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Revelations of a Refugee: Wisdom from faraway lands

It sometimes puzzles me.. that holistic and spiritual people go out to visit other lands..away from UK, and post revelations, discovery of magic, beauty, art and deep wisdom! Puzzled is a generous word. Irked is the word I would have used. Why do people do that..? Go away to find deeper truths? Isn’t it already here? It could be that when people go away from the norm, they shift internally and become open to both inner and external wisdom. Or that they are reaching that state of inner-shifts, and that is what precipitates their journey to other lands and other places…and their transitions show up more.
One key factor for me is that I’ve always thought and felt how wonderful and deep this land (UK) is..how magical London is.. and how much I gain from it and how my own pagan spirituality has grown and thrives here in UK.

Racial violence in Sri Lanka – forced my family to flee our homeland in 1985 (art work i did for a news paper )
Then it struck me.. that I am not native to this land.. Not only was I a visitor but a refugee arriving in UK some 33+ years ago.. and I am still finding so much magic here. So like my friends who have to leave their homes in UK and go out to far away lands to find wisdom, I have been doing the same.. Just that I never got back `home’… where as those friends will be coming back to UK (well, I hope.. as otherwise I’ll miss them much).
Okay so that’s a bit tongue in cheek of me to say that.. I started by wanting to make fun of the whole situation..but along the way stopped to think..and that in itself has given me a new truth.
That truth is this is my home.. and all I need and want to learn is here.
33 years of exploring and living here is not nearly enough ..so I guess I’ll stay a bit longer..few more decades won’t kill me.. but death will, and like my father and grandparents and a few uncles.. who all came here and died and became part of this land, so will I. That’s not me being morbid or anything. Rather, am just marvelling at how fate has engineered all this.. I was not a seed who fell on the soil of this land and put roots and grew. I was a transplanted little twig.. who put new roots down here and grew into a big old tree (well.. 48 isn’t exactly `young’) .
So here I am today..making a resolve.. embarking on a quest to show more of the spiritual mystery and magical beauty of London and Uk… But Wait..wait wait..! This is no new quest.. it’s been already my journey for decades.
-Mani Navasothy
London, UK. 2018

Private Hells & Public projections – keeping safe & sane on Social media (personal)

Private Hells & Public projections
(keeping safe from social-media-mobs):

Facebook is an unsafe place to talk about loved ones. people can turn into a lynch mob in a matter of minutes on facebook.. and rip out someone’s 40+ year life . Eventual Apologies don’t fix that kind of trauma a mob can cause in one life.. (Trust me..I’ve been a victim of that sort a few times in the last 10 years). Nowadays I see it coming..and get tough.. before the slime wave hits my life. If that looks at times like am over-reacting, ranting or being silly – well.. see it however you like. Am protecting me and my loved ones at whatever costs.

And then there’s the jealousy & envy types… a whole load of people out there who resent me.. because they think I am carefree and don’t work hard on my own future security (like they do on theirs in some obsessive mental way!! see I can judge too!!) They snipe at me, or ridicule me or try put-downs at every turn.. They see me as some Peter-Pan… utterly unaware of the private fears, tears, struggles or agonies I have in my life. (actually some are worse..because they *do* know me..and still go down this route!).
So I’ve grown tired of trying to be reasonable with unreasonable people.
I neither need them nor their festering energies in my life..

My rule is simple: My community profile is in the public eye…not my private life, not my loved ones and not my family. So I don’t write about my own future, my own families..or share photos. Only real friends who have stood the test of time and have stood by me through my hellish-years have that priviledge..of knowing about my private life..


Sum of our memories & experiences

A Man is a sum of his memories & experiences
A Man is a sum of his memories & experiences

Writing about the death of Neil Armstrong – first man to step on the Moon- got me thinking about our experiences. And suddenly it made be realise in a very emotive way (not just intellectually) what it means.. – even though I have been thinking about personal experiences for a long time (about 22 years in fact).

That long ago (22 years) when I wrote my first novel “Kitty Love”- a 300 paged teen romance fiction, and showed it to close friends, siblings and some cousins, someone said to me it seems a bit fantasy-like, and I should write from experience. That in so many ways `hurt’ – because yes I had had no romantic experience at that point and was writing `ideal love’ story (hence why it’s called `Kitty Love, as opposed to the old saying `puppy love’) – but I had also been writing that novel for almost every day for about 6 months, and become very attached to the characters, and even `fallen in love’ with them. They had become real.  I would write a morning scene in the morning, a night scene in the night etc.  So my experiences were encoded within it to a fashion.

Recently my wife April remarked how certain smells – like diesel & engine oil – often reminded her of the time when she as a baby lived on a house boat (well, in a river near Nottingham).  I have many of those moments of sights, tiny sounds and smells triggering old memories (torrential rain reminds me of my boyhood holidays at grandfather’s place in Jaffna, Sri Lanka,  where I would sit in the porch and look out and even make paper boats and float them in huge puddles in the vast garden!)

Going back to Neil Armstrong standing on the moon – when that had happened, it had been the very first ever time. Thee would have been absolutely nothing else to equate it to in the entirely of human history of many million years!  Though am sure he’s talked about that moment and probably got fed up of it after the first decade or so, he would not have been able to truly portray that experience to anyone – short of having telepathic abilities and literally projecting those feelings into the minds of another human being. And we on earth don’t have that just yet.

So, for as long as Neil Armstrong was alive, that exact experience existed as a feeling and as a memory within him – that moment with all its associations, memories, feelings, whims, expectations, fears (lets not forget fears!) and all that.  And when he dies, all that is gone. What the Earth lost was that moment now. No one on Earth now has that moment.

This rather reminded me of two film/ movie moments.

  • The first is a line in Doctor Who (Peter Davison as 5th Doctor) “The Five Doctors” almost 25 years ago. In one scene, he staggers with physical shock and pain, and says, “..It’s all fading..great chunks of my past, detaching off like iceberg. A man is a sum of his memories you know, and a Time Lord more so”  . He was referring to the fact that  his past incarnations were being `taken out of time’ and so his `self’ was reducing.
  • The second is an all time classic in the film `Blade Runner’ – where in the penultimate scene, the android who has been doing all sorts  of things in other worlds but is hunted down on earth – says (just before his life force expires as programmed), “I’ve seen things people would not believe. Attack ships on fire on the shores of Orion. I watched sea-weeds glittering in the darkness in Tannhauster Gate. All these moments will be lost – in time – like tears in the rain. Time ..to die..”
  • See both clips here on my playlist `Movie moments’