True Empowerment happens when..

If we have to bash, criticise or steal power from someone else to gain power, that is NOT Empowerment. True Empowerment happens on Ones own, and independent of other people. Time alone, Time in Nature, and Time with our Gods & Goddesses who dwell within our hearts and minds - is how we can reach … Continue reading True Empowerment happens when..

Sinking into Cyberspace..!!

You all know I have a Physics degree/ tech background and into all the multi-media stuff. Am also very much about nature & spirituality..and striving for tech-free time/ balance in life. Everything is becoming hyper-real and accelerated these days.. What's the hurry..? where do we have to get to so fast? Mars? Uranus? Death? Reincarnation? … Continue reading Sinking into Cyberspace..!!

A Ceremony of Flow – Photoshoot with Melanie Ivy

Hi all, amongst other creative and esoteric things, I also enjoy taking photos, filming & producing videos.  I have been working with the divinely delightful Melanie Ivy (to call her an important muse in my life is an under-statement).  She is a  Lifecoach, fusion Belly dancer and a snake-charmer (I've gently played with her pet … Continue reading A Ceremony of Flow – Photoshoot with Melanie Ivy

SongBird by Joie de Winter – the making of a music video

Songbird - written & performed by Joie de Winter - a wonderful friend of mine! I first saw one of her songs/ other videos (Butterfly Belly)  in early January (yes, not long ago)..  and immediately fell in love with that song..It reached deep.  So nervously I wrote to her on facebook, and offered to … Continue reading SongBird by Joie de Winter – the making of a music video

Defining terms: Nature, Natural & Artificial

I was having a discussion with some friends on a matter of `Saving the planet for the sake of our (future) children' ..  (Her's was a well-written long post..but I can't copy it here without permission..) But here are some of my resulting thoughts...(thoughts in progress) 🙂   Note: Sections A, B & C are … Continue reading Defining terms: Nature, Natural & Artificial

Rutting Stag Video (Richmond Park, London) by Mani

Have you heard the Hern-call?   Here it is - Stag Lord (Deer) rutting..  gruntin, scratching the ground, squirting his semen to mark his territory ..herding the female deers together (he can never have enough of them in his harem!)..and occasionally locking horns (antlers) with intruders (other Stags) and chasing them out  (that's in my … Continue reading Rutting Stag Video (Richmond Park, London) by Mani

Nature’s Fertility Dance: A Spring Equinox poem

Happy spring equinox wishes to all pagans, wiccans, witches, shamans, and magicians.. Technically, the Sun entered the sign of Aries at 5.15am (GMT) on 20th March' it's already equinox.. But traditionally everyone think sit's 21st of March... Anyway, I was writing an invocation to the horned god, and this extra bit sneaked into my … Continue reading Nature’s Fertility Dance: A Spring Equinox poem