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Joseph Ratzinger- is he the penultimate Pope? (astrology)

Jonathan Cainer – popular Astrologer comments on his website today the following:

“According to legend, a 12th century Irish bishop had a vision of every pope that was still to come. He is supposed to have left a long list, full of ‘clues’, each one connected to the name of a successive pontiff. Those who have studied this list say that Joseph Ratzinger fits the description for the penultimate name… and there’s only one left to go! If the old prophecy is correct (some insist that it is a forgery) the next and final pope will be called Petrus Romanus (Peter from Rome) whose reign coincides with the end of Catholicism.”  

St Pauls Cathedral
St Pauls Cathedral (c)MN

Now Jonathan Cainer is an astrologer whose daily forecasts I have followed for many years.. possibly since 1997.  Back in those days when I was a humble Admin Assistant pushing Home Office files on trolleys, as well as navigating through my first (and very problematic) relationship, Jonathan  Cainer’s daily forecasts in a News paper were so spot on `for me’ (Sagittarius) that I became his loyal follower. It was by studying his daily forecasts, in conjunction with my existing knowledge of astrology and ability for creating charts etc, that I `reverse-engineered’ his forecasts, and learnt how to do daily `sun sign’ forecasts (so much so, I myself had a weekly astrology column in a website called AgeNet (around about 2000..some 13 yrs ago), where people used to write to me and say how accurate my own forecasts were for them. Gosh, those weekly forecasts used to take me a whole Sunday to write – as I had to study the planetary positions for each sign and work out the transits and resulting `possible influences and events’ for that sign.

I like his style of writing – cryptic at times so as not to overtly influence the reader but giving enough clues so as to give people freedom of Action. I also know what start sign he is and where his moon is (read his Intro in an old book he had published ages ago). So ..erm, I have even more of an appreciation and admiration for Jonathan Cainer.

So when he puts out an open comment as the one above – am sure he has not only considered his sources (that’s the kinda moon sign he has), but quite possibly done some historical research & astrological `glance’ at these matters.

My astrological thoughts on this matter

Now on an astrological point of view, the announcement that the current Pope is resigning came at the end of a very `astrologically stressful’ few days.. mainly a mercury-square-Jupiter, Mars-square-Jupiter, and Venus-square-Saturn   (Jupiter rules religions, mercury influences communications, Mars in this case was agitating Jupiter harshly.. and Saturn stands for authority & long term structures.. Venus ruling social situations in this case was squaring Saturn!)

And add to this western astrological climate, that of the Chinese new year of the Snake – (snakes are symbols of primal wisdom and transformation) and the new moon in Aquarius!  (which would be a trigger of sudden change).    The new Age of Aquarius…which by astrological standards is only just dawning.. because these `Ages’ last about 2,000 years and the 60’s & 70’s were just the early `hours’ of the New Age of Aquarius…  Remember that Christianity came out of the previous `Age of Pisces’ and has almost had its 2,000+ years).

Yahoo news (link below) has the following line which is quite insightful for me as an astrologer (I’d just looked at it after writing the above quick analysis.. It just confirms what I just wrote):

 Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of the history of the church at Oxford University, said the announcement had taken many people by surprise.  “What’s very noticeable is the sheer disarray around the statement,” he said. “Clearly no one in the upper hierarchy in this country knew anything about it.  Normally these things are very well prepared but this hasn’t been. It may be the result of an elderly man reflecting in private and coming to a sudden decision.”

Well, that’s me following an astrological trail… pointed by another Astrologer. We’ll see where this goes …

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-Mani Navasothy


Jonathan Cainer – Astrologer

Pope Benedict Resignation (Yahoo news)

And now for a personal statement on Astrology, transits and personal conflicts

As most know, I follow Jonathan Cainer – astrologer!

I began reading his daily forecasts in news paper about 15 yrs ago, back in my Home Office trolley pushing `Admin Assistant’ days.. I’ve grown to like his character and his witty, cryptic way of offering forecasts.  And I’ve studied his forecasts while looking at the transits from an Ephemeris on my own birth-chart, to work out (reverse engineer!) how  news paper sun-sign forecasts are done.. (Thank you Jonathan Cainer. I have given thanks to you in my new eBook `Astrology for Eclipse Magicians’ – kindle version 🙂

My own calculations and working out transits on my charts (I did that few months ago) indicated that my life is about to go through some intense phases..  There were 2-3 important factors..

Saturn moves out from my house of Creativity (which gave me hope that finally my creative lessons are learnt and I will start to make much progress.. A year or so of hard work at home writing is now beginning to see results…as my books start coming out one by one ..almost off a production line.. – 3 so far and 2 to come out… just at various stages of edit or format)

Pluto squares my natal Uranus – affecting my house of transformation & house of creativity – This means that in general my life was about to go through a major death, rebirth and intense transformation period (am still in the middle of it..!) Power struggles are part of this transit.. as are control, manipulation etc. As it’s a square, it’s about experiencing these and trying to act.  (squares force you into incredible mental gymnastics and expect action.. Compromises are for oppositions, but squares are about taking action to resolve issues).

Saturn in my work & duty sector was opposing natal saturn in my friendship & social sector- This is quite major – half the pain of a saturn-return..more or less..  I expected clashes of authority – mine & others. But it was bigger than just that. It was to affect the way I work, the way I think of duty, service, serving others, as much as the areas of community, friendships, social situations.

Anyone with basic astrology knowledge of houses will agree more or less with these.

Well, in addition to my own calculations, I also purchased Jonathan Cainer’s  3 month personal forecast for myself – and quite a lot of similar conformations, and new elements I had not been aware of. Effectively it is about my midlife crisis – working out where i have been and what matters and where I am going!

All these things have now started to come to pass.

At some future point, I shall tell the whole story  – not now, as am busy with my creative ventures  (even as I write this, my `public history’ is either being erased or re-written by others in positions of authority.

But reading Jonathan Cainer’s forecast for Sagittarius (few days ago) got me amused..

“Mistakes are easy to make. By this, I don’t just mean that they are easy for you to make. They are equally easy for us all to make. The people who think that they are somehow immune to this rule and have mastered the art of error avoidance, are, of course, the most mistaken of all. Let us keep that in mind, this weekend, as you now find yourself compensating for what could be considered as a series of mistaken judgements. What matters, is not what went wrong but what can now be done to make something right.”  (www.Cainer.com)

There are people out there who have judged me as having made all sorts of mistakes. And now the rest of them  are saying, `let it go’. Quite convenient ..for them, if I just did `let go’. ..wouldn’t it?  The biggest mistaken judgement I ever made in the recent decade is trusting so many people, and championing other people’s causes and their organisations.. While I compensate for other people’s group shadow projections on me, I find that my own projections on others have now broken..

I was checking Jonathan Cainer’s forecast for my sign today.. This is what he says.

“We spoke yesterday about moving goalposts and changing rules. It remains true that you are not in a stable situation. Things do keep altering. But you can either let this be a source of enormous irritation or an excuse to start instigating some adjustments of your own. Under the influence of the eclipse, the only question you really have to ask yourself is, are you being fair to the essence or the spirit of an agreement, even if it seems as if nobody is being very true to the letter of the law as it was last laid down?”

This has got me thinking…that close people often complain (in the nicest way) that I keep changing things…Well, my explanations have always been that it’s because factors have changed, people who are committed to ventures with me have changed their levels of commitments or participation etc, and so I’ve had to alter things. In a modern day where everything is going fast at 300mph, how can anyone expect me to stick to my promises, even thought the governing factors are in flux?   Yes, I do get that some things need to be stable, and fixed so that it gives security for others to build on.. BUT I have found myself to be rather tired that it’s me who is expected to remain stable and un-changing, while all else have the freedom (laziness at times) and luxury to weave in and out without firm promises and commitments of their own to me.

So erm, I’ve zapped that rule. Am not obliged to keep any promises I made to anyone (except my marriage vows of course). This i n many ways is Freedom!

The late Maureen Brown – Wiccan High Priestess & professional Psychotherapist – one who taught me 2 years worth of trans-personal psychology & counselling techniques – would be proud!

That reminds me, I must write about her one day 🙂

-Mani Navasothy

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