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TODAY: The Pagan Pride Parade London 2018 (20th anniversary)

This is the 20th Anniversary of the Pagan Pride Parade London!

Pagan Pride Parade London 2018 -event coverSunday, 13th May 2018.
12 midday – 6pm
Russell Square, London, WC1B 5, United Kingdom
Nearest Tube: Russell Square (Piccadilly Line)

This event is FREE
Join us to celebrate Paganism in all its forms, by marching in the oldest Pagan Pride Parade in the UK.

We will all gather in Russell Square from 12pm, where our team of organisers will be located by the central water fountain. Then, at 1pm we will begin the march of our parade.

With giants, dragons, drummers and dancers, we’ll take over the streets of London and let our Pagan banner fly high. Get dressed up in your finest Pagan attire, perhaps don a mask, bring a drum or another instrument. Whatever you want to show your Pagan spirit.

At the end of the parade, we will all return to Russell Square, where we will continue to make merry, with Morris Dancers, stalls and a picnic.
Pagan Pride Parade London - composite poster - bg.jpg
Please bring your own food for the picnic, or alternatively, you can get lunch in the Russell Square café, located in the park, right next to where we’ll be.

This event is completely free, family friendly and a great day out where you can meet like minded people from all across London and further afield. So, be sure to join us for the 20th Anniversary of the Pagan Pride Parade London.


Join our group/ community to stay connected at

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/104953780319859/

-Mani, Hildegard, Luth, Phil, Geoff, Rebekah

Giant returns to Pagan Pride Parade London (2013)

A Giant  returned to the annual Pagan Pride Parade (London) this year .. and I was proud to have been part of creating `him/ her’!

Every year, in the past, we all have watched as `Giants’  accompanied all the pagans ..proudly walking through main roads of London (in the Holborn area).  These are of course `giant’ sculptures, made of wooden frames, wire, paper & fabric..  – into figures of popular of specific Pagan Gods..  But for the last few years, there have been no giants! The creative team of people who used to make them, bring them and assemble and parade `inside’ them..  had moved on to other parts of UK, and with that the giants stopped walking the streets of London.

And as with some of the pagan traditions that had vanished but brought back into public awareness again (by me and my friends), I also hoped we can bring the Giants back.

Giant returns to Pagan Pride Parade - London
Giant returns to Pagan Pride Parade – London

My friend Marcus (Techno-mage…  makes anything from intricate and expensive gold/silver/gem jewellery to  kayaks that sail on river Thames..) came up with a unique and lightweight alternative idea..   fibre-glass frames (from old tents), cotton fabric body shell that defines shapes, and ordinary blown up balloons inside them which give rigidity- whole thing mounted on a person’s shoulder with a home-made aluminium shoulder-support.

For the past few days, Marcus & I had been bust around the clock…designing, adapting, re-designing.. cutting, stitching..and assembling.. but it was early yesterday, at Red Lion Square (Holborn) at 11.30am that we started to put together the whole `Giant’ for the first time..   There were glitches.  but we solved most of them on the spot..watched by a growing number of interested people..  and we had to `walk’ the giant at half the planned height (due to shoulder support bending too much)..  but we did  it!

The real live (test) run is done. and much has been learnt..   People are already talking about doing it better next year.

And that’s the whole idea..  showing things, so it inspires other people.


Guess what?  I’d stick my neck out far and will even say..  if you are willing to carry one.. we can make more…for next year   (and we make them light weight so one person can carry one giant).

Yesterday was a re-launch..   a single `Green-Man-Woman’ giant returned..  and it will certainty be nice to see more of them next year 🙂

If interested in carrying or …even building one with our help and then joining us next year….contact me 🙂   (form below).

Or find me on facebook and keep in touch (look for Mani Navasothy ..or search for Quantum Phoenix) 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

Join PAGAN PRIDE PARADE London (2nd June 2013)

Pagan Pride Parade - London 2013 (2nde June 2013) Gather at 12pm at Red Lion Square
Pagan Pride Parade – London 2013 (2nde June 2013) Gather at 12pm at Red Lion Square

Pagan Pride Parade – is a free street-based public event.. where all the pagans, witches, wizards, druids, new agers and ordinary pagan folks come together …to celebrate their path…with a flamboyant parade. Previously organised by Jeanette Ellis for 13 years as part of Beltane Bash.

Now being organised by The Atlantis Bookshop for the 3rd year. *Police escort provided*

All welcome to the annual `Pagan Pride Parade’ in London.
Sunday 2nd June 2013. Gather outside the entrance of Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London (nearest tube: Holborn – Piccadilly Line). Meet-up 12 noon.

Wear pagan costumes, masks, bring drums & portable musical instruments, bring banners to carry …either about Pagnism or about your own pagan groups..

Procession ends at Russell Square Park..