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Astro-Blue Moon coming up (August 2013)

Astro-BlueMoon - 21August2013 (c) Mani Navasothy Astrologer
Astro-BlueMoon – 21August2013 (c) Mani Navasothy Astrologer

Blue moon is `traditionally’ the second full moon in the same calendar month!  What’s an astro Blue moon?   Well, that is what I consider to be a true blue moon!  It happens when there are two consecutive full moons in the same astrological (sun) sign!

I give this more importance, because Calendar months are too arbitary. Depending on when you start to count the dates, a calendar month can vary.  Indeed most religions of the world have their own calendars. Even the modern western calendar has been chopped, changed, dates added, reduced and adjusted by various Kings/ Emperors of the past (Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar and so on).


We are about to have 2 full moons in the same sign!

  • Full Moon on 22nd July 2013 – at 0’06” Aquarius.
  • Full moon on  21st August 2013 – at 28’11” Aquarius.

So you see, 2 consecutive full moons in the sign of Aquarius ..!    By this approach, the 2nd full moon – 21st August’13 – is an Astro-BlueMoon!


This has more magical significance.. because a) people of that Zodiac sign get 2 full moons in one year (normally we all get one full moon in our own signs).  People not of that particular zodiac sign van also take a big advantage of this astro-opportunity!  For example, if you like to do some magic that relates to a certain aquarius quality, or want to work magically on the `house’ where this sign encompasses,  you get 2 opportunities.

You can either do the same magical work twice…or start magical work on the first full moon of this sequence, and conclude it at the 2nd one.

Note: to make use of this magically, you must start  the magical or esoteric work on 22nd July’13, and conclude/ repeat it a month later on 21st August’13.

Good luck!

–Mani Navasothy (astro-mage!)


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Astro-warning: Stressful week ahead due to upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto transit (20th May 2013)

Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013
Uranus square Pluto transit 20 May 2013

I’ve written about the 7-part transit of the Uranus-square-Pluto transit occurring between 2012 to 2015.. (the 7 transforming waves).

We’ll, part 3 is about to take place on 20th May 2013.. (and part 4  on 1st November!).

Am sure may can ‘t have helped but already notice that the past 1-2 weeks have been getting edgier.. sudden disruptions, little things ending up causing big consequences or effects, stress and so on.. The next 6 days are going to see more of this in more or less every one of our lives.. as we get closer and closer to the energies of this Uranus-square-Pluto culminate ..on the night of Monday 20th May 2013 at 23:02 hrs GMT (UT).

Uranus is currently travelling through the sign of Aries, and Pluto is retrograding through Capricorn!  Sorry…it’s a double-whammy disruptions and chaos for Scorpio and Capricorn, and rather close and intensive time for Aries and Aquarius.  But pretty much intensive, ultimately transformative ..after a period of sudden disruptions …for everyone.

Issues regarding sex, secrets and obsessive habits, wrangles with technology and machinery, computers and internet, realms of the occult can all be part of the themes of issues that come up right about now. Power struggles, hidden or otherwise, fight for control or manipulative behaviour, sleepless nights with over active minds (and possibly inventions and innovations surfacing) will be some symptoms of deeper processes like the pressure of molten earth building towards a volcanic eruption.

As I said, it’s not the first or the last time.

To get a clue of what sort of issues may play to the surface in YOUR particular life, look back at what you were dealing with …last year  around about April -May 2012, and also around about late September to October 2012.   Those matters and issues, if they have not been properly resolved within your lives, will surface again.

But if all those have been explored in the recent 6 months, and you have been learning and transforming your life in many ways, then this wave will not have such a harsh disruptive effect on you ..   (though other issues may now surface).

Again, there will be a further phase of this in October, and more next year..

Trick is to really go deep with the issues that come up, and learn through and let your life be transformed..   and sooner you let that happen, the lesser these Uranus-Square-Pluto transits will smash over your body like giant waves  breaking over you from behind on a tempestuous beach, while you are standing there looking the other way!

Look at the sea, be aware of the wave that is coming..   and be prepared …as much as you can..

Running away is not an option..  because it’s a wave that will hit everywhere!

But then, if you look truthfully and deeply, you already know in your heart..what  am talking about.

Good luck.. for your transformation..  and may you shed the old skin and be reborn.

-Mani Navasothy


Astrology Charts & graphics for Solar & Lunar Eclipses of April & May 2013

It’s a Triple Eclipse period!  Normally Eclipses occur in pairs..  one Solar and one lunar…but once in a while, there may be a third one.. (it’s to do with the orbits, geometry and the lunar nodes.. )

Well, we have a Full Moon (lunar) partial eclipse on 25th April 2013, then a Solar eclipse on 10th May 2013, and another Full Moon (penumbral lunar) Eclipse on 25th May’13.

I’ve created Astrology charts for all 3 of them, so you can see where the planets will be on those specific days..

I’ll be writing more on how and who are affected by these Eclipses, and if you do know your own birth chart / planetary positions, – how you can work out if any parts of your life will be severely affected!!

For now, here are the charts..   Come back and check in a few days..  or subscribe to my blog to keep up to date 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

Partial Lunar Eclipse 25 April2013 - full moon in Scorpio -(c) QuantumPhoenix-net
Astro Chart/ graphics:  Partial Lunar Eclipse 25 April 2013 – full moon in Scorpio -(c) QuantumPhoenix.net


Annular Solar Eclipse 10 May 2013 - Sun & New moon in Taurus (c) QuantumPhoenix-net
Astro Chart/ graphics:  Annular Solar Eclipse 10 May 2013 – Sun & New moon in Taurus (c) QuantumPhoenix.net


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 25 May 2013 - Full  moon in Sagittarius (c) QuantumPhoenix-net
Astro chart/graphics:  Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 25 May 2013 – Full moon in Sagittarius (c) QuantumPhoenix.net


Eclipses of 2013 – dates

7 waves of pluto-Uranus squares that will change the world between 2012-2015

Eclipse Magic Workbook - use the power of Solar & Lunar Eclipses in Esoteric work (c) Mani Navasothy.2012
Use the power of Solar & Lunar Eclipses in Esoteric work – World’s first book on Eclipse Magic.. written by Mani Navasothy.  Click to Read more .. 

Astrology: Spring Equinox Chart & forecasts for March’12

Here’s a quick astrology chart I created for the day when Sun is entering the zodiac sign of Aries!

Solar chart - spring equinox - 20March2013
Solar chart – spring equinox – 20March2013

As you can see, it’s quite basic – Aries is in the rising sign position for simplicity sake, and I’ve looked up Planetary positions from the Ephemeris and placed them on the chart.

Sun is entering Aries (that is what marks the Spring Equinox!),  Mars & Uranus are already in Aries,  Venus & Mercury – currently in Pisces will soon be entering Aries.  (I will be doing a full detailed analysis of each of these planets transiting through Aries, and what that means for Aries people in a separate post).   Of course slow moving Neptune is in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn (these two will be in those signs for years to come!)  Jupiter- currently passing through Gemini will enter sign of Cancer in late June’13, and Saturn currently passing through Scorpio will continue that for all of 2013.

Sun’s energy shift -With the Sun entering the fire sign of Aries, all the other fire signs (Leo & Sagittarius) are going to get a jolt of fiery energy in resonance. Sun will be in Aries till 20h April’13 of course.

Astrology forecasts for  19th – 31st  March 2013 – good and bad aspects to watch out for

Squares, semi-squares and Oppositions between planets are the major astrological causes of stress and difficulties (or the way some politely put it, `challenging’).  Trines, Sexties and conjunctions between planet tend to create huge positive potential – that everyone can make use of (if you are aware of it…and that’s why I write these forecasts 🙂  ) So those are the aspects that I usually look at.

Note on objectivity when forecasting: When doing these forecasts, I do use my knowledge of the characteristics and qualities of the planets,, signs and aspects – but I also let those mix and flow in my mind, and allow intuition to pick out the ones that come mostly to the surface. (And like all Astrologers, I have to be careful not to get influenced by my own whim and moods – That’s why sometimes, although I like to do these forecasts, I delay writing them – because on a personal level, I may not be objective enough …so best to wait for a time when I can give genuinely objective intuitive forecasts..  And today is one of those days 🙂

Mercury – that has been retrograde for 3 weeks just started going direct (yesterday 17 March 13) so already there will be an energy shift of ease, clearing air etc.  I wrote about this Mercury-direct shift in my blog yesterday.   Something to bear in mind – on 10th March, Mercury (while retrograding) had a square with Jupiter.  Now that Mercury is going direct, it will have that square again .. on 29th March’13. Though not as problematic as before, it will sill bring up issues and stress that must be acted upon and dealt with (or those energies just simmer till next major aspects between these planets and explode again.. So advise sort it..!)

19th March’13- Mercury semi-sextiles Mars.    This is a good one new initiatives or offers may come your way.

22nd March – Mars conjuncts Uranus (in Aries)- Good chaotic day. The day leading up to this is going to be a bit chaotic, and there is every potential for this to be a dynamic and positive day – but seeing Mars is like a fuse and Uranus is the chaotic engine..   things can get out of hand  – or the good stuff can get muddled up in all the apparent barge of incoming energy.  Try to sift out what’s really useful, and focus on that. It is a good one..

24th – Sun semisextile Neptune.   Energy for some dreamy ideas and ideals. Different kind of elusiveness that can produce tangible results. But on then same day, there is a mild stressful aspect between  Jupiter and Saturn – so don’t get involved in power struggles, especially when trying to expand your boundaries.

25th – Mercury semisextile Uranus – dynamic communications can give good outcomes;  Venus semisextile Neptune – quite good for leisure and romance or the arts (and perhaps indulging in some habits bordering on escapism – Don’t over do substances, alcohol etc);

26th- Mars sextiles Jupiter – another great day for huge potential and energy – as these are both fire related planets, forming the second most positively powerful aspect any two planets can form. Aries & Sagittarius people will have a great day (the day leading to it also is good). But the following day sees a major stressful aspect for Aries people, so just start to be careful from midday onwards.

27th- Mars squares Pluto.   Quite stressful – it can build from the previous day, and definitely issues of power, sex, obsessions may come to the surface. Mars here acts like a projectile firing at a plutonium bomb!  Smallest trigger can create a massive explosion, or smallest act can create something that may become quite consuming. On some level, as long as you don’t just ride it out or escape, but make firm (non-controlling) decisions and take action, you come out okay.

28th – A very good day (you may be gasping for it after the previous day!). Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries.   Mercury trines Saturn.  Venus conjuncts Uranus.  Lots of wonderful things can come from this, for love & romance, luxurious ventures, plans or contracts for future. Expect the unexpected, as nice things will come out of the blue!

29th – Sun conjuncts Uranus – so the dynamic and unexpected events continue, but in a positive way.  Very good for Aquarians, Aries (double whammy), and for Leos.  There is also a Mercury sextile Pluto aspect going on.  If you had dealt with the sudden deeper issues that arose a few days ago, this will produce the definite (positive) results. Watch out – don;t fall under the influences of Silver-tongues and be mesmerised and taken to bed (read whatever you like into that!)   One good thing about his day is the slightly bad thing – the repeat Mercury square Jupiter – which in this case may manifest stress (and counter balance an overindulgence or being swept away…) or bit of reality check!   Old stuff from beginning of March’13 need final resolutions – Mind holds the key (think expansively and talk openly).

30th – Bit of a tough day because of 3 minor negative aspects (quincunx) between Sun & Saturn, Venus & Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto.   Authority issues and power struggles at work or in love relationships need addressing; deeply simmering issues may need some spiritual light; Secret relationships may cause problems. Each aspect on it’s own can be okay to just about deal with, but as there are 3 of them – the combined results may well add up to a major stressful day – with issues just washing over one after another, like lots of waves that just doesn’t give you a clear beach.

31st- March ends with a mixed stressful and positive day! The Venus sextile Jupiter creates an energy of fulfilling day for luxury, expansive plans, even romance (good for Sagittarians, Librans and Taureans).  But there is also the Venus square Pluto on the day – so erm, there is a chance for sexual contact or even issues to explode to the surface from the depths. Watch out for controlling partners in relationships. Difficult to know if what;’s happening on this day is a good thing or a bad thing.  What may seem very good may have a darker undertone, and what may seem stressful may actually have a deep reaching transformative energy.

See you in the next astrology post where I will look at the planets Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Uranus ..forming aspects while they are in Aries.

-Mani Navasothy


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Good News – Mercury goes direct in March’13

Stressful aspects you may have had mid-January to mid-March 2013



Good news – Mercury goes Direct tonight! (17March’13)

mercuryAbout 3 weeks ago, on 22nd February, Mercury began it’s retrograde motion in the zodiac sign of Pisces.  It went from 19 degrees backwards to about 5 degrees in Pisces. Now Pisces is one of those signs that is thought to be dreamy, inspirational.. etherial and nebulous. In it’s rather negative side, it’s also about confusion, bit of chaos, urge to escape..and deceptions. Add this to the fact that Mercury ..when retrograding brings out issues like mis-communication, negative thinking, stressful mind states, problems with local organisations and travels.. you can see that this combination..and the resulting 3+ week period can be a very trying time on so many level for everyone..

Pisces, Gemini & Virgo people would have been more severely affected, and those with these signs as their ascendant (rising signs). For the rest of the people (signs), which ever house where Pisces falls within would have had the troubles..  Things may have started to unravel drastically or even begun to dissolve ..  !

GOOD NEWS..  you can stop holding your breath, or gasping for fresh air. Mercury retrograde period (this one) is now over.

Mercury goes direct today.. 17th March, at about 8.03pm (gmt).    The last few weeks may have stirred up all sorts of troubles …and as Mercury now goes direct, not only do those hindrances start to fade away, on a personal level, you can take the initiative (mercury rules the mind), and get to resolving issues that have come up.

Miscommunications, arguments, contractual problems, agreements that stalled, commercial ventures that took a nose-dive – can all be attended to now, and successful be sorted – mostly in a positive way!

Although Mercury is now going forward, it has to catch up to the place where it got to before… So it will take Mercury  till 6th April, to get to it’s previous position (19 degrees Pisces)..  So until then, you have an opportunity to make every effort to resolve issues that have been coming up in the past 3 weeks.  And then things can really take off..

So…breath – smile- and bravely tackle the issues with a positive frame of mind..  with imagination, compassion and your highest ideals (positive qualities of Neptune which rules Pisces)..and all will turn out very well indeed.

-Mani Navasothy



7 transforming aspects of Uranus-Pluto 

Astrology basics

Stressful aspects for mid-january to mid-March’13


Astrology: Stressful aspects you may have experienced already (mid-January to mid-March 2013)

astrology-forecasts-monthly by Mani Navasothy -QuantumPhoenix-net
Astrology-Retrospect for  mid-January to mid-March 2013  (c) http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net

My promised monthly forecasts did not materialize after mid-January 2013 (let’s just say I was at the mercy of those very aspects!)    I hope to resume the regular forecasts soon… But first, it’s useful to all to look back at the stellar landscape of stressful aspects and transits. Why only the stressful ones? Well, no one worries about the positive enhancing stuff, but the difficult days of your lives tend to linger in your minds for a long time..  and giving it perspective allows you to understand and let go of it..

Note 1.  Which aspects:   Only aspects of semi-square & Square are shown, as in my view, they tend to create the most internal stress (which can flare up a person or situation and create external conflicts).

Note 2.  Which signs? Letters in bracket  (Aq, Scorp) refers to the signs where those two planets are.

Note 3.  Who does it affect? Remember that any transits/ aspects will influence all of you..  albeit a particular sector of your life (home, wealth, romance, work, social etc).  But the aspects will be felt more intensely..by the people whose zodiac signs are directly involved in the aspects, as well as the zodiac signs that are ruled by the planets involved. I’ll indicate this next to each event.

Note 4.   Duration –  The energies of the aspects `build’ a day or so before the actual aspect…so that’s when the stress may have been felt the most.


January 2013

25th  – Mercury square Saturn  — Primarily affected Geminis, Capricorns.  (Adversely influences Aquarians & Scorpios).

27th – Mars semi-square  pluto  — Primarily affects Aries, Scorpios. (Adversely influences Aquarians & Capricorns). Full Moon in Leo.  So additional energy around for a lot of emotions to bubble to the surface.  Mars & Pluto rule Scorpios… Moon rules Cancer a water sign, and as Scorpio is also a water sign, this will be a  particularly hard one for Scorpios.

30 – Sun square Saturn –Primarily affected Leos, Capricorns. (Adversely influences Aquarians & Scorpios).

Also Jupiter goes direct ..which is a positive change for Sagittarians, after they have been facing many a challenges for the past 4 months of many  (As Jupiter has been retrograde in Gemini for 4 months, they too will have been facing challenges for 4 months!). Shifts will occur now.

31 – Mercury semi-square Uranus — Primarily affected Geminis & Aquarians. (And also affects Aquarius & Aries) .

February 2013

3rd – Mercury semi-square Pluto — Primarily affected Gemini’s and Scorpios. (Also influences Aquarius & Capricorns).

6th – Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.  Gemini’s and Pisceans will start to see a major shift soon. But there is the 3-week long mercury retrograde to face between 23rd Feb to 18th March.

9th-  Sun semi-square Uranus   –Primarily affected Leos & Aquarians,;   Mercury square Jupiter (aq, gem) – primarily affected Geminis and Sagittarians. (Also for Aquarians & Pisces);

10th – Mars square Jupiter — Primarily affected Aries and Sagittarians. (Also for Pisces & Gemini).

11th – Venus square Saturn  — Primarily affected Libras, Taureans and Capricorns. (also felt by Pisces & Scorpios).

14 – Sun semi-square Pluto — Primarily affected Leos and Scorpios. (Also for Aquarians & Capricorns).

18th – Saturn retrograde starts (in Scorpio) – This continues till early July’13.

19 – Venus semi-square Uranus  — Affects mainly Librans, Taureans and Aquarians. (Influences  Pisces & Aries).

22- Venus semisquar-Pluto  — Affects mainly Scorpios, Librans & Taureans. (Also Aquarians & Capricorns).

23rd – Mercury retrograde starts  –  One of the planets whose retrograde affects not just Gemini’s (mercury rules that sign) and Pisces (Mercury is in that sign) but everyone.. Communication problems, arguments, confusions, missing documents, issues with commerce, troublesome young people etc are all signs of Mercury retrograde period. Will last till 18th March.

25th – Sun square-Jupiter  – -Affects Leos and Sagittarian. As Mercury retrogrades in Pisces and Sun is in Pisces, this will have a stronger impact on Pisces too. (Also Pisces & Gemini)

March  2013 (so far)

4th – Venus square Jupiter — Librans, Taureans and Sagittarians affected mainly. (Also Pisces, Gemini)

10th – Mercury (r) square Jupiter —  Geminis and Sagittarians strongly affected. (Also Pisces & Gemini)

Well, that brings us up to the present day. I’ll write up (promise) the forecasts for the rest of March’13  in a bit more detail (positive ones and stressful ones)  in a day or so.

Don’t panic..  There is a good thing in the horizon..  This  weekend, Mercury becomes stationary..(from 3 weeks of retrograding) and starts to go Direct.

-Mani Navasothy

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Forecasts  for  January (13th – 19th January’13)






Retrograde-Free period ends (next one in 3 years!)

Venus trine & transitAt any one time, our observation will show planets to be either `moving direct’ or `moving backwards’ – the Retrograde motion. (This is explained in my earlier blog. Read it here).

From  30th January  we have had a clear  2+ weeks, where no planets in Solar system were retrograding. This period has now ended, with Saturn already beginning to retrograde in the sign of Scorpio today (19th Feb’13).  And in a few days, on 23rd Feb’13, Mercury will begin its retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

The next time we will get a clear retrograde-Free period (where all the planets in our Solar system are going direct) will occur in almost 3 years time.

Here are the dates for future Retrograde-Free durations.

30 Jan – 17 Feb 2013  (17 days) – Just ended!

26 Dec’15 – 4Jan’16 (10 days).

8 Jan –  5 Feb 2017 (27 days)

2 Jan -7 March 2018 (2 months!)

5 Jan – 4 March 2019 (2 months!)

Now some people may think that `their planet’ won’t be retrograding all the time and so they won’t be having such a long wait. However, bear in mind that when a personal astrological chart is erected and current positions of planets are placed on that, each planet is going to be in an important house-position of a person’s chart (even if a particular planet is not their ruling planet!). So when ever one goes retrograde in a house position (say 5th house – of romance, creativity..  2nd house of finances etc) …that area of your life will be influenced in a challenging way (most of the time).

So effectively, for the next 3 years, without any exceptions, we are all going to be having challenging times…in one part of our life or another.

From time to Time, I’ll provide forecasts – difficult and easy days or periods to watch out for.

-Mani Navasothy

Astrological aspects & transits to watch out for in January 2013-part1

Astrology forecasts (horoscopes) January 2013 -pt1 (c)ManiNavasothy
Astrology forecasts (horoscopes) January 2013 -pt1 (c)ManiNavasothy

Hello all,  here’s something new that I like to do..  hopefully on a regular basis — looking at upcoming astrological transits and aspects- and what we can expect, what to look forward to, and what potential challenges to be careful of (and avoid – if possible). I like to stress the point- all astrological `forecasts’ are about potentials for something to occur – good or bad (to be very blunt), harmonious or stressful or challenging – to be more precise ….So making the actual forecast manifest or not manifest depends also on the individual person and his/ her belief systems.

Aspect:  This is when two or more planets `form’ a relationship between one another – from our point of observation. ie it looks to us like 2 planets are lined up one one behind another (conjunction), or one on one side of the earth and the other exactly on the opposite side of the earth (opposition), or one above our heads and another 90 degrees to the right hand side or left hand side (horizon) – ie square, and so on.

Transits: Planets are moving all the time..across the sky, and when a planet `enters’ a sign, or a point in the sky, it is said to `transit’ that point. The moon for example moves across the skies so fast (by planetary standards) that the moon takes about 2 1/2 days to transit each sign of the zodiac. So about 29 days later, the moon’s back in the same zodiac. (The Sun in comparison takes 12 months!)

Clarifications on the forecasts:     Am not writing detailed forecasts –  What I am going to do is look at certain `highly auspicious’ (harmonious) aspects between planets (mainly conjunctions, trines and sextiles), and also flag up potential `stressful / testing’ aspects (mainly squares, oppositions & some semi-squares).

Who is affected?  Each and every  aspect and transit  affects everyone, and not just a few signs.  (It’s to do with House positions of the planets!  More on that another time).  However I look at the zodiac signs that are involved in a particular aspect or transit, as well as which planets and what signs those planets rule..

Astrology transits /aspects for January 2013  (Sunday 13th –  Saturday 19th January)


Venus square-Uranus.  Social change!  This is a stressful aspect. For most people (especially Librans & Taureans), unexpected events or encounters may happen – in a social or romantic situation. Aquarians will have to deal with a financial or relationship matter. The build-up of stress created by this aspect will only reduce, when action is taken in one way or the another. No action is not an option.  As venus is in Sagittarius & Uranus is in Aries,   this aspect will also be acutely felt by Sagittarians and Aries people. The energy of this aspect would have been felt a few days prior, and by 13th it should be culminating.


Venus -sextile-saturn.   This is a harmonious aspect. On a scale of `very good, good, okay, not bad’   – this will be `good’.  There is potential for laying out or planning long term arrangements in a relationship or social group situations. Artistic ventures, connection between people and their parents, bosses or managers are positively influenced.   Librans, Taureans, Capricorns affected – as venus & Saturn involved. As venus is in Sagittarius, and Saturn is in Scorpio,  those zodiac signed people are also influenced.

Venus-conjuncts-pluto – This aspect is also taking place on this day. In addition to the above, as Venus is connecting to Pluto,  there will be an element of depth or probing, as well as some sort of long term obsession/ habit, sexual or occult in nature can be a factor. This will affect Scorpios, and Capricorns – as Pluto rules scorpio, and pluto is currently in Capricorn.

Astrology gives confirmation or the `message’ in more ways than one. This day is a fine example. The first aspect had Venus-saturn, with saturn in scorpio, and the second aspect has venus-pluto, with pluto in capricorn which is ruled by saturn. So the same message is coming up as a resonance through 2 separate aspects.


Sun-conjuncts-Mercury.  This is a `good’ one. The firey energy of the Sun is harmoniously combining with the communicative and playful energy of Mercury – the mythical messenger of the Gods!  It’s a day to embark on new commercial ventures, do publicity, send an important e-mail or have that meeting to talk about matters of importance to you!  Keep an eye on messages, and take any new opportunities seriously. We can;t always trust flight-footed mercury, but on the it combines with the Sun, there’s every chance for hope and trust.

For a conjunction to take place, both planets have to be in the same zodiac sign. In this case, they are both in Capricorn. So it’s safe to say Capricorns will have the best opportunity. But Leos, Gemini’s & Virgos will also be getting the best of this day.

Next week, I’ll put up my forecasts for the period  between 20th -31st Jan’13.  (don’t forget Jupiter goes direct on 30th January).

-Mani Navasothy


7 changing waves of the Uranus-square-Pluto transit 2012-2015   (2nd & 3rd waves are on 20th May & 1st Nov of 2013)

Eclipses in 2013

Lunar occultations in 2013

Retrograde-free few weeks in January-feb’13

Mercury dance with Pluto, as Saturn strokes Neptune

More astrological good news!

In my previous astrology post, I mentioned the following:

Good news:  On 9th October, Sun trines Jupiter, and, Venus trines Pluto. The energy of those two are superb, and should start to transform and resolve the situations that exist.     Jupiter rules horizons, religion and justice.    Sun is one for energy (and ego).    Venus will be a governing social interactions, love etc…and Pluto is all about intensity, power, control..death and rebirth..and ultimately…transformation.  (see full post:  Neptune wars with Mars). 

Well, I forgot to say, in the midst of some personal trials & triumphs, there are some  another brilliant aspects going on too.

Mercury-semisextile-Pluto  (yesterday 10th Oct’12) – is one of these good aspects.  Someone mentioned the word `argument’ in reply to one of my astrology posts, and I had to point out – that time- as mercury was not part of those aspects, it’s not about arguments…but about `confusions’ (as Neptune was adversely involved).   Well, here Mercury is involved…but positively ..and with Pluto.   So communications may be going through some sort of positive break-through, or mental processes may be leading people to decisions.

(I for one had reached certain major decisions on some of my old ventures. At the same time, I was also busy outdoors …shooting a few videos for some upcoming Enterprises & ventures.. So yeap, I made use of this aspect in the last few days! 🙂

Saturn-trine-Neptune (today 11th Oct’12)   – this is a brilliant one, as it’s a trine…the most positive astrological aspect possible (short of a double or grand trine!).   As you’ll probably know, Saturn governs stability and structures…as well as authority.  And Neptune is a distant planet that has associations to dreams, psychology, intuition, the human collective…amongst tangible but fluidic things like gases, petrol, liquids (ocean). Idealism is also linked to this  (Knight of Cups).

So this aspect between Saturn & Neptune is a highly positive one…for crsytallising ideals and dreams into definite forms, structure…putting in foundations…if you like..  There’s more of course…but I have been tuning into that part of it…especially for the new Esoteric Enterprises venture that I just announced.

It’s all good.. if we go with the stellar winds, when sailing our ships to new horizons. 🙂   The Hindus have been doing that for thousands of years…others too.  I;ll say more in coming blogs about using astrology for  working out potentially powerful dates to do business.

-Mani Navasothy

Saturn shift – Freedom for Librans & Lessons for Scorpios..begin!

Astrologically, there are some major changes ahead …starting NOW!

Saturn  shift – affects Librans, Scorpios & Capricorns

Saturn has been in the zodiac sign of Libra for over 2 and a half years (since 23rd July 2010).  That to Librans would have been like driving a fast car that suddenly goes into a muddy path..! Car slows down or even stops.. or progress is very slow.  Things will have started to get very difficult – personal problems, sudden responsibilities, clashing with figureheads and authority figures in life..  It started a 28 year cycle, of stock taking, slowing down and learning some hard lessons in life.

Well, in a few days time, on 5th October’12 (20:34 hrs gmt) Saturn leaves the air sign of Libra…and enters the next one…watery depths of Scorpio!

This is a great shift for Librans – and if hey have somehow understood and well-received their hard lessons, what awaits them as Saturn leaves their sign are well-earned rewards in Life..!!

On the flip side, for Scorpios, this begins a time when all that the Librans have gone through …is coming…for the next 2-3 years  (till 18th September 2015..!!)

What does it mean for Capricorns?

One major facet of this is the sign actually ruled by Saturn itself..which is Capricorn!  And for them, it’s like moving homes… as their ruling planet that has been living in the Libran-house, moves to Scorpio-territory. If Saturn is affecting the signs that its leaving and moving to,well, the hosting benefits of Libra will be now gone for Scorpios…   Capricorn people  will now start to gain the energies and benefits of the Scorpio.

They will start to gain insights and experiences about power and control (be affected by it, as well as getting skills in using it!)  But the biggest process that awaits Capricorns is one of intensity, uncovering secrets, truths and personal transformation..   For capricorns, their old ways are about to die, and a phase of the Phoenix awaits..  and re-birth!

-Mani Navasothy

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