Light Relief: The Blog-Attack from last year (response to `Cybergod Cometh’)

Last year (March 2013) I wrote a blog post called  `Cybergod Cometh- What lurks within the World Wide Web' .    It was an amusing conjecture mixed with a sort of humour that I posses which few seem to get (unless people are used to the kind of dialoguing that the late Issac Asimov- father … Continue reading Light Relief: The Blog-Attack from last year (response to `Cybergod Cometh’)

Doctor Who: The Jesus Incident..and other such musings..!

Time Travellers are often seen meddling with every other religious or historical events.. The most famous of all - The Doctor (Doctor Who) has been seen going in and out of so many events..  Not just historical ones..but many world religious myths and related ideas or names have been used in Dictor Who..   and … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Jesus Incident..and other such musings..!

Doctor Who – Art of Mani

If all goes well, a portal will open up at 7.50pm (gmt) and swallow the entire..  No..just kidding. Am going to try something a bit clever..   set up a blog and let it be published at a pre-set time..(cos I;ll be in a Cinema watching the big show tonight!!)   So.. this blog should … Continue reading Doctor Who – Art of Mani

Cybergod Cometh..! (What lurks within the world wide web?)

For a long time, many have been concerned about the way technology is advancing - thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web. Where is it going? Who is watching?  And dare I ask - what's actually brewing within the internet... in that vortex, where Billion minds and thoughts exchange?  Those who are psychic, … Continue reading Cybergod Cometh..! (What lurks within the world wide web?)

UnderWorld – Sci-fi Art (just for fun)

Here's a graphics..fresh off my laptop.. created  using photos of  a London location (taken over a year ago) and NASA photo of Earth. Got a bit tired of it's only a hurried 1 hr of work... Should have given it more effort ..especially putting in all the light beams really..  but :-/ I call … Continue reading UnderWorld – Sci-fi Art (just for fun)

The Dragon-Calling, Hern & Deer-Goddess (3 art works)

`The Calling’ was initially done as a painting/crayon work on A4 paper. But few years later, I took a photo of it, and whilst keeping the dragon intact and enhancing it, I added photos of April, backgrounds (countryside from Cornwall, cliffs from Hastings) by building up layers (infact the original photo of the `girl’ is a … Continue reading The Dragon-Calling, Hern & Deer-Goddess (3 art works)

An Artist’s Tale

Here's me, writing these blogs week after week - since December'11,  putting my thoughts of Science, Technology, and recently more Psychology and Pagan spirituality. It occurs to me that I've left out (till now) an important part of me from the bigger picture.  I am an Artist - and have been one, all my life … Continue reading An Artist’s Tale

Trees as People

Recently on facebook, one person made a post, where Trees were refered to as `People'.    That got me thinking, and I made a reply, and I thought it important that I posted that reply as a `status update' in my own profile: "Nearly all the pagans work with trees in a magical way, and … Continue reading Trees as People