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Hour of the Ram: Aries full moon brewing 30th Sept’12

Hour of the Ram:  Aries full moon brewing  30th Sept'12

Just thought I’d give a quick heads-up to all about the rather volatile full moon that’s coming up.
It’s not volatile just because it’s an Aries full moon (30th Sept, 03:03 hrs gmt) but there are some other agitating aspects also culminating just before this full moon.
The ones in question – which is the tail end of a 2 weeks of quite challenging transits – are the following:

Today (27th sept)- Mars-square-Venus (can’t be easy for relationships, especially the ones not in any, as this would be getting them rather stressed!)

29th Sept-
-Sun-opposes-Uranus> That’s gotta be quite powerful, when your own identity may well be challenged.
-Sun-square-Pluto> Yes, the final Pluto-related (stressful) transit for now. Sun is energy & health, and pluto- well I’ve talked about pluto enough in other posts. Theme on this one is the extremes, as Sun is at the heart of our Solar system, fueling and holding all, and Pluto is furthest and small planetoid. And it’s a square….so the events will force your hands to take action. Remember, no action is still an action.. But make a decision on deeply personal matters, before they eat you from within. And your energy levels will return.

So all that…before the Full moon on 30th.. Lot of energy flying about.. Aries is a fire sign,and moon (watery) is not going to be a comfortable place as it is… Am not talking about planets, but how these are going to affect you, make you experience things.

Bright Stellar wishes