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The Real Sun-Signs of modern era

I am an Astrologer – that means I look at the stars and planets and believe that their movements out there in space somehow affects and influences my life here on planet Earth.

Yes, there’s a whole load of arguments about if the starts determine everything, then do we have free will?  And if we know what’s going to happen (through astrology), how can we change it? Surely everything is `fated’ so what’s the point in free will? etc etc.  Well, that’s a debate worth having – another time. Just like, `is God real’? and if so, is God good or evil…(because if God is good, then why does he or she or it allows bad things to happen to us? etc) That’s definitely a debate worth having.. without getting into `because  it says so in some  book or a Prophet said so, or because a Saint believed so etc).

This one is about astrology – especially one where we have been accepting that every month our Sun `travels’ through a different background of stars (Zodiacs).. For so long we have believed there are 12 signs to the western astrological system. (By we, I mean people..and for many hundreds of years).  And many already know that the zodiacs (Constellations) are not of equal size in width across the celestial equator (where the Sun travels along).

But did you know that it’s really way off now? Because, over 3,000 years the earth axis of rotation has changed, and so the starts that line up the celestial equator are slightly `off’ now..

I found out just by how much in a NASA website!  This is the latest measures..  If you were born in the 70’s or 60’s or 50’s or even in 1800’s.. this still applies…because all that is still `modern and present day’ by cosmic standards..

This is all because those Babylonians left out one of the signs (of the 23) to fit things in nice and equal …even in their times..

This is how long the Sun takes to travel through Constellations now..  (credit to Dr.Dr. Lee T. Shapiro, Director
Morehead Planetarium University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)    Source of info: http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/starfinder3/


Constellation Dates Number
of Days
Sagittarius Dec 18 – Jan 18 32
Capricornus Jan 19 – Feb 15 28
Aquarius Feb 16 – Mar 11 24
Pisces Mar 12 – Apr 18 38
Aries Apr 19 – May 13 25
Taurus May 14 – Jun 19 37
Gemini Jun 20 – Jul 20 31
Cancer Jul 21 – Aug 9 20
Leo Aug 10 – Sep 15 37
Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 30 45
Libra Oct 31 – Nov 22 23
Scorpius Nov 23 – Nov 29 7
Ophiuchus Nov 30 – Dec 17 18

So erm, if you thought you were a particular Sun-Sign, think again..   And it’s going to give a head ache to all the astrologers, sadly. It’s bad that the scientists already give astrologers a hard time ..but this sort of thing pushes forecasts and even chart analysis a bit `unbelievable’.

Truth is, astrology is – despite working with real stellar objects that have measurable cycles – an esoteric system. It’s not hard science.  but it is hard-boiled Esoterica. It works with established rules,  formulae, predictions, qualities..and intuition.

Well, that’s the kind of astrology I do anyway..

More on this topic later.


Hern is dead, Long Live Hern (aka: Burning Hern)

Burning Hern (c)Mani Navasothy 2012

Hern is dead? Is it possible to kill a God? ..assuming that Hern or Herne IS actually a god! Some consider `him’ to be a shaman-figure, others think he was a Hunter / Games Keeper in the services of the King of England (a long time ago) who hunted in the realms of Windsor Great park. There are stories of `Hern sighting’ in Windsor to this day.

Only a few years ago, when I was being walked off Windsor park by the Queen’s Park Keepers, after 3 friends and I had been camping out there on one Samhain (Halloween) night, one of the Park Keeprs said he had heard of a sighting. (They were probing us as to why we had stayed there over-night, and I had explained that we worship Hern and were honouring him on Samhain by being there!)

Well, I first properly came across the figure (not literally) when I was watching the now famous `Robin of Sherwood’ TV program about 25 years ago. But it was only in 2004 that I actually started `worshiping’ Hern as a God-form. (so yes, he is a god to me). And yes, for some reason, I have always refered to him as `Hern’ and not `Herne’ (no `e’). At that point in my life, I was quite low emotionally and feeling rejected (well, I had been) and disempowered, and sort of fell into Hern-worship. So much so that I eventually started an outdoor Ritual & shamanic pagan group in London – called `Hern’s Tribe’ ..  which is now possibly quite well known (though people may not know what, where or how it operates, unless they actually attend!)

So, getting back to `Hern is dead’.  What is that all about, you ask?

I have been making a Hern – a woody figure made of pieces & off-cuts of Willow branches in my garden. I think it must be over 2 years old. And quite recently I have had the thought to burn it down fully.  (I have a habit of burning away old magical tools – wands, talismans, charms, artefacts that I had created.. I feel it releases tied up energy, stagnant energy and unwanted energies..  so that I am free to create new magical artefacts again. It’s not like someone is going to want to keep my old magical artefacts in a museum now is it ?  well, few close loved ones think it should… but that is not how I see it.  As magicians, we strive to be empowered, and though we may start by attaching our beliefs and power to objects- ultimately it is about taking those powers within, and be free from external objects. It is a sort of power-integration within! And that is my path, something I am keen to write about and teach eventually).

So, the Hern figure in the garden., Well, after a trip to Windsor great park, to do some much needed personal magical work with Hern-energy, I got home and a day later took the `head’ of the outdoor Hern sculpture (as tall as me..no, taller!) and ritually burnt it.

We hear of the phrase, `All that dies shall be reborn, all that falls shall rise again’ in Wiccan coven circles as part of a chant. Well, in order for that process to happen, things must die, things must fall. (Ideally doing that around Lammas – time of Harvest and the sacrificial Corn-King is best. But the fall can happen any time in the scope of a magician’s life).

So though it may be horrifying for some, I have no major concerns about such personal activities – destroying magical artefacts – provided I then go off and create new ones!! And that is what I have done, more or less over the following day.

So although the old head of Hern is dead and burnt, there is now a new one.. a far better one in fact – as this one now has real set of antlers or two, and he has a better body (from a new batch of Willow tree prunning).

It is a bit like the saying, `King is dead, Long live the King,’ – meaning that when an old one dies, a new one becomes King.

There is so much to say on the matter of Hern worship, and of empowering. There is so much dis-empowering in the world – and am sad to say I see so much of that within the pagan communities. Yes, people can have all sorts of explanations, but people forget that other peopl do have `real’ psychic sensing…and not just `a feel’ or intuitive thinking. Some of us actually `sense’ energy with our bodies…and at times it’s bloody painful…chest aches, blocked chakras, head-aches, tingling foreheads & ticklish necks…buzzing backs..  !   I suppose that is for people who are `sensates’ – one type of psychic people who pick up psychic energies physically, rather than visually, audibly, intuitively or emphatically( am that  too, and that can be a pain..  especially when loved ones are going through tough times…miles away and their states affect  me).

So point I make..  yes there is a quite a lot of dis-empowering in the community..and pagan communities are no exceptions.   And me burning Hern has a purpose.  What with all the Pluto-square-Uranus transits going on, these are the days of death, rebirth and transformations for us all..  and as one late High Priestess once said to me, I seem to live magical things harshly first, before I teach it to others.

With that old Hern-head, burnt, a part of me is also dead. But with a new antlered Head and filled body of Hern reconstructed, my magic undergoes similar transformation. It’s image magic..  poppets and blood..and bones.. on a larger scale.

Hern is dead. Long Live Hern!

Deep Earthy Blessings…and `May Hern protect us!’

-Mani Navasothy

ps. My long awaited book `Book of Hern:  Magical pathways for personal Empowerment’  is being published on 21st December 2012 – on Winter Solstice day..longest night, when hope is reborn!   Keep an eye on my website Hern’s Tribefor updates.

“Book of Hern: Magical pathways for Personal Empowerment” by Mani Navasothy. Publishing on 21st Dec’12. http://www.Hern-Tribe.org