Video: Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh (nudity involved)

Beltane is one of the 8 festivals of the Pagan annual calendar. It is a fertility festival  mostly celebrated in the western european countries, taking place at the end of April and beginning of May (Eve of May), and marks the beginning of Summer.  Many pagan couples get married (Handfasting) on or near this time. This … Continue reading Video: Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh (nudity involved)

Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh

Hi all, I just finished editing this video...of the clips filmed at last year's Beltane Festival in Edinburgh. - warning> It has nudity in it. Don't look if you get offended by such things. That said,.. Beltane is one of the 8 festivals celebrated by Pagans. It is also a fertility festival, where many pagan couples get married. Visit, and opt-in to get more videos as we make them! Gaian Times Magazine explores the science & Magic of the earth, and features thought-provoking articles in science, psychology, ecology, environment, astrology and social trends. It is a not-for-profit company registered in England & Wales. No: 07515903. Beltane Fire festival in Edinburgh takes place on the 30th April of each year, organised by Beltane Fire Society (registered charity in Scotland). Visit their website for details. In 2012, they celebrate 25 yrs of running this festival

Flower crowns & NEWS articles

Few weeks ago, a Journalist for the local News Paper in Enfield contacted my wife April. She was tracked down through the pagan monthly social gathering that April has been running in Enfield for over 3 years (Enfield Town Circle). The Journalist wanted to interview us about the upcoming Christian Festival `Easter' and wanted our … Continue reading Flower crowns & NEWS articles