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Astro Forecast: Venus direct & Mercury Retrograde (Nov-Dec’2018)

Venus direct & Mercury Retrograde (Nov-Dec’2018)

November 2018 - venus direct and mercury retro - Quantumphoenix-net

Venus goes direct today in Libra! So that’s great for all Librans & Taureans. BUT Mecury who has been in Sagittarius starts retrograde today…and will do so till 7th December. So that’s difficult 3 weeks for Sagittarians, Geminis and Scorpios.

During this retrograde period, Mercury will slip back into Scorpio on 1st December and keep going retro till 7th Dec..

ps. Sagittarians will have it tough between 17th Nov – 1st Dec. Then then it eases up. On 13th December, direct-Mercury re-enters Sagittarius.. But as that’s direct, Saggies get a chance to sort things proactively any issues that surface between next 2 weeks. Just be relieved that because of the Mercury slip back into Scorpio, Saggies don’t get the full 3 weeks of tough-love from this merc-retro period.

-Mani Navasothy



Good News- Mercury goes direct soon (22Sept16)

Good News all! The end to the current hardship stint of Mercury-retrograde influence is almost in sight!! ūüôā


Mercury began its retrograde motion at the end of August’16, at 29’05” Virgo (Virgo is ruled by Mercury..so extra powerful). We then went into an Eclipse portal (set of Eclipses separated by 14 days.. 1st Sept to 16th Sept).

Eclipses are cosmic accelerators.. so whatever issues that Mercury Retrograde was bringing to the surface will have been additionally intense.. as the Heavens interrupt our flows and progress..to make us stop and deal with those issues.. !!

And now.. in a few days, Mercury retrograde motion comes to a halt.. (stationary.. at 14’50” Virgo, on 22nd sept.. just hours before the Autumn Equinox ..which is a time of balance of dark & light). And then Mercury begins to go direct again.. through the sign of Virgo. So you’ll start to see progress again..

However, it will only reach its previous `spot’ in virgo around 6th October.. So till , you’ll still be `cleaning up’ personal issues/ matters..

I’d say ..make use of the energies now building up towards Autumn Equinox… along with mercury-direct motion. The synchronicity of these two stellar events are uncanny.. and conspire to help us make true inner shifts…as painful as recent few weeks will have been..

Bright Stellar Blessings.
-Mani Navasothy

ps. regular esoteric / astrological musings in my page, and blogs at www.QuantumPhoenix.net). Feel free to like/ share with friends. ūüôā

Mercury Direct tonight – some details (25Jan16)

Hoorah! Mercury goes direct tonight around 21:50hrs gmt! ūüôā

It started retrograding on 6th January, at 1’Aquarius, slipped back into Capricorn and got to 14’Capricorn.. Tonight he goes direct..and will reach Aquarius again on 14th Feb..and back to where it was on 15th Feb.

Mercury retro details jan-feb2016 - Mani Navasothy

So the review & re-discovery time is now concluding…and renewing and re-directing begins for the next 20 days..

Where were you (internally, mindfully) on 5th January? Think back to it…and do things different now.. so that when that same turning point happens in 20 days time…it’s not your path anymore..and that you are on a parallel route (for a short while) but heading in a different motorway

Good Fortune !

-Mani Navasothy

Snow spiral & the Coming of Bride

We are at that pause..the point between Yule and Imbolc..

Amazing how just in the course of even one day our moods can change.. forming, merging, dividing, re-merging, emerging, undulating.. What turbulence our hearts make.. while the mind watches it all.. We are now about a week into the Mercury-retrograde.. Things will unravel.. and would seem like chaos.. the more one tries to pin down reality, more it will slip away.. And it is exactly at these times, that  you must  hold dear your faith in the Stars..and Fates..

..and  that all will be well!

In a few weeks, the Goddess Bride shall arise from her wintery place of mysteries, and walk into our lives again.. her path illuminated by a hundred points of light.

And she’ll bring with her the 3 gifts – the flames of inspiration, purification and that of healing..

Poetry, creativity and hope will abound…

..and the anguish of the artists, the pangs of the lovers and longings of the lost shall be fulfilled.. !

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

Snow spiral & coming of Bride (c) Mani Navasothy 2016.jpg
Snow Spiral & The coming of Bride   Рphoto & art (c) Mani Navasothy 2010 / 2016.  

Astrology : Retrograde Planets in 2015, dates & zodiac signs affected by them

Today sees the beginning of ¬†the annual Pluto retrograde! ¬† And I got thinking (late last night) that it was when Pluto began transiting my sign (few decades ago now – go on figure it out) that I began to study astrology much more seriously, and started attending classes and so on. ¬† Anyway, for months (or years?) I had been wanting to create a visual aid to see all the Retrograde motions of planets on a chart wheel. ¬†(never seen one before).. ¬†so after a morning of hard work (manually putting every line, every letter and so on on a graphic, using data from the Ephemeris)…here we are! ¬† ūüôā

 Retrograde motions of Planets in 2015, the durations and zodiac positions  (click picture for hi-res image)  

Retrograde planets in 2015 & signs affected by it (c) Mani Navasothy 2015.    www.QuantumPhoenix.net
Retrograde planets in 2015 & signs affected by it (c) Mani Navasothy 2015. http://www.QuantumPhoenix.net

.I will return to this blog to start writing in all the details, tables and so on.. ¬†but for now – Breakfast calls (at 2.25pm!). I’ve earned it, don’t you think? ūüôā

-Mani Navasothy

Astro-Alert: Mercury Retrograde starts today!


Mercury retro 4-25oct2014Mercury begins its Retrograde motion in a day (4th Oct) in Scorpio, slips back into Libra, and keeps going back for few weeks (till 25th Oct)..

Its influences can already be seen.. Watch out for disruptions and interruptions, miscommunications, arguments and trickery… With the Scorpio flavour of power games highlighted, also look out for probes and spilling of secrets..

But from 25th Oct, we get an opportunity for balancing…It’s not all bad.. It may provide opportunities for lost paths to be explored again..


Dialogues on Mercury retrograde! (7th-28th Feb’14)

mercury retrograde feb 2014
mercury retrograde feb 2014

It’s that time again.. ¬†when Mercury undergoes (the optical illusion of) retrograde motion in the heavens!!

This one sneaked up on me.. Having put these entries on my calendar in various websites I run, I forgot..- until the start day itself.. when I was having an unusually `wrangle’ kind of a day out of no where.. ¬†arguments, miscommunications.. and some issues.. And then a light bulb went on in my head..and I remembered..in the early hours of the night .. and sent a text-update to my facebook wall.. to alert friends ūüôā ¬† (well, that technology worked..even though the mind-tech of remembering didn’t..)

Rather than give the usual `forecasts’ (you can look up the typical symptoms at a previous forecast here..) am going to do something a bit different this time.. ¬†Am going to copy/paste some of the funny interactions I had with my friends on this topic.. (names removed of course.. ¬†but my fb wall is public.. ¬†they all know that…)

The actual `forecast’ is in my conversation.. (look for the purple lines ūüôā

Me>  Mercury now retrogrades til 28th feb. Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo watch out!

friend#1 >Good news just what I want to hear thanks

friend#2 > Aaaarghhh could av warned me earlier ,,,Mani ,,! Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrr ,,,!! X 

friend#3 > Boo-hoo! 

friend#4>  Oh no!

friend#2 >Oh yes Barry ,,, lol ,

me> ¬†sorry ye friends.. I was getting into all sorts of scrapes.. disgruntlements..and such.. and then it hit me…and I remembered a mercury retro-was lurking about this time…and yes..it started thursday (yesterday evening!) I am gemini rising.. so it hits me too..

friend#5> This explains so much!

me> ¬†yeap (friend) … first few days are tricky ..then it sees to go okay (the phase where we can change things ..take alternative roads.. and towards the end it gets tricky again.. )

friend #6> ok will do .. thanks xxxx

friend #7> Not very happy about that as I am traveling on 23 Feb and this is something what should b e avoided at any cost. If I would have known when booking, I would have done a week later for sure. Hope I have a save journey and my snakes are save while I am not here.

Me>   alternative roads..as in roads and opportunities we missed the previous time.. 

friend #7>But I also was reading on different astrological pages that travel should be avoided at any cost? But I am glad I am leo 

Me> ¬† Nah..we can’t avoid travel.. Mercury retro is seen as affecting `local’ or short travels.. glitches on computers.. miscommunications.. arguments.. missing small prints on contracts & agreements.. trickery.. that sort.. Also governs relationships with siblings.. (as proved by the outburst I had with my sister last night out of the blue.. That’s what got me wondering `something is up’..¬†

friend #7> Huhhhh, thank you Mani, I was really worried.

friend#4> Great I gotta go to Cambodia on a visa run

friend#4> Mani you got room in that Tardis mate take me back to 1983 please

friend#8> Ahh that explains a lot..My adobe reader is truly messing me up.. well I have a Virgo raising.. to an otherwise Happy Go Lucky Saggy disposition. .. Now I Understand the computer tension..just as well I decided to quit and watch Dracula 2000 film despite it being a totally useless film .lol.. Barry.. wow Cambodia you say? Take me with you please friend Croydon sucks @ the mo ..*chuckles* X

me> Yeap (friend).. Cambodia way more exciting than croydon.. Take me too with you…

friend#9>aaaahhhhh I hate it outspoken as I am. always puts me into trouble

friend#10 >  I do love a challenge

In my next astrology related blog, I’ll be writing about the coming full moon in the sign of Leo.. ¬†It’s on the Valentine’s day..and that’s going tomake Valentine day ..very interesting.. ūüėČ

Make sure you subscribe to my blog..or check back for that in a few days..

-Mani Navasothy


Mercury Retrograde (oct 2013 – previous blog)

Retrograde-FREE period ends (for next 3 years)

Mars -Venus analysis for Valentine Day 2012

Mercury Retrogrades NOW – in Scorpio! Time to shed that skin!!

mercury retrograde oct2013
mercury retrograde oct2013

Well, good people.. it’s that time..when flight-footed Mercury begins to retrograde…!

It’s in the sign of Scorpio, and goes retrograde for the next 3 weeks.. ¬†(21st October to 11th November 2013).. ¬†a time when many things seem to become problematic.. ¬†in relating to people, stress builds up, the mind is over active or full of worry.. ¬† matters go astray.. ¬†transport problems disrupt routine (we’ve already seen that today in Tubes in London)..

As this one is in the sign of Scorpio, you can expect many Scorpio related issues to surface..   matters of power and control..or rather manipulative matters. The sheer intensity you may have felt in the past few days is due to the beginning of this astrological process coinciding with a full moon/ eclipse also!

This particular Mercury retrograde period is also holding the upcoming Uranus-square-Pluto.. ¬† which in itself is causing huge upheavals.. and changes..not all of them pleasant. It’s as if the snake is about to shed its skin.. ¬†First it needs to go hide in a safe place..then it goes blind..and the ¬†comes the painful process of peeling itself off the old skin.

Except, none of us are getting the much needed refuge in a safe place. ¬†No. This time, the snake must do it out in the open.. ¬†and while someone is pulling the snake backwards by its tail.. ¬†! ¬† The sooner it sheds, the quicker it can escape the dragging.. ¬†because all that’ll be left in the hands of the dragging hand is old skin..

Try not to get left out in vulnerable situations..  try not to get engaged in conflicts that can result it personal secrets being spilled or dragged out.  Watch out for legal matters coming to bite you..    but also previously lost roads being found (then taking that road or not is a choice you must make..).   Matters concerning death is a possibility.. so are wrangles with siblings  or cousins (Mercury represents siblings also). Sexual activities, obsessions are also a problem..  !

As for secrets.. sometimes, revealing them may actually be rather cathartic and a release ..Freedom? !


Good news – Mercury goes Direct tonight! (17March’13)

mercuryAbout 3 weeks ago, on 22nd February, Mercury began it’s retrograde motion in the zodiac sign of Pisces. ¬†It went from 19 degrees backwards to about 5 degrees in Pisces. Now Pisces is one of those signs that is thought to be dreamy, inspirational.. etherial and nebulous. In it’s rather negative side, it’s also about confusion, bit of chaos, urge to escape..and deceptions. Add this to the fact that Mercury ..when retrograding brings out issues like mis-communication, negative thinking, stressful mind states, problems with local organisations and travels.. you can see that this combination..and the resulting 3+ week period can be a very trying time on so many level for everyone..

Pisces, Gemini & Virgo people would have been more severely affected, and those with these signs as their ascendant (rising signs). For the rest of the people (signs), which ever house where Pisces falls within would have had the troubles..  Things may have started to unravel drastically or even begun to dissolve ..  !

GOOD NEWS..  you can stop holding your breath, or gasping for fresh air. Mercury retrograde period (this one) is now over.

Mercury goes direct today.. 17th March, at about 8.03pm (gmt). ¬† ¬†The last few weeks may have stirred up all sorts of troubles …and as Mercury now goes direct, not only do those hindrances start to fade away, on a personal level, you can take the initiative (mercury rules the mind), and get to resolving issues that have come up.

Miscommunications, arguments, contractual problems, agreements that stalled, commercial ventures that took a nose-dive Рcan all be attended to now, and successful be sorted Рmostly in a positive way!

Although Mercury is now going forward, it has to catch up to the place where it got to before… So it will take Mercury ¬†till 6th April, to get to it’s previous position (19 degrees Pisces).. ¬†So until then, you have an opportunity to make every effort to resolve issues that have been coming up in the past 3 weeks. ¬†And then things can really take off..

So…breath – smile- and bravely tackle the issues with a positive frame of mind.. ¬†with imagination, compassion and your highest ideals (positive qualities of Neptune which rules Pisces)..and all will turn out very well indeed.

-Mani Navasothy



7 transforming aspects of Uranus-Pluto 

Astrology basics

Stressful aspects for mid-january to mid-March’13


Rare Astrology opportunity: No-Retrograde days coming up in January 2013


All the planets are going around the Sun in an anti-clockwise direction (if we were to watch the whole solar system from `way up’ above the north pole of the Earth). ¬†But because planets are orbiting the Sun at different speeds, what we see differs – depending on where and when we are observing from. It’s a bit like being on a moving train in railway station, with another moving train on the adjacent track. Even when both trains are going in the same direction, one train may be going slightly faster than the other. So sometimes, it may `look like’ your train is going backwards, or the other train is going backwards. ¬† Same with planets. The ones closer to the Sun are going faster than Earth. ¬†And Earth in turn is going faster than the ones on further orbits.

Because of all this geometry, sometimes we on Earth see other planets going `backwards’ for certain periods every year. So if for example, Mercury seems to be going backwards for a few weeks, we say it’s `Mercury retrograde’. ¬†Now during such periods, the influences of that planet on us are different. Astrologers advise people not to start new business ventures during a mercury retrograde period, or astrologers advise people to take extra care with communications, contracts etc. ¬†For different planets, these `areas of life’ differ (ie when venus is retrograding, relationships matters may be affected, so consolidate on relationships, and don’t plan new ones – unless of course it’s about touching base with an old `could have been…but missed the opportunity’ ones!)

Average duration of retrograde motions

Mercury:  Retrogrades for 2-3 weeks.  (Happens 3 -4 times a year).

Venus: Retrogrades for about 5-6 weeks. (Happens once a year).

Mars: Retrogrades for about 10 weeks. (No retrograde in 2013..! More on this in another post!)

Jupiter: Retrogrades for about 4 months (happens once a year).

Saturn: Retrogrades for about 4 and a 1/2  months (happens once a year).

Uranus: Retrogrades for about 5 months (happens once a year).

Neptune: Retrogrades for about 5 months (happens once a year).

Pluto:  Retrogrades for about 5 and a 1/2 months (happens once a year).

Now here’s the big thing. At any one time, there may be some planets going direct and some retrograding. But¬†we do get clear few days or weeks, when all the planets are going direct, and there are no retrograde planets. These windows vary. This is astrologically very important (it’s as if we have a smooth straight road and no opposing wind is slowing down our cars.. ).

I was just musing about this and happen to catch the fact that our next window of NO RETROGRADE is coming up. (Sometimes I just sit and trawl through Ephemeris data ..looking for patterns. It’s almost an intuitive -meditative bit of work! ūüôā )

30th January – 17th February 2013 ¬† ¬† ¬† That’s the rare 17 days of smooth astrological climate. ¬† And you should make full use of it. ¬†¬†The subsequent `Retrograde-Free’ time slot is a good 3 years away after this… in December 2015!

Here are the periods (past & future) where No-Retrograde motion is observed from Earth.¬† (Remember these are the `smooth days’ ).

1st Р20th December 2009  (20 days)

6 – 9 December 2010 (3 days only)

30 Dec’10 – 26 Jan’11 ¬†(26 days)

25 Dec’11 – 23 Jan’12 (28 days)

30 Jan Р17 Feb 2013  (17 days) Рcoming up. Then 3 year wait!

26 Dec’15 – 4Jan’16 (10 days).

8 Jan Р 5 Feb 2017 (27 days)

2 Jan -7 March 2018 (2 months!)

5 Jan – 4 March 2019 (2 months!)

I’ll write more about this topic soon.

-Mani Navasothy

Get FREE copy NOWAstrology for Eclipse Magicians (c)MN'12
Astrology for Eclipse Magicians (c) Mani Navasothy 2012

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