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Earth Healing Ritual, Activities & Affirmations (Earth Day feature)

Earth Day 22nd April - every year (c) Mani Navasothy 2011Earth Day is on 22nd April.. every year. It is declared by the United Nations, and celebrated by everyone on our planet – everyone who is aware of it, that is. Many Eco-groups and Organisations focus several of their ecology & environment related campaigns, and so do magical and spiritual people who consider the Earth to be a living entity (Gaia). Here is some background and lots of eco-spiritual activities you can do.

Gaian Collective explained

The Earth is our home in space. Thousands believe it is a living entity, built up of not just the physical bodies of millions of humans, animals, plans and other inanimate objects (rocks, rivers, mountains). It is believed that all the minds of the living creatures on planet Earth are connected, and give rise to `Gaia’ the living Collective consciousness-being who is self-regulating. It is akin to our bodies, where each cell is living and has a function, but collectively gives rise to a single human or animal being. We each one of us think each one of us is a `I’ or `me’ – but within us are billions of living cells.. (and all the symbiotic and parasitic creatures that live inside our bodies).

So, by each of us becoming consciously aware that we are part of a larger collective, and tying to reconnect to that Collective, we are in fact strengthening that Gaia Collective – spiritually an magically. And if Gaia is strong and well, that can only benefit the whole world..

 What can you do on Earth day? Some simple ideas and suggestions:

Go for a walk in the wild, a park or woods to be reconnected to Earth – on a conscious, physical or magical level. You don’t need to make it grand or specific – just go for a nice long walk, without any usual distractions such as internet, ipods, phone calls, personal every day problems ( we all have them!)  Yes, they are products of human intellect and genius, and so in a round about way, `natural’ – but purpose of this exercise is to de-clutter our conscious mind and reach a sort of meditative state.

Hold a celebration or picnic – with family or friends. Gather other like-minded eco-aware people and mark the day. We all celebrate or mark (or remember) our birthdays in some way of form.. This is Gaia’s special day (not exactly birthday but closest special day). So celebrate it as such.  Yes, why not have a cake and cut it in honour of Gaia / Earth?

Earth `Heart beat’ Meditation – group or personal:   A more spiritual approach is to actually do an Earth meditation (on your own, or as part of a group).  It does not have to be a big complicated activity. Just 5 minutes will do (but 20-30 minutes is ideal). All you do is sit in a pleasant natural place if possible (woodlands, by a garden tree, by a small pond, river, stream, cave etc). Sit by a natural place, be comfortable, close your eyes – and let go of every day thoughts. Then try to visualise the Earth in space.. a planet, full of billions of life forms within it.  Think of each one of those creatures having a heart, and heart beat. Try to `hear’ that heart beat. Different animals have different rates of heart beats – but for this meditative purpose, it is okay to visualise all the heat-beats being slowly becoming synchronised..  and the Earth beating as one heart!

Healing work:  One magical activity that some may consider doing is Earth Healing. For this, it is perhaps good to be in  very calm and peaceful state of mind. Keep a rose quartz or other green crystals with you (in your hands or pockets). Then think of love and peace, an send that energy to the Earth.. into the ground. You can also visualise green light coming from your heart – pure and sincere of well-intentions- and pour that unconditionally to the Earth.  One meditative way is to visualise the Earth in space..  and pour your light and bath the whole of the Earth with it..!

Eco-activities: Think of real tangible ways you may b able to help protect, preserve and nurture the ecologies and environment of the World.   Some suggestions are – raising awareness by writing  & blogging (as I am doing), getting your fiends together and doing some litter-picking and tidying p a natural spot (like a local river side or woodland), creating a group or charity and doing eco-work, raising money / funds and donating it to other eco-organisations that do good genuine work.

Affirmations- Oaths, vows and personal Declarations: This one is for those who feel very spiritually inclined. Get to a natural place – and do some meditative work, as suggested, or a ceremony. Then lay your hands on a living Tree or the ground itself, and make your promises, affirmations or eco-related vows to the Earth it self. Think of this as important as a marriage vow that people make (and try to keep), or the equivalent of formal declarations and oaths people make when they take on a position in community (like MP’s, Solicitors, Police, etc. It is akin to swearing a real loyalty and allegiance to the Earth…and should be taken as magically binding).

Sharing: After Earth day, remember to share what you have done, by writing about it, sharing any related photos, poetry and other thoughts – with people, internet social groups & forums etc. That way, the positive regard ad energy spreads…and can add to the next year’s Earth Day!

Feel free to share this post..  more people are aware and do these, the better for Gaia. 

-Mani Navasothy


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Thinking of Gaia, and Remembering Earth Days gone by..

The `Earth Day Ceremony’ came to my attention through the efforts of Jean Williams, now a retired but honorary committee member of The Pagan Federation, and an elder of The Craft. That was some years ago.

Taking up the cause of the Earth

I took up the cause, and worked with Jean to continue organising a special outdoor Earth day Ceremony – not just as part of my task as the Events Manager of `Pagan Federation London’ (London District of the Pagan Federation, where Jean was the District Manager..some years back). I took up the cause because the Earth had already been close to my heart by then..  and on one fine day in the garden (almost a decade prior) I had made a personal oath upon the Earth..   to guard and protect and do all I can for Gaia (Earth Goddess) and Earth..


Gaia Theory & Hindu Earth Mother

I was already a believer of Gaia as an entity.   (My introduction to the Gaia Theory – originated by James Lovelock as a hypothesis and now accepted by majority of Scientists as a `Theory’ –  came almost 2 decades prior to that, when I was reading the Issac Assimov novels  of `Foundation’  and `Robots and Empire’..  I say introduction to Gaia Theory, because..  as a Hindu, I was already brought up with beliefs of `Pooma Thevi’  (Earth Mother Goddess).  She appears in many hindu mythologies, and my most memorable and favourite moment is when ..towards the end of the Hindu epic `Ramayana’,  Sita (Rama’s wife) calls to Earth-Mother at a moment of despair, and with quaking of Earth, ground cracking open, Earth-mother ascends in her throne, lifts up her daughter Sita and places hr on her own lap, and disappears back into the Earth.

Earth Days Past and Future

I think for about 5-6 years, I have been organising Ceremonies for Earth Day in London, usually in one of the woods or parks (Queen’s Woods, then Trent Park).  It falls on 22nd April ..which is close to the pagan festival of Beltane. So our ceremonies have also had partial elements of Beltane festivities.



As Earth Day 2013 approaches (less than a month to go now), I was remembering those past events…(photos above are from 2011)..  as I look forward to the future ones.  Though I have stepped down from holding any official positions of Event Organising for other Pagan Organisations,  there is now Gaian Times – a not for profit registered Company (Organisation) that I founded and a Director of…which takes up my eco-active efforts.  Apart from producing a Free online Magazine (so as to have a good reach), Gaian Times also has several Social Enterprises, and Eco-initiatives..!

Yes I am organising an event for next month’s Earth Day..  but it’s quite different..  much quieter..  and a mindful event..  I’ll say more on that in another post…with full details..    But hey…Gaian Times is facilitating an Earth Day Family picnic & festive afternoon too..  🙂 More later.

-Mani Navasothy


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