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Would The Church accept brothel-money?

Would the Christian Church accept money donated by a brothel? I think not  because Christianity considers prostitution to be sinful. (That is not to say all religions or cultures think it sinful).

Would blood money from Gangsters and drug money from barons be acceptable as funding for Community projects? I think not, because those things ruin millions of family lives!

So why on earth would money raised from a Comedy programme that pokes fun at pedophilia, sex and masturbation be used to fund a Children’s charity as noble as Great Ormand Street Hospital?

My partner & I were quick sicken to glimpse a brief segment of last night’s Comedy show on Channel 5.. where ageing comedians like Jonathan Ross (who should know better than to do  the link between acts, talking about his slow sex life) & scruffy fools like Russell Brand (who’s only ever obsessed about his balls) tried their tasteless vulgar humour on stage..  and it was all going to go to a good cause.

Sick society…! As long as this sort of thing is okay..  other sick things in our Society will only get worse..because mocks deeper morality.. ! That’s my view…(and am not exactly white as snow).

-Mani Navasothy