. And I’ll be there of course at this family event..  I think I am organising the Maypole & ribbbons! 🙂  – Mani



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