Olympic 2012 Bashing: Negative magic by Hypocrites!

No sooner had the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony at Stratford (East London) finished - or even long before it even finished - social network sites were filling up with posts from amazed admirers, and- I am extremely disappointed to say- negative, whining, hypocritical pictures and posts by some others! Everyone  is entitled to their … Continue reading Olympic 2012 Bashing: Negative magic by Hypocrites!

Gaian Times Eco-Magazine: Issue 4 – Coming Soon

Gaian Times eco-magazine issue #4 will be coming out very soon. We've published the previous issues freely online in the Gaian Times website. But from this issue onwards, though it's still free, we'll be sending a link to those who subscribe to GT magazine..by opting in with name & e-mail.   Please visit the Gaian … Continue reading Gaian Times Eco-Magazine: Issue 4 – Coming Soon

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh


Hi all, I just finished editing this video...of the clips filmed at last year's Beltane Festival in Edinburgh. - warning> It has nudity in it. Don't look if you get offended by such things. That said,.. Beltane is one of the 8 festivals celebrated by Pagans. It is also a fertility festival, where many pagan couples get married. Visit http://www.GaianTimes.com, and opt-in to get more videos as we make them! Gaian Times Magazine explores the science & Magic of the earth, and features thought-provoking articles in science, psychology, ecology, environment, astrology and social trends. It is a not-for-profit company registered in England & Wales. No: 07515903. Beltane Fire festival in Edinburgh takes place on the 30th April of each year, organised by Beltane Fire Society (registered charity in Scotland). Visit their website http://www.beltane.org for details. In 2012, they celebrate 25 yrs of running this festival

Song for this Land (Earth Day 2012) – it will make you tearful!


This one made my sister & my wife both tearful! Yes, it was quite emotive - the song, coupled with the landscape pictures of trees, water..industry, and fallen trees! The song used here was recorded at Occupy London Camp on 13th Nov'11, and pulls at the heart-strings of anyone even remotely concerned about the state of the Earth and eco-disasters we are facing! Photos (mostly of UK) are merely an accompaniment for you to experience the Song! Ps. If you know the lady who guided us all to sing this song on that Remembrance Sunday night outside St.Paul's Cathedral, please let me know, or let her know - that many of us cherish that night and her contribution. We'd love to have an interview with her on our next issue of Gaian Times. contact via editor@gaiantimes.com Thanks. And enjoy Earth Day (22nd April'12) -Mani

Year of the water Dragon: Chinese New Year 2012

Wishing all  viewers and bloggers and followers ...and friends and family...and especially my chinese friends...Raymond, Yin & their 2 children,   Ping & Christine and their soon to be born Son (who is going to be a Dragon.  Wow!!  And dearest pagan friend Reggie `Loose cannon' Kwan... a fantastic New Year. There is a fab … Continue reading Year of the water Dragon: Chinese New Year 2012