Divine Battles within

Divine Battles within: As much as I like to `resign' from Life, Universe and the internet :-p there's just too much crap going on in the world...for me and anyone with Gaia-consciousness to stay on the sidelines and look for Himalayas to retreat to. THIS is our battle.. to keep the divine faith in our … Continue reading Divine Battles within

Get Lost..! (or be Lost..!!)

Sometimes it's good to get lost.. ! No big reason..no stress... just solitary time..!! Just to be, to forget, to draw apart,  to rest the mind and to recharge Your soul..!!! The more `public' you are, the more there needs to be this personal solitary time - No pretenses, no presentations, no performances.. no pleasing … Continue reading Get Lost..! (or be Lost..!!)

QP thoughts: Ambitions vs Greed, and Confidence vs Ego

People make judgements about others..and in doing so they may be harming others..adding undue stress to them!! For example, many people mistake other people's ambition for a better life or success..to be Greed (financial). Many also mistake others' Self-Confidence to be a sign of their Ego. And worst of all, people take others' silence as … Continue reading QP thoughts: Ambitions vs Greed, and Confidence vs Ego