Peace Sigils (Planetary Magic)

Peace sigils - planetary magic (c) Mani Navasothy 2022 This is a composite graphics of 7 planetary Peace sigils I created a day ago. Given current war scenario between Russia and Ukraine, many thousands of people are doing prayers for peace, magical work & meditations and energy work for Peace and safety for people … Continue reading Peace Sigils (Planetary Magic)

Jeremy Corbyn awarded Peace Prize in Geneva (December 2017)

IPB - International Peace Bureau awarded the Séan MacBride Peace Prize to Jeremy Corbyn  on 8th December 2017.   The  Ceremony was  organized in cooperation with the World Democratic Forum and the City of Geneva. "Jeremy Corbyn is awarded – for his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace. As an active member, vice-chair and now vice-president of the Campaign for … Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn awarded Peace Prize in Geneva (December 2017)

Primordial Sleep (visionary art)

We Wiccans and Witches know these words well..  `Sink Down..Sink Down..  Sink Deeper and more Deep, into Eternal and Primordial Sleep..'  I had a thought few hours ago..and was driven to create this .. Feel free to share, if it brings you peace and inspiration.  🙂 Bright Blessings -Mani Navasothy (Visionary Artist  & Esoteric Tutor)

Om Shanthi…on Harmonic Convergence Day today!

Hey all..TODAY is supposedly `Harmonic Convergence'. I know the Mars-opposition-Pluto and Venus-opposition-Neptune is stirring us, and making us perplexed about our social & personal ideals.. but Shall we have a day of peaceful and lovey put into the Collective? Om Shanthi..Shanthi Shanthi  (means `peace' in Tamil). -Mani Navasothy