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Nova Stellar Meetup presents an Evening with King Arthur Pendragon

Dear all, it’s no secret that am a follower of King Arthur Uther Pendragon. Tomorrow.. King Arthur Pendragon will be in London giving a talk at Nova Stellar meetup (run by organiser of South London Wicca meetup – yea we’re all connected). So come join us..but come early..as the place is bound to be full 🙂 See you there.  Bright Blessings.-Mani Navasothy

Evening with King arthur Pendragon at Nova Stellar meetup

here’s the details ..and link to  `South London Wicca’s event page for this. 


King Arthur Pendragon is the leader of what has become known as the Warrior Arm of the modern Druid movement, The Loyal Arthurian Warband. He is a veteran of the anti-roads movement of the 1990s and has been arrested – mostly for trespass – more than 30 times.

He is famous for his legal battles with English Heritage over Stonehenge in Wiltshire. He campaigned for the removal of the four-mile exclusion zone which was established each year during the summer solstice. On 19 October 1998, with assistance from Liberty, he had his case heard by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The court decided in favour of the UK government but the exclusion zone was lifted the following year.

In June 2008, he set up a protest camp, demanding free access to Stonehenge for everyone. He demanded that the fences should be removed, and that the A344 and A303 should be closed or redirected. He occupied the byway for ten months, and obtained 8,000 signatures in support of his petition. He defied a court order from Wiltshire Council to close the camp and only ended his protest on after English Heritage announced plans to move a section of the A303 underground, and to create a new visitor centre about a mile and a half away from the stones.

In August 2011, he unsuccessfully filed a High Court appeal calling for the cremated remains of more than forty bodies, which had been exhumed, to be immediately reburied. He has also voiced his opposition to English Heritage’s plan to display three more sets of human remains at the new visitor centre, claiming that out of respect to the ancient British ancestors, replica bones should be on view instead.

He still conducts ceremony four times a year, from small gatherings of hundreds at the equinoxes to tens of thousands at Midsummer. His biography ‘The Trials of Arthur’ has been published by journalist C.J. Stone

Tonight, he talks about the ‘Magic’ in his life and the upcoming Summer Solstice. http://www.meetup.com/South-London-Wicca-Meetup/events/228411041

Wicca Moot in Wimbledon (monthly pagan social)

The Wimbledon Wicca moot was started in early 2016 by me to cater for the growing numbers of people coming to my meetup events (London Woodland Witches &Outdoor Pagans). But it’s a general pagan moot/ pub social and anyone who likes the company of pagans are welcome..  though from time to time, there will be Wicca-specific informal talks, discussions..that I will be giving / facilitating..

There is one today (sorry..short notice..I forget to blog everything I do).  See if you can make it tonight..  or come to the one next month.    Am trying for a regular slot (first Monday)..but it maynot always be possible. so will move to 2nd monday of the month.    best check/ join my meetup and stay in touch.

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy (Wiccan High Priest)


wimbledon wicca moot

Monday is Moon’s day. what better evening that a monday ..and one that is 13th day…for this special event! 🙂

Our Monthly Wicca Moot in Wimbledon is back! (just a 1-month gap).
But this one is slightly different – I will be doing a short talk (15 -20 mins) on Training Covens, requirements to be part of one.. and more importantly.. what it takes to stay in such a Training Coven and work all the way up to (possible) Wiccan First degree initiation.. ! You are welcome to sit and listen in, and ask questions afterwards..openly..or in private… and take it further.

We’ll gather, have a few drinks / snacks…socialise informally.. and chat about Wicca, Witchcraft, magic, paganism… and stuff.

*** As before, I’ll have reserved 10 seats.. on the table at the front. Just get there ..find the space.. find us.. and join in. (the raised platform area… as you enter the pub, via Gladstone Road entrance, it will be on your left hand side.. **

If you are not interested in covens/ wicca etc.. that’s fine…you can come join us ,,  socialise,  get to know one another, chat about magical  things.. have some fun & frolics!


Get to Wimbledon Train/Tube/Tram station. Come out of station turn left and Walk along the main road (The Broadway). Walk for 3-5 mins. Gladstone Road will come up on your right hand side. Cross main road, walk along Gladstone Road..Pub is there on the left!   (the pub also has another entrance on another road..but this is the easiest.  You can’t miss it).

Here’s the meetup event link:

Wimbledon Wicca Moot (June 2016)

Monday, Jun 13, 2016, 7:00 PM

The Wibbas Down Inn (Wetherspoon)
6-12 Gladstone Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 1QT, GB

7 Woodland Witches & Pagans Went

Monday is Moon’s day.  what better evening that a monday ..and one that is 13th day…for this special event!   :-)Our Monthly Wicca Moot in Wimbledon is back! (just a 1-month gap). But this one is slightly different  – I will be  doing a short talk (15 -20 mins) on  Training Covens, requirements to be part of one..  and more importantly..  what …

Check out this Meetup →

ETC: Enfield Town Circle – Pagan Moot in North London

Enfield Town Circle- Pagan Moot.    This is Pagan pub moot (monthly social) that takes place in Enfield, North London (well, almost north London).  Established by April..way back in 2006, it’s a good social opportunity for new people to come meet & socialise indoors.

Enfield Town Circle - pagan moot-
Enfield Town Circle – pagan moot-

Originally held in another pub, ETC is now at Crown & Horseshoes- a lovely waterside pub. We often sit by the sofas near the large fire place (front, right) or by the cosy round tables in the rear dinning area). We tend to have debates & discussions on current pagan matters or topics of interest to members…and mostly socialise.

Here’s a video where April talks about the Moot

When: 2nd Thursday of every month

Upcoming dates 2014:  13th November’14,   11th December 2014

Dates for 2015:  8th January,  12th Feb,  12th March,   9th April,   14th May,   11th June,   9th July,   13th Aug,   10th Sept,   8th Oct,   12th Nov,  10th Dec (tbc)

Time: 7.30pm till about 11pm

Where: Crown & Horseshoes pub.15 Horseshoe Lane, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6PZ.

facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/EnfieldTownCircle/

 I’ve just done a quick plan view of the pub.. We are usually in the back area..(go straight in…past the bar..then turn right at the back section.. We’ll be at the large round sofa seated area..

Enfield Town Circle- plan view of pub