Mindful Living & Loving during pandemic!

Mindful Living & Loving during pandemic! Every moment has always been precious.. but till now many people had not realised it. Now suddenly, with their own fears and potential for death just around the corner of the next hour or day or week.. every moment has become important.. Because the next moment might be your … Continue reading Mindful Living & Loving during pandemic!

In deeds may we be noble once more! (Solar oath)

In deeds may we be noble once more...! ( A Solar Oath): Good morning all.. There is so much positive, creative, wonderful, affectionate, loving, kind, generous, divine things to be thinking about and doing in the world.. 🙂 Yes there are worries.. :-/ and sadly human nature is such that...there is a compulsion and need … Continue reading In deeds may we be noble once more! (Solar oath)