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Happy Healing in 2019

Happy new year 2019 -1

Happy New Year 2019. may it be a brilliant one that bring you good health, wealth, strength, peace, healin and fulfilment of Love in all that you desire.
Bright Stellar Blessing. -Mani Navasothy

Wicca New Moon: Healing & psychic protection circles (Sept-Dec 2018)

Welcome to our Wicca New moon : Training & Healing Circles. These will run between September- December 2018. New comers , Seekers & Beginners to Wicca welcome. We meet in the pub, then walk together to Queen’s Woods for actual ritual.

Wicca New Moon 2018 - autumn

Ritual Format/ Content———-

1. Preparation:
-Altar set up, centering Meditation, energy working, Opening prayer
2. Scared space:
-Consecrations, Magic Circle & Calling elemental quarters.
3. Power raising & Deities:
Witches Rune/spiral dance, God/Goddess invocations.
4. Spell craft & Ritual Magic:
-General magic / Empowerment spells/ Healing & protection work.

Training Circle————-
These are Practical Wicca & magic training circles. Regulars will be firmly encouraged to take on roles and practise circle-craft. (Then experienced people can take roles in our other bigger seasonal rituals).

Healing/ protection magic requests——
Healing /protection work limited to 2 people each time. Contact me in advance to make the request with details for planning the magic carefully. Work will be done only for the person actually attending the ritual. We use Healing chant and Rune-chants. Please observe confidentiality & privacy at all times.

Is it a coven?————
This is NOT a coven.. but an open/ practise circle. Those interested in serious wicca training & initiations, should attend our autumn courses & workshops and follow it up with serious commitment. Make an appointment and talk to Mani in person.

What’s on the Altar?——
we shall start to be more careful of what we place on altar! Each ritual is prepared and has certain themes/ expectations. Some God/Goddess items are not always suitable in every ritual.

About Facilitator—-
These circles are facilitated by Mani – an initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 22 years of Craft & Cove experiences in London, UK. Mani has published several books on Wicca, runs training courses, provides an e-Witch Apprentice course online, and writes extensive blogs on Astrology & magical topics.


** fee £5.

Meeting point (Woodman’s Pub) ——-

address: 414 Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UA*
Meet at 7pm in the heated patio area of the Pub. We leave at 7.30pm to go to woods.

Ritual venue (Queens woods)—-

This has been used by witches, covens, shamans, eco-groups & ritual magicians for many decades.

PSYCHIC SAFETY: crashing / breaking Circle—-

Please do not come late to woods and enter circle once it’s cast – it breaches magic protection inside, causes headaches for circle-caster and leaks built up energy, allows negative entities to enter our protected space!! In the same way, please do not just `leave’ the circle in the middle of a ritual in progress. On both occasions, please wait on the edge for a suitable moment for the Circle-caster to create a `door’ and let you in/ out and close that `magic gateway’ immediately. !!!


-Please bring sensible food & drinks to share. (bred/ cheese/ wine/soft drinks).
-Please be prepared for different types of Weather. In the woods, it can get wet/cold quickly.. check weather reports.. and come dressed appropriately.
-A small plastic sheet to sit on.. Ground can be wet or damp.
-Cushion/ blanket and other items of comfort. we’ll be seated and be still for meditative parts;
-Torch light .. essential for walking about the woods in the dark.

Feasting & Magical thoughts —-

Circle will close after a few rounds of passing blessed Cakes & drink from the Altar. Then we will be seated for magical chats.. Share your experiences of what the ceremony has brought and clarify magical points, symbolisms and any questions that may have risen. It is important to remain in a tranquil state after ceremony..to allow magic energies to sink in and transform us.

Love & Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy

FB- https://www.facebook.com/ManiNavasothy/
Blog – www.QuantumPhoenix.net

meetup event:  https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/events/253809797/


**NEW** Wicca New Moon: Gaia-Selene Healing Circles in London (monthly, outdoors)

Dear all..

As of the coming new moon, we are starting a new monthly ritual circle in the woods.. Wicca New Moon : Gaia-Selene Circles. If the full moon is for bubbling cauldrons and magic brimming to the surface, then new moons are for seeds, intents, going deeper within for magical & psychic development, Healing & transformative work.

These Wicca New Moon Circles  involve taking time to connect to Gaia/Earth & trees, reaching inner stillness, peace and flow of magic, and the use of that magic for healing and empowerment. We began these Wicca new moon circles in May 2017, and as they grow and evolve, it is expected to form a regular group of people (and leading to a possible training Coven).


These circles are facilitated by Mani Navasothy – initiated Wiccan High Priest, with over 21 years of The Craft & Coven experiences including training and initiating Wiccans.

suggested Fee: £3

The tutor travels from south London to run these events, by popular requests for events in North London. Fees collected therefore go towards travel & costs of running this event (candles, spell craft items, cakes & wine for blessing etc).

At these events, the following will be covered : 

• Gaia meditations.

• Personal Energy work (varies)

• Wicca New Moon Ceremony

• Some Wicca Basics practise  (Consecration, Circle, Elemental quarters)

• Healing & spell craft (Subject to development)

Your attendance:

You may attend once or regularly and gain benefit for your self, and/or do healing work for your friends & loved ones (ask them permission first please..).

Or you may simply attend and gain grounding, centre the self, and energising your self.

These monthly gatherings will open with a basic wiccan consecrations & circle set-up, then extend into meditation, chant, and finally extended Magic & Healing works at hand; Be also open to working intuitively.

Attend with an open mind and a trusting heart.

As these are evening events in the woods, please dress warmly, possibly with water-proof clothing.

Bring a blanket for wrapping as there will sections where we’ll be seated and be still for meditative parts;  Also bring a cushion and a small picnic blanket to sit on for comfort (often the ground can be damp.. ). Bringing a small flask of hot drink for your self will be an added bonus.

Note: Initially, these monthly Wicca New moon Gaia-Selene circles will run from  May’17 for 3 months and continue into Autumn/ Winter,  subject to further interests.


Queen’s Woods, north London (nearest tube: High Gate – northern line).

Meeting point :

Please be in the garden area of The Woodman’s Pub, Archway Road –  We will all walk together (15 mins) to a suitable spot in woods for the Wicca Circle. (exact woodland location may change on the night. So please meet at pub garden).

usual duration/ schedules (apprx): 

we meet at the woodman’s pub garden/ patio area from about 7pm.  Around 7.30pm we walk together (15mins) to the woods, via Wood Lane (com out of pub garden and turn sharp right ).  After communally setting up the sacred space & altar, we begin ceremony (8.30pm latest..).   Ritual ends and we begin tidy up/ leave by 10.30pm latest (or earlier). All times are approximate, and I try to be a little flexible- but due to it being a week day, we must try to be punctual s attendees can get home not so late usig public transport.


Note to Late arrivals:

Because we have to set-up, do ceremony and return by 10pm, we regret we can not wait for late-comers.

Future dates in 2017:

  • Monday 25th September 2017
  • Monday 23rd October 2017
  • Monday 20th November 2017
  • Monday 18th December 2017

Link to our meetup where I have set up events for each of these events

London woodland Witches & Outdoor pagans meetup group

Love & Bright Blessings


Wicca New Moon: Gaia-Selene Healing Circle

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 7:00 PM

Queen’s Woods
Near Highgate Station London, GB

14 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

We are starting a new monthly ritual circle in the woods.. Wicca New Moon : Gaia-Selene Circles. If the full moon is for bubbling cauldrons and magic brimming to the surface, then new moons are for seeds, intents, going deeper within for magical & psychic development, Healing & transformative work.These Wicca New Moon Circles are not our usual fla…

Check out this Meetup →

Intro workshop : Healing & Transformation with Serpent power (19Oct at Atlantis Bookshop, London)

Serpents & Dragons have always symbolised Hidden Wisdom, personal energy (Kundalini rising), sexuality, protection, fertility, Healing and transformation.

From Python the Dragon who guards Gaia the Earth Goddess, NagaPooshani the Hindu Snake Goddess who removes Dhoshas & curses, to Wadjet the Egyptian snake goddess who adorns the crowns of Pharos & deities, Minoan Snake Goddess of Knossos, Cernunnos Lord of the Beasts, Myths and religious stories are full of deities who wield serpent power!


This is a first in a series of workshops that introduce working with the new energies of 2016 and onwards, embracing change and facilitating self-transformation.


Topics covered / explored (tbc):

  • Snake Goddesses
  • Wisdom
  • Kundalini energy
  • Fertility & Sexuality
  •  Sacred Dance
  • Healing
  • Personal Transformation

There will be an opportunity to have contact with a real Colombian Rainbow Boa (snake) during this Introductory Workshop, as well as witness an example Fusion/ belly dance with snake (performed by Melanie).  Workshop will culminate with a ritual invocation of serpent Goddess, brief oracular reading  (akin to Priestess of Pythia), and a small snake-skin gift for your own personal work.

Book NOW  £18 (booking now closed 19/10/16) 

Venue.  The Atlantis Bookshop, 49a, Museum Street, London.

Time  Please arrive by 6.30pm for 7pm start.

** warning** Real snake in workshop

There will be a real live snake in this workshop. It will be in a secure container in the room, during workshop, and will be brought out for parts of the workshop.
Those who have severe fears / phobias may wish to discuss their attendance with Melanie first before deciding.. 1-2-1 phobia dealing sessions / consultations are offered privately.Profile 2 Pythian Temple London.jpg

Further workshops will be aimed at exploring, healing,empowering and initiating transformations – in the realms of personal energies, Kundalini & sexuality. These will involve working with real snakes in rituals & ceremonies, sacred dance, meditation & pathworking and transpersonal explorations. In Spring 2017, there will be exclusive workshops to be held at a private venue for small-groups and 1-2-1 consultations that will include extended contact with one or more snakes.



** Melanie Philippides – Life Coach, Fusion Belly Dancer & Snake Charmer.

**Mani Navasothy – Wiccan High Priest, Hindu-Magician, Esoteric Author & Astrologer.


Facebook page:   Pythian Temple London

website – Pythian Temple London

SongBird by Joie de Winter – the making of a music video

Songbird – written & performed by Joie de Winter – a wonderful friend of mine!

I first saw one of her songs/ other videos (Butterfly Belly)  in early January (yes, not long ago)..  and immediately fell in love with that song..It reached deep.  So nervously I wrote to her on facebook, and offered to do a music video for her.  I had met Joie a few times before in person at OneSpirit dance event  (New Year’s eve)  and at friends home, few months ago. But to all intents we were just passing acquaintances.

I then captured her online home video, did a bit of fancy fades/ editing..and posted it back to show her (kind of a `trying to show what I can do and impress her’  cos I really was compelled to work with her… and nervous she may think I am some random guy who’s trying out a flirty line).

But she was thrilled by the video..and said yes!  And I was elated!

So last week, we met in London, went to St.James park..and filmed her performing many of her songs and poems..  What a bonus..I was only expecting just one song..and a few hours.. But we were there from 11am till about 6pm I think..  There were so many little synchronous magical moments..  conversations and such..  There was that moment of her offering crunched up stingy nettle leaves for me to chew! And another of her munching on Daffodil flower stalk..  after strumming guitar with it..and doing a spontaneous song for a word I just blurted out!). It was a journey of discovery and friendship..and filming and co-creating..  Hard to pin in all down .

Other things kept us busy..but few days ago, we met again – at my home..   to watch all the clips/ video we had filmed..   Had lots of teas, snacks…my mother & sister popped in and out of the sitting room..  Mum offered more snacks..   We plays some of her music..  Well, Joie sang and played guitar and I just sat mesmerised..and drummed a bit to it..  (and she was okay with that)..    Then we began editing..    And by the evening, we had worked on the first 50 seconds of a 4min song!  It was kind of late so I dropped her off. (same local town!)

The next day she arrived  I told her to tell me to shut up if I talked too much..  and we had a spontaneous plan to go to local park..  But half way that changed too…and we ended up in a local nature place..  It had been frosty..and cold..and waters had frozen..  Steam was coming off our breaths!

And we filmed more of her wonderful performances – as she climbed up a fallen large tree stretched over a frozen small pond!   (there were some nervous moments for me..when I thought she was going to slip and fall in!  Primary Camera- set up further away- was already rolling ..so it caught many of our funny, tricky slippery moments – and yes, we are saving all that for some `behind the scenes’ videos to share later!

We got home..  she made me nettle tea  (yeah..  I went from chewing nettle leaf to drinking it in tea..It was okay  –  for my first time!).   Day 3 was different now..   we were not strangers any more..  It’s a different kind of familiarity.. that comes of conversations that go deep into our pasts..and acknowledging one another’s journeys in life.. trials, pains, lessons and triumphs!

So more editing…this time…late into the night..  !

I don’t normally edit with others…am more of a solitary video editor.. have been so for many years (apart from fan videos that I have done ..worked with my sister)..  but I offered to edit together, and Joie was thrilled to experience the process…and I think it drew her in more..added to the whole process of singing, filming, creating.

I had stressed many times the importance of her being fully involved (if he wants to) and having creative control..  It’s her song, her performance..her soul that we are showing to the world..  So she should have the full say in how it’s done.

And it was better that I expected.  I showed her all the editing functions..  She’s already an experienced graphics artist/ 3D animator so she just got involved with the editing..  Formalities were thrown out the sofa ..and creativity flowed..   She’d work the mouse-pad on my laptop and I would work the mouse.. so at times I think the poor cursor on my laptop didn’t know which way to go..  But it was all good…

And then just before midnight the video was done..   she typed the `message’ at the end of it herself..  all her energy..   and we hit render…and then we watched it all.. the first full version..  and were just blown away by it..  and 5 mins to midnight, we began uploading it to her youtube channel.. (she hit the upload button… cos that’s how it’s gotta be!)

Outside it was cold…night sky was clear ..stars were bright..  all the ground and car windows covered in frost!   I sort of told her off for using her hands & oyster card to scrape the ice off car  windscreen..   There’s a scraper for that and it’s my job..  Hands that play so beautifully the guitar should be kept safe and warm..  🙂  (not that she is weak or anything.  She has strong hands.. but I just got protective!) 

By the time I had dropped her home, and back to mine, the video was done uploading..   and ready for the world to see..

And this is it!  First of many more to come..!

Thank you Joie, for your gifts of Heartsongs. 20 days ago I didn’t know you…and now I can’t ever forget you! 

-Mani Navasothy  (the fan!)

DarkLighter vs WhiteLighter? Which one are you?

DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013
DarkLighter -WhiteLighter (c)ManiN2013

Yes, we’ve watched the old TV show about 3 sisters who are Witches…(Charmed) back in the late 90’s. And no, this is not about all that jazz.. objects flying through air, invisibility, freezing time, and exploding bad-people with a flick of one’s hands! (aw, sorry to disappoint, if that’s what you thought it was about).

Am more interested in the transpersonal (psychology) concepts of Dark and Light…or rather Shadows.. and how you as a Practising Magician, Wizard or Witch deal with your own dark and light aspects… Even more importantly, what’s your normal `mode’ of being?

We are not talking about good or evil here. I am already assuming that you are a `good’ person, one who means well by all others, and that you have the best of intentions at heart.

So what am I talking about? Am talking about your point of view- how you see the World around you, and your positive contributions to it in a magical or esoteric way?  Here’s an example – you know that old phrase – Is the glass half empty..(negative view), or is it half full (positive)..

This is a bit like that.

There are two types of `Lighters’ – that is, people who bring positivity into the world.  For better or worse, I will refer to them as White-Lighter, and Dark-Lighter.  In Transpersonal psychology debates in our old Coven, our High Priestess.. the late  Maureen Brown referred to this matter as `coming from the Dark’ or coming from the light’..  when doing magic.

Still unclear? Here it is..

Do you live in a world of darkness and deeper emotions, observe all the negative things in the world around you, think about those matters – and at times perhaps even empathise so much that it penetrates your psyche more than it should, and you lose perspective and even your self to it..  but eventually pull your self out (because of inherent Will and strength) .. and then share your wisdom or knowledge gained, or help others?   Then you are what I would call a `Dark Lighter’.   You swim in the unknown waters.. and keep your self buried within the troubles and despairs of humanity.. A fine line you walk..


Do you live in a positive state of mind.. and think everything is wonderful.. and can only see the beauty and love in everything.. You avoid thinking deeply about the despairs, troubles of others…or avoid getting involved – because you are quite sensitive to those energies, which can bring you to flood of tears or other emotions..  which simply is too much to handle..  You live in a cloud of positivity and affirmations..  want to help people.. and send love and light at the drop of a hat..?  Although you are intellectually aware of humanity’s issues, and will have experienced your own difficulties, you don’t jump to empathic links with people in really negative or harsh mind-sets.. ?  You are what I would call a `White Lighter’. You are like an angelic being that stays above the ground..  wings in the clouds..  in touch with that energy..  and are able to channel it down to the people..  but landing on the ground will debilitate you..

Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!
Next : How to send Love & Light energy..!

It is my view that both types of `Light workers’ are necessary for the well-being of people in our World.  We need some to dive in to darkness and see what is going on..  even become polluted or infected by the harder harsher energies..  but by turning that into light..(personal transmutation), they change that energy..  And we need others to be higher, exist in a pure state of unconditional love and positivity..  and be able to send that to all objectively.

So..which one are you?

-Mani Navasothy

connect with me on facebook  www.facebook.com/ManiNavasothy

Healing Powers of Rose-Quartz (and the face in the rock!)

Face in the Rose Quartz - MN13
Face in the Rose Quartz – MN13

Every one should have a personal Rose quartz! That’s the conclusion from my 15-20 years of magical explorations!

Why? Because they are crystals of the heart..  for love..  and more importantly, personal love..or rather self-love!  And unless we each love ourselves unconditionally and accept who we each are, how can we hope to love others?

They work..  to ease, help and support..  and aid the self-healing process.

Preparing rose quartz

You don’t have to do anything major… Just cleanse a piece…run cold water from a tap over it..   keep it in a small dish with rock salt over night, wash in a salt solution for an hour or so..

Do any of these to cleans and charge it up.. put it out in full moon light..over night.. and then..just keep it with you…  Put it in your pocket when you go out..  or under the pillow (if it is a smaller stone!)..  The crystal will take care of the rest..I promise you. 🙂

How I got my first rose quartz

Many years ago, the first rose quartz came into my life, in Oxford, around about winter time, when I was attending interviews (yes, at Oxford University…and no..I messed up and didn’t get the A-level grades they asked for..or my life will be so different now!)

I bought a small rose quartz in a card shop or something..and started reading about it.. (1989?).  And started `working with it’ – that is to say I just kept it with me, and cleansed it at full moons, and bathed it in moon light and …that was pretty much it. I was not an esoteric practitioner by any means..apart from my Hindu background.

Ones that Angels gave me..

I have another ..much larger one that came accidentally in an aquarium.  I bought a piece of rock for my tropical fish tank and put it in…It was months later that one day it dawned on me..that the `rock’ in my fish tank is actually a rather large piece of rose quartz. What’s more, I started to see a `face’ …So I gave my mental apologies to the Angel fish in the tank, and took out the crystal..and put it on my pagan altar..and there it still remains..

I’ve since then had many other rose quartz and other crystals..  and times of difficulties, just pick them up and do attunement work.. Or hold a smaller smoother rose quartz and go to sleep.. (and have to find it somewhere in the bed in the morning..!)

Faces in the stone

Anyway, I was trying to take a photo to put with this  blog..  and guess what…I just caught a new face on another piece of rose quartz I have had for many years. The table lamp must have illuminated it just the right way..and today must have been when I am in the right frame of mind..  for this new face in the stone to be revealed. 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

Healing hugs from Pets

Healing hugs from Animals
Healing hugs from Animals.
Ruby at Enfield Town Circle

Few days ago at Enfield Town Circle (a monthly Pagan social gathering), I had first hand experience of  what can be called a Healing Hug from a dog – in particular, Ruby Summer Lee (my friend Marcus’ pet dog ..a Golden Retriever).

I’ve known Ruby for almost a year now..and she is a year old – in fact few weeks ago, my partner and I made a special trip to south london to visit Ruby, and to go for a celebratory walk in local woods! (what else do you do to celebrate a dog’s birthday – give jewellery?   No don’t answer that. I know some people do 🙂

Anyway, last week had been difficult ..for various personal reasons, and by the time I go to the Enfield Moot, I was pretty low on morale and energy. And the first few attendants to the gathering were Marcus and Ruby. And after initial (slightly reserved) petting of the dog (it was in a pub), we sat down. But Ruby would not settle – as she normally would. So I sort of crouched down to pet her and calm her down a bit. But of course she must have had other ideas.  No sooner had I crouched down to her level, she stood up on he hind legs – which brought her to my full (crouched) head height. And she was literally able to put both her front legs (and any mud on her paws) onto both my shoulders, and nuzzle-gently bite my neck.

It was a hug by any other name – no doubt about it. Soon she settled on the floor, and we got on to conversations, and other friends started to arrive. And somewhere in between, I was starting to feel better – and it took me a while to realise the shift – thanks to Ruby’s hug!

It’s nothing new of course to many millions of pet-owners and people who cherish contacts with animals. They’ve all experienced the personal healing touch of their animals.  I’ve had such contact..  stroking cats, dogs. But I believe this was the first time I have had a proper hug from one of them 🙂

More about Ruby Summer in future posts .. as we have lots of interesting events and photos to share 🙂

-Mani Navasothy



Magic & Meditation to stop the killing of Dolphins in Taiji Cove, japan

Dear all,

With permission I am reproducing the following (long) text -from an `Event listing’ in facebook set up by Oephebia  (https://www.facebook.com/events/435542036496842/  )

A number of people (1455+) are doing regular magical visualisation every day (if possible) to help the Dolphins frm afar, as well as all the other means.


———————-copied text begins ————————-

As the killing season has started in the Cove of Taiji (Japan) we need to warn the dolphins, pilot whales and other cetaceans of the grave danger lurking in Taiji.

Some of us have been visualising every night around 8.00 pm (GMT) since 7th September when this event was initially created.
Since the clock went back, we are doing the visualisation at 7.00 pm (GMT).

People from all walks of life, from professional animal communicators, healers, magical people, to people with love in their hearts have sent positive vibes to the dolphins, telling them to swim away from the Japanese coasts, telling them to swim for their lives soon as they heard the fishing boats.

We will continue to do so for the duration of the hunting season.

Also we are sending positive vibes to the fishermen for them to find compassion in their hearts and for them to think about eco-tourism as opposed as killing and slaughter.

This is the written general guide to the visualisation.

I would suggest that you print it out.
There are photos too to help visualise some of the points raised.

Some of us will do a special visualisation (which uses graphic pictures). Obviously one need to be very strong and able to put their own emotions aside in order to do so. It is not for beginners at all.
If you would like to try the special visualisation, please send me (Oephebia) a private message.

As we have people from all over the world, it is not always easy to connect at 8.00 pm UK Time.

Wherever you are, if you could follow the points in the visualisation that we try to convey to the dolphins, it would be superb!

Sending positive thoughts, prayers or burning candles are also welcome, anything positive going to the dolphins in Taiji will add to the pool of energies we are building up in Taiji.

The power of intention is a great force, and if we are all united it may help to save many cetaceans.

Worth trying no?

Animals Can Talk 2 Me

PS: Please feel free to share with your friends, the more people are involved the more powerful the vibes will be.

We need people who can actively try to visualise to help the dolphins. All are welcome from total beginners to “old” hands:-)


This is a link to find out your local time to do the collective visualisation at 7.00 pm GMT (UK time).

This page is to help the cetaceans the best we can. Racist talk against the Japanese people will not be tolerated and will result to a block and report.

Remember we will do a visualisation every night during the hunting season which will end in February/March. Unless we heard news from the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians page https://www.facebook.com/SeaShepherdCoveGuardiansOfficialPage that the murdering has stopped.

This is a link to SeaShepher on twitter for the latest info

Melissa Sehgal on twitter https://twitter.com/Melissa_Sehgal

Save the dolphins official monitor page : https://www.facebook.com/SaveJapanDolphinsTaijiCoveMonitorsPage

Tweets from Save Japan Dolphins: https://twitter.com/SJDolphins

Save Misty the dolphin’s page : https://www.facebook.com/Savemistythedolphin?ref=ts&fref=ts

This page is full of interesting info about Taiji and what is been done to implement change: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peacebuilding-at-Taijis-dolphin/205426449570105?ref=ts


Interview with an Eclipse-Magician

Here’s a 11 min video interview that I filmed for explaining the basics of Eclipse Magic, and giving 3 important tips.

The annular Solar Eclipse is today (20th May’12) at 11.47pm (GMT). in the sign of Gemini.

My e-book `Eclipse Magic workbook’ has 70+ pages of core ideas, tasks and exercises to get any interested person doing this magical work. Launch price is £14.00 only.
-Mani Navasothy.

Note (22Dec’12): This eBook is now available on Amazon Kindle for $9.99  (visit my amazon author page)