Be Brave of the Warrior within

Be Brave of the Warrior within  - Empowerment poetry by Mani Navasothy Be Brave of the Warrior within There is much in this crazy world that needs and deserves the protection of the Warrior within. It is a fire to be embraced, not feared and banished or oppressed out of shame, Or a desire for … Continue reading Be Brave of the Warrior within

When is your Darkest Hour?

Our Darkest Hour is.. I'll be writing more on this .. and share some of my insights..on how to deal with those hard moments. Bright Wishes -Mani Navasothy

Congratulations! Upgrade to 2015 *Authorised*

Many Congratulations!  Your request has been processed. Life Upgrade from 2014 to 2015 has been authorised by the Fates of the Universe, in co-operation with Gods & Goddesses United.   technical support provided by the Cosmic association of Guardian Angels. The upgrade is scheduled for 23:59:59 on 31st December 2014.     `2015 (version 1.0)' … Continue reading Congratulations! Upgrade to 2015 *Authorised*

Fates & Lessons (Motivational thoughts)

The only time fate allows us the luxury of learning lessons at our beck n call is when we are in our school years.. After that, lessons come whether we are ready or not..- not because we want them - but because Fate decrees that we need them .... to grow! It's never punishment..even though … Continue reading Fates & Lessons (Motivational thoughts)

Life is a Spiral – not a Circle (motivational)

Life is not a circle..but a spiral. Cycles seem to come around, same things seem to repeat..but each time we are moving slightly up or down in progress.. and each time, we should try to do things slightly different, to see if energies and life shifts to better states.. At times, others may try to … Continue reading Life is a Spiral – not a Circle (motivational)