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Astrology: Lunar Occultations for 2013

lunar occultation of jupiterLunar Occultations are when the Moon is passing in front of another planet, so that for a short duration the other planet is covered by the moon (it’s like an eclipse). I’ve explained about Lunar Occultations in detail in my previous blog.

For astrologers and magical practitioners, the lunar occultations present a a valuable opportunity – especially for Eclipse Magicians!  (read about Eclipse magic here.  )

So here are the actual dates of Lunar Occultations in the year 2013.

Date                     Occultation  (ie the planet eclipsed by the moon)

22 January   -Jupiter

18 Feb             -Jupiter

25th April      -Lunar Eclipse

9 May                -Mercury

9 May                -Mars

10 May              -Solar Eclipse

8 July                  -Mercury ( also New Moon)

8 Sept                 -Venus  (will be a beautiful sight with Venus & Crescent moon).

3 Nov                 -Solar Eclipse

3 Nov                 -Mercury

1 Dec                 -Mercury

1 Dec                 -Saturn

29 Dec               -Saturn

Notes:  In 2012, there were quite a few Occultations of Jupiter, but in 2013, there are only 2 (in January & February).    Also there is only 1 Venus Occultation ((Sept) and 1 Mars Occultation (May). So make the most of those.  Interestingly, there are 2 Saturn Occultations in December 2013, and the year 2013 ends with one of these – which I find to be intuitively significant. I’ll ponder that and write about it later in 2013.

Have a magical 2013. Am calling it `The Year of the Witch’ for several reasons. (And the `Day of the Witch’ is coming up in March 2013).  You heard that here first . More on that in another post. 🙂

Bright Stellar Wishes

-Mani Navasothy

Occultation of Jupiter by Full Moon – NOW!

Full moon in Gemini, about to pass over Jupiter (Lunar Occultation of Jupiter)
Taken 28th Nov’12 – about 23.00hrs gmt.
Photo (c)Mani Navasothy.

I love winter – skies are almost clearer, and the stars and planet-watch can begin again (okay so a bit cold..but wrap up warm and have a flask of coffee with ya..). And today is a brilliant one..!

Lunar Occultation of a planet is when the moon covers over a planet that is behind it.

This is no different to a Solar Eclipse, when the (new) moon covers the Sun behind it..

Interestingly, earlier today we had a penumbral lunar eclipse (full moon in gemini was partially covered by the shadow of the earth..) It took place at 14:34hrs gmt and could not been seen in UK..  but this night…(well, 29th Nov as it will be past midnight)..  the full moon moves over the planet Jupiter at about 01:04hrs gmt.

I have just been in the garden taking photos by an ordinary digital camera, and as you can see, the full moon is edging closer to the planet Jupiter (that’s the white spot on the left of the full moon!)

Those of you doing eclipse magical work..  this day is a spectacular double whammy – because not only do you get a Lunar Eclipse, but now a `Jupiter eclipse’

get out there now..  as you have time to look at it.. 🙂

The clouds are moving fast.. so even if it’s cloudy, keep watching… 🙂

Good luck

-Mani Navasothy

ps. hey, the whole thing `looks’ like it’s happening right above my room 🙂 That’s my room lights you see in the photo.

pps. There is one more Lunar Occultation of Jupiter left for this year..and it takes place on 26th December’12-    exactly 2 days before a cancer-full moon!  I bet Christmas is going to be  a very jovial, bubbly wonderful time.. !


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