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Serpent Power – Magical Workshops coming soon! (London)

Okay..I can’t contain this excitement so am going to just blurt it.. Melanie Philippides and I have been planning a set of rather powerful workshops involving.. ( take a deep breath).. snakes! Pythons in fact. She has 2.. and is looking after a 3rd one.. one of them is very large indeed..(twice as big as this one in photo).. whom I met yesterday evening.. for ..shall we say, `getting attuned’ before working on the details of workshops..!) 🙂

Mani & Melanie serpent power workshops coming soon .jpg

I met Melanie first at the Birthday of Goddess Isis ritual by Cleopatra’s Needle, Embankment, in 2013.. but lost touch for a few years but was facebook friends. The photo below was taken at one of Melanie’s snake / fusion Belly dance performance in a venue in Croydon last October’15 where I met her again (and Shiva). We seem to have all that Game of Throne, snakes & Dragons magical explorations in common..and the result now of course are these magical joint workshops..

watch out for full details in a few days..  and then ..book fast…as spaces will be limited!

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Easter thoughts On Sacrifices and Humility

Expecting sacrifices & demanding humility ( QuantumPhoenix thoughts
Expecting sacrifices & demanding humility ( QuantumPhoenix thoughts

Easter Weekend.. death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Now seems a good time to ponder about Sacrifices…

Sacrifices that YOU EXPECT from other people..and how you treat them if they fail to fulfil your expectations of it.. !

We should all be willing to make sacrifices…but never because it’s expected!

We do so because it puts our valuable energy or possession irreversibly, without return, into a worthy cause or a person! We do so because we love and care..unconditionally!

Likewise, do you DEMAND some sort of Humility and Humbleness from other people?


Because that’s how the world is?

Or is it because that’s what’s expected of a person in a certain position? What about false humility? We can all do that ..if we really put our cunningness to it..

So how do you know, that the absence of Humility in a person (that you see) is an indication of the absence of humbleness within them?

It’s not for show..

It is..or it isn’t.

And it’s never `done’ to gain approval…as that will be just hypocrisy!

Humbleness comes from within.. and it’s connected to Gratefulness..

So just be GRATEFUL to all the good things in your life.. and let other people take care of their own humility.

Because, while you are criticising someone, someone else is watching you.. and passing judgement ..on your Humility!!


All the best.

Mani Navasothy.

Shadows & Thorns – what’s making you aggressive?

Are you getting aggressive in relationships? Social situations…in the company of certain people? Here are some thoughts..  that might help you.. (cos we all like someone else to say, `it’s okay’ to us sometimes) 🙂

Passion is one thing.. but when some people are eliciting certain aggressions in you ..more often than not.. there are possibly two and only two things at play –

Shadow projections
Shadow projections


a) it’s stirring your shadows..

b) they are neither like-minded nor compatible with you.

So what’s this stirring shadow business?   Well,  the actions or statements those people make are making you angry, because it’s a suppressed part of you..  and rather than accept that `dark’ area in you, it’s easier to get angry at or even hate that other person!

One way forward is to look deeper at your self..   privately…just you, yourself and you!   And admit (at the very least) those issues and suppressions you have…and figure out a way to deal with it..    either let loose (if it’s not harming anyone), integrate into conscious mind, seek external support/ therapy etc.

Now if you are not ready to work on your Shadows, that’s your prerogative.. Dealing with it in your own time is fine and don’t let others force you into a schedule or an agenda!  (That’s just bound to get you worked up even more ..right? )

But ask the question, if it is more about the not being like-minded or incompatibility, and you are always having to compromise or worse sacrifice your own needs/wants, (which would just create inner resentment and builds up aggression)..  why put up with a thorn in your paw..?  (ie why keep that person(s) in your life?  That is just masochism..!  It’s even possibly linked to all sorts of low-self-worth issues, self-esteem, lack of confidence, disempowered states, co-dependency and such..  (all very deep and complex areas…and deserve more exploration than a few lines here..!)

Just take  out the thorn from your paw, and get on with a peaceful life!!

There are far more and better things to do.. !!

Best wishes on this friday!  🙂

-Mani Navasothy