How to Shield yourself from 5G wifi

I myself used to carry a mobile in my front trouser pocket or belt clip for over 10-12 years... and about 5-6 years ago went through the painful period of having cysts in my testicle.  Sitting was painful, so was sexlife with my then partner. After much scan, vitamin C, some other herbal remedies, wearing … Continue reading How to Shield yourself from 5G wifi

The O2 customer service debacle

Here is a transcript of the `live chat' between a friend of mine and O2 phone (customer service), regarding the PAC number. It's a case of O2 giving the run-around..?!  This live-chat seems to have taken almost 2 hours (say my friend HJW, who is not at all a happy customer!) -Mani     "Welcome … Continue reading The O2 customer service debacle