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Astro-forecasts for June 2013 (part 2): Beneficial & Challenging aspects

astrology-forecasts-monthly by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net
astrology-forecasts- June 2013 aspects  by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net

Here are the transits of planets in June 2013 (relative angles they make between them), which signs are mainly affected (by the rulership of the planets), and what dates to watch out for! I’ll present this in as simpler form as possible.. ie  beneficial, highly beneficial, difficult, very challenging / difficult etc.

You may also like to read  `Astro-highlights for June’13- part 1:  Effects of sign-shifts by Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune’ – where I have already explored the effects of the planets moving through various sun-signs and how that may affect those signs).

Remember that the energies of transits take a few days (or weeks in some cases) to build up, and that the time when astrological potentials exist for harmonious changes. Often the 1-2 days just before a tough aspect are when stresses and strains also show up in our lives. So do read what’s below, and aim to be either careful a few days (before a tough transit) or plan to male use of the beneficial potentials as you go towards a particular day!

June 2013 forecasts (major positive and difficult transits only)

2nd – Sun sextile Uranus.   Good for Leos & Aquarians.

3rd – Mercury trine Neptune. Highly beneficial for Geminis, Virgos and Pisces.

4th – Mercury trine Saturn; Highly beneficial for Geminis, Virgos and Capricorns; Contracts & future plans high-lighted.

6th– Venus semi-sextile Mars. Good for Librans, Taureans and Aries. (the male and female archetype forces are at play. Highlights relationships).

7th – many transits as below-

Mercury opposition Pluto;

Venus trine Saturn; Good for Librans, Taureans and Capricorns.

Venus trine Neptune; Good for Librans, Taureans and Pisces.

Mars square Neptune- A stressful transit affecting Aries and Pisces – prone to feeling lost or getting caught up in distractions / escapism, bouts of anger and frustration; mars may act as a spark for a volatile situation with Neptune providing the fuel.

Neptune Stationary (going retrograde) – Coupled with the above aspect, this one will affect all, but more so for Pisceans..  (see part 1 of the forecast)

8th – Mercury square Uranus – stressful for Geminis, Virgos and Aquarians – watch out for the mind playing tricks, small things lodged in that keep chipping away or sudden bouts of depression.


Venus opposition pluto –  a challenging time for Libras, Taureans and Scorpions  where forces are pulling at in opposite directions, and resolution can only be reached with balance or compromise;

Saturn trine Neptune- Highly beneficial exists  for Capricorns & Pisces. Some of that cloud of doubts may vanish, replaced by inspired plans and thoughts for long term.

12th – Venus square Uranus – stressful for Librans, Taureans and Aquarians.

17th– Mars sextile Uranus – fairly good for Aries and Aquarians. Expect the unexpected..in a good way”!

19th– Sun conjuncts Jupiter- Very good for Leos, Sagittarians, and nearly everyone – as the Sun (our Star) and the biggest and most beneficial planet Jupiter are joining their energies! Everyone should- no matter what other matters are pressing- look positively about their higher learning and  expanding horizons. As this is happening in Gemini, it’s a case of manage your mind and thoughts – (you think therefore it becomes!)

21st – Mercury conjuncts Venus- another very good day – mainly for Gemini, Virgos, Taureans and Librans.

26th – Sun trine Saturn; Sun trine Neptune; Mercury retrograde starts; – A mixed day of 2 very good transits but overshadowed by the retrograde of Mercury starting.  Leos, Capricorns & Pisceans will stand to benefit the most.. But all can tap into these energies – as the Sun is involved. Long term goals, inspired ideas, laying foundations are well starred.. but as Mercury begins retrograde, the next few weeks may bring lost opportunities (despite initial irritations and aparent problems).  see part 1

28th – Venus semi-sextile Jupiter- Fairly good day for Librans, Taureans and Sagittarians..  But as these are the 2 most beneficial planets, forming a beneficial aspect – everyone stands to gain..!


Note about Cancerians-

These forecasts are written with all the planets except the Moon in mind. Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so by looking at transits of Moon we can work out what sort of (good/ bad) day Cancerians may be having.. However, the moon moves so fast (by our solar system planetary standards) that it forms aspects with other planets almost every day- if not every few hours!  (just tells you why Cancerians probably have such a shifting energy with sentiments & moods!).  Look at part 1 to see how Cancerians are affected by transits.  

Quick note on Planetary rulerships

Sun- Leo; Moon- Cancer; Mercury – Gemini & Virgo; Venus – Taurus & Libra; Mars- Aries ; Jupiter – Sagittarius ; Saturn – Capricorn; Neptune – Pisces; Uranus- Aquarius; Pluto- Scorpio

Quick notes on aspects

Trine & Conjunctions- highly beneficial;  Sextiles & Semi-sextiles – also positive;  Oppositions – create conflicts that require balancing; Square create stress that must be dealt with or it stays and manifests when those transits / aspects happen again;

Stellar Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

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Astro-highlights for June 2013 – part 1 (Effects of sign shifts by Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune)

astrology-forecasts-monthly by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net
astrology-forecasts-monthly by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net

The triple Eclipse set is over, so is the 3rd phase of the Uranus-square-Pluto (4 more to go between now and 2015!).. so is everything going to be okay now?

Well, the good thing about cycles…of planets circling around the Sun .. is that whatever challenging astrological transits that are going on will clear up, as planets move on..and they will form much more harmonious and helpful aspects. The bad thing – cycles have a way of repeating! Not quite in the same way, but they do!

Here’s what’s going on at the moment with the Planets — their movements through signs and how it may affect those signs!

Mercury effect on Gemini, Cancer & Virgo

Mercury moved into Cancer on 31st May – so Gemini’s & Virgo’s  will feel a shift now, perhaps even getting sensitive. But along with it may come intuition and maternal or nurturing instincts (Cancerian qualities).  (Gemini’s have had mercury in their own sign for a month..  but that huge positive boost now reduces..and hopefully Gemini’s made use of it and stocked up!).

Cancerians will get the influence of Mercury – so they may start to (already) feel their  mental faculties sharpening up – new agreements or contracts may surface.. as will lines of communication, commerce and short distance travel.

Mercury retrograde – warning for all- This starts on 27th June and goes on till 21st July..   So during that we all should take extra care- Back up hard drives, clarify agreements and don’t fuel arguments or mis-communications..  (during that time!)   During that time, Cancerians may experience those kind of effects more…so do watch out for depressive thoughts. Remember – Cycles!  It will turn upwards afterwards!

Venus effect on Cancer

Few days ago (3rd June), Venus also changed signs..  going from Gemini and into Cancer! Now Venus is a `watery’ planet and as it enters Cancer ( a water sign) this is a rather harmonious merger of their energies. Cancerians are going to get the benefits of Venus in their sign till 28th June..   What does Venus bring? Come on – do I have to spell it out? Okay I will –  Possibilities of romantic fulfillment, some additional wealth or money, brilliant social life.. that sort of thing 🙂

Of course Libras & Taureans – ruled by Venus are going to get the energies of Cancer rubbing on them!

Jupiter effect on Cancer

On 26th June, after a year of being in Gemini (and giving Geminis a lot of new landscapes, opportunities, wisdom, expansions and such) ..jovial Jupiter leaves Gemini…and enters the sign of Cancer!   And it will stay there for a year now!   So this is a big shift for Cancerians.. coming up at the end of June..   And all those qualities I just mentioned are going to be at the doorstep of Cancerians..      Yes, it’s going to be one brilliant month for Cancerians…that  will start off a brilliant expansive year for them!

And whatever House position in your chart falls in the sign of Cancer is going to light up for a year..  (it will be one of the 12 house positions…  ruling Identity, Finances, career, work, romance, relationship etc..)

Mars effect on Gemini’s

Well, if all that `Jupiter is leaving, Venus is leaving, Mercury has left’  news is making Gemini’s rather down..  you shouldn’t!  Mars entered Gemini at the beginning of June..and will be there till 13th July’13.  Mars as you know brings assertive firey energy .. to get things done! In this case, it may also bring male energy in to the lives of some Gemini’s …in one form or another…perhaps with it some natural sexual urges! 😉 Sudden developments are likely  when Mars in Gemini sextiles Uranus (I’ll say more about transits in another blog. So tune in again next week ).

Neptune retrograde – affecting Pisceans

On 7th June’13, Neptune, currently transiting through the sign of Pisces (Neptune rules that sign) starts to go retrograde..and will do so for a few months to come (till 14th November’13).   This is not going to be an easy 5 months for Pisceans. At about the same time, factors that have the Neptune rulership in the world (oil, the human dreams & collectives, escapism tendencies, secret addictions ) are going to get that focus!

Saturn continues to be retrograding through Scorpio.

So Scorpios should be focusing on the lessons in life..  or the Saturnian task master will be making your lives hard indeed. Capricorns ..ruled by Saturn will be continuing to have a trying time..  that is actually working to go deep and transform some underlying layers of their personalities, behaviours, and experiences. Stay with it.. This hard phase will be over by mid-July  (Saturn goes direct on 8th July 2013)!

That’s about it for this blog.

I’ll sit down to do my usual  `highlighting the specific dates & signs’ for the actual transits (good/ bad stuff) in a blog next time..:-)

Here’s a thing – of you are worried about what’s been going on or what’s about to go on..  astrologically, feel free to contact me..  with any questions you may have…and I’ll see if I can shed some astro-light on your situation.

Stellar Blessings

-Mani Navasothy