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Lunar Eclipse: Explanation graphics of orbits & shadows

We often see so many `figures’ an `diagrams’ in science and technical books or websites..  But not many people actually try to explain what we see and why we see it that way.  So I have created this graphics to show the orbits of Earth around the Sun, and the orbit of moon around Earth (us)..

This clearly shows positions of the Moon around the Earth, what those positions of Moon mean in terms of Lunar phases (new moon, first  quarter, full moon, last quarter) etc.   This is a `view from space’ – if you like.

But in this graphics, I have tried to also show -in the 2 `box screens’   – what the flat-image will be of the Solar eclipse. Same for the lunar eclipse – except, you are looking at  the back of the `screen’ in this graphics.  From Earth, we’ll see the front of the `screen’ and that will be a reverse of the image.

Just take a few minutes to look at this graphics, put your finger on each object (Sun, Moon, earth) and move it in the orbit..  to get a feel of it.  That may help you work out what happens and what we see from Earth.



Astrology Charts for Solar & Lunar Eclipses of 2012

Planetary positions (astrological) shown for the day of Solar Eclipse 20th May’12, using an equal house system, with Aries as 1st house.

Here are 2 Astrological charts drawn for the planetary positions – on the days of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (20th May’12) and Lunar Eclipse (4th June’12).

Normally a Chart is created for a particular person or an event – but with an exact location (town, country) and an exact time in mind.  In this case, I have made it an equal house system, and created it with Aries as the 1st house (this is usually what Astrologers do when looking at each Sun-sign for their weekly or daily forecasts!)

I’ll edit this blog entry and insert planetary positions later  (at what degree each planet is in a particular zodiac!) .

For now, here are the charts.

What you might like to do:  (for those following the `Eclipse Magical working‘ :      You can copy these charts, then print them and mark your own birth chart data .. to see what relationships (aspects) your natal planets are forming with the planets on these days.   – Mani


Planetary positions (astrological) shown for the day of LUNAR Eclipse 4th June’12, using an equal house system, with Aries as 1st house.