Wyrd Island calling! (on creativity & community building)

A spider does not keep the same web for weeks! An otter does not build the one dam for ever. Creative people are motivated by..nay.. driven by an instinct to create.. Other factors may play a part in that process - like whims, wants, needs, projections. But the deeper play is... that is who and … Continue reading Wyrd Island calling! (on creativity & community building)

GaianTimes Magazine #6 Winter2012 (3 special covers)

      Gaian Times eco-spiritual Magazine #6 came out back in November 2012, and had 3 special `covers' (well, being an e-magzine, we can have as many covers as possible).  Each cover gave attention to a special feature or a cause. The Formal Cover had Rose Dixon in her `Urban London Witchy' look, holding … Continue reading GaianTimes Magazine #6 Winter2012 (3 special covers)