Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Advance notice.. Outdoor `Spellcraft & Magic' workshop in 3 weeks time. (on Saturday 12th November). This is a solid 4 hr session (12pm to 4pm) where we simply cover a lot of relevant content. You'll learn and do practical work on candle magic, cord magic, 1 healing spell, and absorb intro talks on other key … Continue reading Spellcraft & Magic workshop (Beginners, Outdoors, London)

Woodland Witches Moot (Pagan social)

Welcome to London Woodland Witches' very own Pagan pub moot - a monthly social! Pagans of any path - wicca, witches, Druids, Heathens, Shamans- all are welcome. Our meetup is growing..and is popular... and before major rituals and afterwards... we end up at the Woodmans pub..socialsing . We don't get enough time to converse.. chat … Continue reading Woodland Witches Moot (Pagan social)

Pan’s Picnic 2014 – London (All welcome)

Pan - the woodland God of Fertility- returns after a gap of 3 years, to grace us with his energy of fun & frolics! Our last Pan's Picnic took place in 2011 (ran for 3 years) but took a break, only to appear in pagan Pride Parade in 2011, and briefly in 2013 as part … Continue reading Pan’s Picnic 2014 – London (All welcome)